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Rachel Ryan
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Rachel Ryan

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Born: 8/22/1961
Aliases: Penney Morgan, Rachael Ryan, Penny La More, Penny LaMore, Penny Morgan, Penny Moore, Penny Lamoore, Ingrid Elliot, Serena

Birthplace: Shaker Heights, Ohio
Years Active: 1984-1998 (Started around 23 years old)
Nationality/Heritage: American
Hair Colors :Brown/Blond

Rachel Ryan (born Serena Robinson on August 22 1961 in Shaker Heights, Ohio) is an American porn actress who appeared in over 100 adult videos between 1985 and 1992. She had many pseudonyms, including Penny Morgan and Penny Moore.

After starting out in adult entertainment under the names Serena, Ingrid Elliot, and Penny Morgan, she eventually had plastic surgery on both her face and breasts and adopted the name Rachel Ryan. By 1991, she underwent breast reduction surgery due to health concerns.

She is regarded as one of porn's first "anal queens". Many of her scenes involved anal sex, and due to her willingness and skill in this, she earned the nickname "Rubber-rectum Ryan" (among others) within the adult film community.

She reportedly had a rivalry with porn actress Patti Petite.

In 1988, Ryan had a small role in Clean and Sober, starring Michael Keaton; she and Keaton had a widely-reported affair in the early 90s. On April 27 1992, she married comic actor Richard Mulligan, but this union only lasted two years
Serina Richardson, the ex-wife of actor Richard Mulligan, is better known as porn performer Rachel Ryan.

Serina had a messy divorce from Richard. His attorneys had a subpoena served on Hollywood Video to collect "all videos of Serina [Mulligan, aka Rachel Ryan, Penney Morgan and Ingrid Elliott]; and all documents relating to all written communications between Hollywood Video Productions and Serina..."

In March 1992 Rachel Ryan made headlines in the National Enquirer with a picture of herself featuring a black eye that she claimed was inflicted by Mulligan. She said in an Inquirer interview that she had "married a neurotic, crazy monster" who "beat me in front of my daughter." She also claimed that Mulligan had a "weird" relationship with his maid...

AVN (9/93 p.51) writes: "With this subpoena [of Hollywood Video], Mulligan is going for the jugular, realizing that courts often don't look at porn stars (or even ex-porn stars) as the equal of regular humans."

Rachel Ryan, born 8/22/61, badmouthed the porn industry on a talk show in Philadelphia in 1990 but kept on performing anyway.

In the National Enquirer, Serena accused Richard of beating her but she recanted her charges in court.

Before her marriage to Richard, Serina had affairs with actors Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.

Romance with porn stars became the stuff of much gossip during the 1990s. Charlie Sheen dated Ginger Lynn, Pauly Shore and various rock stars "dated" Savannah, and artist Jeff Koons married and then divorced Illona Cicciolina Staller.





























The Classic Porn Bio:
Rachel Ryan is a thick-set and busty performer whose high-octane sexuality kept her at the center of the erotic world throughout the late 80's and early 90's. Rachel Ryan's gone through a wide range of names and looks during her career. Born Rachel Ryan, she started out in hardcore using her real name, then underwent name changes to Ingrid Elliot and Rachel Ryan. After extensive plastic surgery on her face and breasts, she re-emerged as the voluptuous sex bomb called Rachel Ryan.

Whatever she calls herself, Rachel Ryan's intense, almost brooding sensuality remains constant. Her hair color can change from raven-black to platinum blonde, but Rachel Ryan's sex scenes always live up to her rambunctious reputation. Rachel Ryan is one of the few adult actresses to give up on her inflated boobs, returning them to their natural state in 1991 due to health concerns. She's received some mainstream exposure due to her dalliances with Hollywood stars, including a brief affair with Michael Keaton. On April 27, 1992, she married comic actor Richard Mulligan , but their marriage dissolved within two years.

An always hard-working and tireless performer, Rachel Ryan's penchant for back door boffing established her as one of the first true anal queens of porn. Some of her best work can be found in flicks like 'Caught From Behind 6' and 'A Taste Of Rachel,' both of which show her at her explosive best. Rachel Ryan retired from the scene as of her 1992 marriage, leaving behind well over 150 stirring performances.

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Backdoor Summer 2

Backdoor Summer 2

Backdoor Summer 2

Description: This is a rump humpers delight of the ultimate kind. Backdoor rituals performed like no others can. You'll see twisting like you've never seen before. You know the end is near, and what an end indeed! Runtime: 87 minutes

Stars: Ginger Lynn, Cicciolina, Rachel Ryan,Tiffany Storm, Tracey Adams

Studio: Paradise Visuals



Candy Stripers 4

Candy Stripers 4

Candy Stripers 4

Description: The younger the meat, the sweeter the treat. These little foxes are cute, cuddly and cummin' on strong in Candy Stripers #4. Watch what happens when babes turn a big city hospital into a hot harem of sex in this happy and horny comedy full of nasty bedside and bun rockin' action. More physical than medical, these hot girls examine the patients, doctors and each other! Runtime: 89 minutes

Starring: Biff Malibu, Cal Jammer, Eric Monte, Eric Price, Lee Carroll, Rachel Ryan, Sabrina Dawn, Tonisha Mills, Tracey Adams

Studio: Arrow



Family Heat

Family Heat

Family Heat

Description::Welcome to the hottest restaurant in town! At this family-owned diner, you get service with a smile - and them some. With buxom waitresses ready and willing to fill every special order, it's no wonder that this place is becoming one of the most popular in town. Whether treating a customer to some extra sizzle with their steak or enjoying a feverish frolic in the back room with the manager, you can bet that these gals earn every penny of their tips! Shot in a real Los Angeles bar room; "Family Heat" delivers the goods in naughty, no-nonsense fashion. Some of the tastiest tarts in porn play with wanton waitresses here, and each of them turn in at least one white-hot tryst. Rachel Ryan steals the show in a ravenous early performance, sharing her supple curves with all comers in a series of torrid tussles.

Stars:Peter North,Helga Sven,Kari Fox,Hershel Savage,Rachel Ryan,Tony Martino,Buffy Davis




Girls Gone Bad 2 - The Breakout

Girls Gone Bad 2 - The Breakout

Girls Gone Bad 2 - The Breakout

Description: Life was sweet for warden Sharon Kane and her "Head Dyke" Raven Richards, a permanent stable of caged women burning with desire! The Breakout threatens to blow the lid off. Three of the sexiest inmates crash the prison wall, burning with desire and desperate to be free. Will they find the freedom they so desperately desire or will they be captured and sent back to Warden Kane for punishment? The story continues! Runtime: 74 minutes

Stars: Erica Boyer, K.C. Williams, Chris Craven, Goldie Lake, Heather Lere, Rachel Ryan, Raven Richards, Sharon Kane, Suzi Bartlett

Studio: GVC



Girls Gone Bad

Girls Gone Bad

Girls Gone Bad

Description: The icy beauty warden Sharon Kane runs the California halfway house for girls to suit her own sexual fantasies. Life can be easy here or life can be a living hell depending on how far a girl is willing to go to stay out of "the cage." Alone and scared, shut up in a prison run by dykes, the girls have only one another to turn to. Runtime: 88 minutes

Stars: Erica Boyer, Grace Scott, Jade East, Natasha Skyler, Rachel Ryan, Raven Richards, Rene Summers, Sharon Kane, Tina Jordan

Studio: GVC



Laid in the USA

Laid in the USA

Laid in the USA

Description: You just have to love the U.S. of A.! The girls there sure know how to get down and dirty. These sluts aren't afraid to share a dick amongst each other! These little white girls know that variety is key, so they're more than happy to ride a huge black dick and there's this little Asian girl that wants a monster white cock to suck on! Runtime: 73 minutes

Starring: Barbie Dahl, Brandy Wine, Dana Lynn, David Sanders, Rachel Ryan, Buddy Lyle, Dick Black

Studio: Coast To Coast



Magic Touch

Magic Touch

Magic Touch

Description:There is something very magical about a dress spun by Gypsy weavers in the south of France. Each and every woman who puts on the dress falls under its mysterious spell. The dress possesses powers that spread sexuality and sensuality throughout the body and soul of anyone who wears it. As the story unfolds, Marci (Patty Petite), a young model, sneaks the dress home with her and uses its stranger powers to seduce Harvey (Nick Random), her shy but handsome accountant. Jenny (Shanna McCullough), the shop owner, cannot resist putting on the dress. She is suddenly overwhelmed by its powers, and she is transformed into an insatiable sexual animal. When a young delivery boy appears, he too succumbs to the spell of the magical garment. Later, Nell (Kari Fox), a rich customer, takes the dress home as a gift for her young sister. But when her sister decides that she doesn't want the dress, Nell decides to wear it herself. She is surprised by a pair of handsome studs, and discovers for herself the true power of the red dress. But the story doesn't end there... And neither does the red dress ... it goes on and on to bring sexual pleasures beyond belief into the lives of all who posses it!

Stars:Shanna McCullough,Tom Byron,Kevin James,Gina Carrera,Erica Boyer,Kari Fox,Steve Drake,Rachel Ryan,Patty Petite,Rick Savage,Nick Random




Pretty Peaches 3 - The Quest

Pretty Peaches 3 - The Quest

Pretty Peaches 3 - The Quest

Description: This time Peaches is on a search for spiritual enlightenment; a search which will take her from the offices of crazed nymphomaniac psychiatrists to oversexed, corrupt evangelists to horny groping gurus. Will Peaches reach San Francisco with her soul - and sensuality - intact? Runtime: 90 minutes

Stars: Lynn LeMay, Jamie Gillis, Mike Horner, Victoria Paris, Don Fernando, Eric Price, Gene Carrera, Jack Baker, Jon Martin, Keisha, Marc Wallice, Priscilla Love, Rachel Ryan, Richard Pacheco, Tracey Adams, Vicki Blair

Studio: VCA



Splendor In the Ass

Splendor In the Ass

Splendor In the Ass

Description: Something hot is happening in the Vanderbilks Mansion! Shocking? Perverse? Hell, no! Just part of the naughty shenanigans of the rich and mighty horny! After Sir Ashley and his butler give the French maid her morning servicing, what to do about son Wesley becomes the problem of the day. He's still a virgin! The lusty services of Hortense Harlot fix that immediately. But it seems Wesley's ultimate fantasy is a poke in the poop-chute! Lady Penelope helps grease the wheel of fate so to speak, and backdoor love conquers all! Runtime: 82 minutes

Stars: Nina Hartley, Peter North, Randy Spears, Tom Byron, Carla Ferrari, Rachel Ryan, Sharon Kane

Studio: Caballero



Rachel Ryan Complete Filmography:

4F Dating Service 1989
Adam and Eve Signature Series 6 - Nina Hartley 2002
Adult Video Therapist 1987
Afro Erotica 1 1986
Afro Erotica 10 1987
Afro Erotica 2 1986
Afro Erotica 6 1986
Afro Erotica 7 1987
Afro Erotica 8
Afro Erotica 9 1987
All Day Sucker 2004
Anal Addicts 11 2003
Anal Adventures 3 - Can Her!
Anal Adventures 4 - Doin' It Up 1992
Anal Adventures of John Holmes and Friends 2010
Anal Asian 1995
Anal Assassins
Anal Attraction 2 1993
Anal Commander
Anal Encounters 1 1991
Anal Encounters 3
Anal Intruder 2 1988
Anal Intruder 4
Anal Mania 16
Anal Mania 3
Anal Maniacs
Anal Virgin 1993
Analist 2
Angel's Revenge 1985
Apartment 69
Art House Porno 1 - Shawn's Favorites
Ass Fucked 9
Asspiring Actresses 1989
Assuming the Position 1989
Back on the Prowl 4 1998
Back to Back 2
Backdoor Babes 2002
Backdoor Bonanza 10
Backdoor Bonanza 2
Backdoor Bonanza 3 1987
Backdoor Bonanza 8
Backdoor Summer 2 1989
Backdoor to Hollywood 10
Backdoor to Hollywood 11 1990
Backdoor to Hollywood 12
Backdoor to Hollywood 14 1990
Backdoor to Hollywood 8 1990
Backdoor to Hollywood 9
Backseat Driver 7 2000
Beauty and the Beast 2 1990
Beefeaters 1989
Behind the Scenes - Girls on Girls
Behind the Scenes - Orgies, Anal, Lesbians
Best of Backdoor to Hollywood 1992
Best of Caught from Behind 1
Best of Caught from Behind 2
Best of Dark Brothers 2 2002
Best of Hershey Highway 1
Best of Loose Ends 1
Best of Patti Petite
Best of Purple Passion
Best of Rachel Ryan
Best of Rambone
Best of X-Plicit 4
Best of X-Plicit 8
Beyond the Casting Couch 1986
Beyond the Denver Dynasty
Big Tops 9
Black Ass White Gash 2
Black Beauty 1989
Black Chill
Black Encounters
Black Magic Sex Clinic
Blackened Beach Whores
Blondage 3 2000
Blonde Brigade 2003
Bod Squad
Boobs Butts and Bloopers 1990
Born Blonde
Bride 1987
Bridezillas In Heat
Broadway Fanny Rose
Broadway Nights
Butts Motel 5 1990
Call Girls in Action
Can Her
Candy Stripers 4
Can't Touch This
Casting Call Cuties
Caught from Behind 16 - The Reunion
Caught from Behind 5 1986
Caught from Behind 6 1986
Caught from Behind 7
Charlie's Girls 2
Cheeks 2 - Bitter End
Chili Pepper 18 - Sextravaganza
China Black
Cicciolina - The Rise Of The Roman Empress 2 1990
Clit Lickin' Chicks
Clown Fuckers 1998
Cock Smokers 3
Collector's Choice 10
Collector's Choice 16
Conjugal Visits
Crystal Balls
Damage Report
Dear Bridgette
Deep Inside Keisha 1994
Deep Inside Savannah
Denim Dolls
Depraved Fantasies 6 1998
Desert Foxes
Desperate Measures 1998
Dirty Debutantes 81 1998
Dirty Doc's Lesbian Friends 5
Dirty Dreams 1986
Diva 3 - Pure Pink 1997
Do Nuts
Dog Tales 3
Double Jeopardy 1990
Double Penetrations 2
Double Take
Double Whammy
Eager Beaver 2001
Eatin' by the Pool
Edge of Heat 4
Eighteen & Easy 1996
Erotic Adventures of Blackman and Anal Woman
Erotic Adventures of Blackman and Analwoman
Erotic Explosions 17 - All Anal Fuck Feast
Erotic Explosions 21
Every Kind of Sex Your Parents Never Taught You 1
Extreme Janine - 12 Girl Orgy
Extreme Pictures 43
Family Heat 1985
Fantasy Nights
Fantasy Weekend
Filthy Delight 1
Filthy Fuckers 3 - Anal Maniacs
Filthy Fuckers 36 - Interracial Fucks
Filthy Fuckers 6 - Sex Toys
Fly Girls
Four Alarm
Fresh Meat 18 2004
Fresh Meat 5 1998
From Japan With Love 1
Fuck Frenzy
Fuck My Mouth 1990
Fuck My Pussy, Bang My Ass
Fucking Superstars 2
Games Couples Play
Girls Don't Lie 1990
Girls Gone Bad 1
Girls Gone Bad 2 - The Breakout
Girls Home Alone 5 1998
Girls of Double D 12
Girls of Double D 9
Girls who Dig Girls 16
Girls who Dig Girls 17
Girls who Dig Girls 19
Girls who Dig Girls 3 1987
Girls who Dig Girls 5 1988
Girls who Dig Girls 9
Girls who Love Girls 17 - Whispers and Dirty Desires
Goodtime Charli
Grand Opening 1985
Great Sex Scenes 3
Grind the Series 34
Hairy Humpers 2006
Hardcore Championship Fucking 1997
Haunted Passions
Head Talk
Hershe Highway 1
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Ho Lotta Sex Goin' On 2004
Hoboken Rose
Hollywood Hineys 1
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Hollywood Hineys 5
Hollywood Vice
Hollywood X-Posed 1 1993
Hot Gun
Hot N Hard 29 - Bad Conduct
Hot Nights and Hard Bodies
Hotel Paradise
Hotel Pleasure - Bed and Breakfast
Hustler 1990
I Believe In Love 1 and 2 1998
I'm Into Shaved Pussy 2004
In the Flesh 1998
In the Heat of the Night 1990
In Your Dreams 1998
Inappropriate Behavior
Inner Pink 2
Insatiable Immigrants
Insatiable Solos
Jewel De'Nyle's Babes in Pornland - All American Babes 2002
Jill Kelly is Sexy 2001
Joystick Girls
Juicin' the G-Spot 6
King Tung Meets Anal Woman 1990
Kinky Business 2
Kristen's Krazy Girlie Adventures 1
LA Fashion Girls 1998
Laid & Sprayed 2004
Laid in the USA 1988
Lesbian Pussy Power
Lesbian Pussy Power 3 1999
Licorice Twists
Lifestyles of the Black and Famous
Little Red Rubbing Hood 2003
Little Romance
Little White Chicks - Big Black Monster Dicks 2 2000
Loose Ends 2 - The Tail Continues
Loose Ends 6 - The Dark Side
Love Nest
Lust at Sea 2000
Lusty Life 10 - Bronx Butt Sluts 1994
Lusty Life 11 - Suck my Cock, I'll Fuck your Face 1994
Lusty Life 18 - Shoot Your Wad on My Ass 1994
Lusty Life 2 - Coat my Throat with Cum 1994
Lusty Life 22 - Crank My Cunt 1994
Lusty Life 3 - Cum in my Mouth 1994
Lusty Life 4 - Addicted to Cum 1994
Lusty Life 5 - Cum-Loving Nurses 1994
Lusty Life 9 - Soak My Tits with Cum 1994
Luv Game
Made in America 1997
Magic Shower
Make me Sweat!
Makes Me Sweat
Making Charli
Melt Down
Misty Beethoven - The Musical 2004
Moon Goddesses 1
Moore! Moore! Moore!
Naked Lust 1998
Nasty Filthy Cab Rides 4 1998
National Poontangs Sex Vacation
National Pornographic 2
Naughty 90's
Naughty Ninja Girls 1987
New Girls in Town 4 2002
Night Stick 2004
Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Oral Sex
Office Girls 1989
Only the Best of Suzie
Organ Grinders 4
Part-Time Stewardess 1988
Peep Shows 24 - Cum In My Ass
Peepshows 23 - Double Penetration Girls
Pick Up Lines 8
Platinum Pussy
Pleasure Seekers
Pool Party 2000
Poop Chute Pumpers and Shit Hole Lickers 4
Porn on the Fourth of July 1990
Pretty Peaches 3 - The Quest 1989
Private Places
Pussyman's - Nite Club Party 1
Pussyman's - Nite Club Party 2
Puttin' Out 1992
Rambone the Destroyer 1985
Raunchy Rachel - She'll Blow You Away
Raw Footage 2003
Raylene - Up Close & Personal 2002
Ready Willing 'n Anal
Rear View 1 1989
Rearing Rachel
Red 1999
Red Serrano Pepper 18
Red Serrano Pepper 2
Return of Tori Welles 1998
Revenge of the Smart Ass
Rocco's Cocktales 11 2001
Rockhard 1996
Rodney Moore's Cum Stoppers 11 1998
Roxy 1991
Savage Garden 1997
Scandalous 1990
Sex the Hard Way
Sex Under Glass
Sextasy 10 - High Priced Spread
Sextasy 19 - Pussy-Whipped Pussy
Sexual Addiction
Sexual Obsession
Sexual Society
Shadow Dancers 1998
Shave It Clean, Fuck It Raw
Shut Up and Blow Me 7 1998
Sins of the Wealthy 1 1985
Slumber Party 3
Soaked to the Bone
Some Like It Hot 1990
Splatterhouse 25
Splatterhouse 7 1995
Splendor in the Ass 1
Star 85
Star 88
Star Gazers
Steamy Windows 1991
Stiff Magnolias 1989
Super Combo Pack 100 - Strap-On Queens
Super Stars - K.C. Williams
Super Tramp
Suzy Cue
Sweaty Shaggers 2003
Sweaty Situations 1
Swedish Erotica 18 1981
Swedish Erotica Featurettes 1 1989
Swedish Erotica Featurettes 2
Sweet Rides 1
Taste of Rachel Ryan
Three Ways 1
Three Ways 7
Titman's Pool Party 1 1999
Titman's Pool Party 2 1999
Torch 1 1990
Torts and Tarts
Toxxxic Cum Loads 2
Tropical Temptations 1989
Twin Cheeks 1995
Ultra Starcuts 9
Unchain my Heart
Unnatural Blonde 2004
Up the Butt
Up the Butt
Video Virgins 32
Voodoo Lust The Possession
Welcome to the Cathouse 2002
Wet Faces 10
Wet Paint
Wet Wonders
Whack Attack 2 - A Hole Lotta Fuckin' Goin' On!
Whack Attack 4 - Dig the Brown
Whack Attack 5 - Butthole Buffet 1999
Whatever Turns You on
White Bun Busters 1995
White Panty Chronicles 3 1998
Wide World of Sex
Woman's Needs
Xtreme Anal Sex 6
Yellow Serrano Pepper 13 - Humongous Hooters 1994
Young Girls in Tight Jeans

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