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Rachel Ashley
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Rachel Ashley

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Born: 7/4/1964
Aliases: Ashley Summer, Rachel Orion, Rachel O'rien

Rachel Ashley (born July 4, 1964)
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Eye : Hazel
Hair : Brunette
Date of Birth: July 4, 1964
Aliases: Ashley Summers, Rachel Orion, Ashley Summer, Angela Avanti

1984 - AVN Award for Best New Starlet
1985 - XRCO Award for Best Sensual Female (for 'Every Woman Has a Fantasy')
1985 - XRCO Award for Best Copulation Scene (with John Leslie for 'Every Woman Has a Fantasy')

Years active: 1983 - 1994

She made her porn debut in 1983 at age 19 in the film Flashdance. In 1984, Ashley won "Best New Starlet" at the AVN Awards.

Ashley was a tall, voluptuous all natural woman with an earthy, natural sex appeal. Her sexual style was more understated than that of the typical porn starlet, and her smoldering, slow-burn style was arousing in its naturalness. Her most acclaimed performance was in 1984's 'Every Woman Has a Fantasy,' a film in which a group of women have regular meetings where they discuss their sexual fantasies. The husband of one of the women becomes obsessed with these discussions, and persuades his wife to secretly tape one of their meetings. However, this does not satisfy him, and soon his obsession begins to manifest itself in a different manner.

Rachel Ashley's a hard-working starlet of the mid-1980's; a woman with huge breasts and an earthy, natural sex appeal that was totally unforced. Rachel Ashley's a stunning brunette with a disarming smile, jiggly butt, and the afore-mentioned humongous hooters. She became a fan favorite soon after her 1983 debut in 'Fleshdance.'

Rachel Ashley's sexual style was more understated than the typical porn starlet's, as it took her a while to get worked up. Her slow-burn style of sexing was quite arousing in its naturalness. You really got the sense that you were watching a real person there on screen, not some over-emoting scream queen. Once Rachel Ashley got into her work, she was as sultry a woman as has ever appeared in hardcore. Her most acclaimed performance was in the classic 'Every Woman Has a Fantasy,' a film in which she insinuated herself into the fantasies of everyone who has ever watched it.

Rachel Ashley retired in 1989, but she's still a sentimental favorite of erotica fans. A voluptuous woman with real charisma!

From a Fan:
Rachel is a total stunner.
There should be a statue of her in the Hall of Fame.
Beautiful face, with captivating eyes, and a naughty smile.
Sexy dark hair, and a totally awesome body.
Wonderful breasts, great long legs, with a fantastic ass.
And one of the most gorgeous pussies I've ever seen.

I think she started modeling in late 1981.
She was in many of the major US mags during 1982. Some of them twice.
The oldest mag I have with her is a Gent1eman's Comp@nion Feb 82.
That mag had a layout from the army girl shoot in it.

Looks like GG #77 was copyrighted in 1982. Probably one of Rachel's earliest hardcore scenes.
Many more videos were released starting in 1983.
First time I saw Rachel was in a preview for Go1den Gir1s (the movie).
They also introduced us a sweet little blonde they were calling Callie Aimes (AKA Shauna Grant).
You know I went back to see that movie.
Add in Tina Ross, another incredibly hot brunette, and I fell in love with three women from that one movie.
All three are top 5 in several of my catagories.

Rachel worked for several more years, and did a lot of videos.
Most of them were pretty good.
I think she took some time off in the late 80's, but came back for a few more titles in 1989-90.
She was still beautiful.

I think Rachel is one of the reasons why the golden age of porn was so good.
Rachel was a classic beauty, and a natural actress.

Wished I could find more hardcore magazines with Rachel.
Would love to see some better quality scans from that taxicab set.
Anybody know what magazine they came from?

Well, I rambled enough for today. Time to put up some scans.
Since I brought up that layout from GC-Feb82, here it is.
Don't think there are any dupes, but if there is, these are probably better quality.
Stitched up 2 of them.





























Interview: Rachel Ashley
Few chicks in porn have established the exotic mystery that this gorgeous and very sexy woman has. She seems to blow in and out of the porno industry like a rare, tropical bird. For months on end sheíll occasionally drop out of the scene, without telling anyone where she is or what sheís up to. Then suddenly, one day, sheíll materialize in all her erotic grace and charm.

This unconventional routine has actually kept her back ,but with her large, heavy breasts, fiery eyes, and long raven hair, she still remains one of the all time great beauties of the X-rated screen. She has never done a film or video in which she didnít look absolutely stunning.

Here are a few noteworthy films featuring the exotic and ever popular Rachel Ashley: ALEXANDRA, BAD GIRLS 4, SEXPIONAGE, SHEíS SO FINE, THE SPERMINATOR, and TRACEYíS LOVE CHAMBER.

CAV: You are clearly not a bimbo, but you often do very bimbotic things, like not show up for shoots or photo sessions.

RACHEL: Bimbotic? Is that a word?

CAV: No, but it sounds good, doesnít it?

RACHEL: Yeah, I like it.

CAV: What about the bimbo in charge?

RACHEL: Well, you see, I think thereís more to life than porno. Sometimes I might meet a real nice dude who wants to take me to St. Tropez for a week, and what the hell, Iíll go. Iím that kind of girl. I like to be spontaneous, live it one day at a time. Thatís why I like sex, spontaneous. To do something on the spur of the moment, just for the hell of it, like fucking in a fountain in downtown Chicago, which I did once with this really cute guitar player I met.

CAV: If you make a commitment to do a show, donít you think you ought to show up?

RACHEL: Oh sure, sure. Itís not that I donít intend to do it, but if something really fantastic comes up, I have to make a decision. I have to ask myself, ĎAm I going to regret missing out on a trip to the French Riviera because I promised some sleaze bag porno producer Iíd fuck a dick head in front of his camera?í Come on, give me a break. I mean, you have to put things in perspective.

CAV: Some have said youíve not shown up for a lot less.

RACHEL: I donít know about that. Iíve always shown up on a shoot unless something major like a fantastic opportunity comes up.

CAV: Youíve actually been doing a number of sex scenes with Johnny Nineteen. Is there any special reason for this?

RACHEL: Oh yes. Itís because I like the way his dick tastes. It has a kind of fleshy, rubbery raspberry flavor thatís really fantastic. And heís a great hump, especially when Iím on top and he licks my boobs. Heís a great boob licker.

CAV: Have your tits ever gotten in the way of screwing?

RACHEL: Only when I get out of control and start slapping them into the face of the guy who is sticking it to me. Sometimes he might get a little pissed or hurt and lose his boner, which isnít good for sex, obviously.

CAV: Whatís your favorite aspect of the sex act?

RACHEL: Obviously, I like to get off. I mean, thatís what itís all about, isnít it, getting off? But for some thrilling things while Iím working up to the big O is yanking on a manís dick. I love to twist, pull, yank, jerk, rub, and squeeze a penis. I think itís a turn on. It feels so soft and squishy, like a fish, or maybe an eel. Itís a really strange thing, a dick.

CAV: What about when the guy comes, how do you like to take it?

RACHEL: I live it different ways, of course. Getting a mouthful can be quite a turn on. When I was younger, I was always interested in what cum tasted like, and was very surprised to find it so bland. I thought it was going to be either like milk or piss. Bit it wasnít. It was more like flour paste.

CAV: You seem to be a very orally fixated young woman.

RACHEL: Yeah, I think I am. I love to stick things in my mouth, which works out pretty good in porno. Every sex scene has to have some cocksucking and pussy licking. I donít know if people fuck that way in real life, but after watching and performing in porno, Iíve gotten so used to it that in my own life I donít think a sexual experience is complete until Iíve sucked a dick real good. I mean, just lying on my back and having a guy stick his prick inside me, then shooting after a couple of humps isnít very thrilling.

CAV: You like to cover the bases as far as sexual positions go?

RACHEL: Oh yes, definitely. I like doing it doggy style because I can feel the cock the best that way. It bangs right up against the most sensitive area of my cunt. But I like sitting on top. That feels good. I like to reach around and grab the guyís balls while heís cramming his rod into my pussy. Missionary is good, too, because I like the feeling of my sweaty stomach slipping and sliding against a manís sweaty stomach. And with missionary, I can get in a lot of kissing while getting fucked, and thatís really exciting. Feeling a tongue come shooting into my mouth is almost as exciting as getting a dick in my pussy. The only other way to get fucked and kissed at the same time is to do a threesome, and that can be pretty exciting too. Like in EVERY WOMAN HAS A FANTASY. I got fucked by Robert while Martina and I kissed. That was great.

CAV: Do you like making it with women?

RACHEL: While Iím getting fucked. A one-on-one with another woman I think is boring. Sex to me has to have a cock somewhere. A threesome with two guys is even better, but I donít mind another woman every now and then.

CAV: You pretty much like all aspects of sex then?

RACHEL: Oh yeah, but IĒm not into any of that kinky shit, such as anything with pain. I like flesh pounding against flesh, especially when the guyís humping me. I like it hard.

CAV: Have you ever had any really strange sexual experiences?

RACHEL: Oh yeah, in Germany once I fucked this guy on a train. We were in that spot between two cars, you know, where you go out one door, cross over when the cars are linked up and go into another door. Well, we were right there on the ramp, and this guy lifted up my dress and unzipped my pants, and stuck it into me from behind. I stood at the door for a minute, not quite opening it, but looking inside. People could see me, but of course, they didnít know I was getting fucked. It was a really great moment, and strange because this middle-aged man came right up to the door, opened it and walked right pasts us as if nothing had happened. He had to have known what we were doing, but he didnít even blink.

CAV: Do you have any favorite studs you like to work with in porn?

RACHEL: Well, thereís Johnny, of course. Iíve talked about him. I really like working with Tom Byron because he looks and acts like such a kid. I think itís really exciting. There were a number of guys I didnít like working with because I felt they had attitudes.

CAV: Who were they?

RACHEL: I donít think I should mention names, but there were a couple who are known for their great ďactingĒ. I mean, that has got to be a joke. Acting in a porno film is about as necessary as a car chase. It simply has nothing to do with sex, and all this talk about ďactingĒ and ďstoryĒ is just bull. I think good porno should be people just plain fucking their brains out.

CAV: Sounds good. Whatís been your favorite film or video?

RACHEL: Well, I really liked working with Henri Pachard. He is really great. No pretensions with him, he just likes to have a lot of fun and heís a very sexy guy. Thatís why his shows come out so well, I think. He motivates his cast into being as horny as they can be. In SHEíS SO FINE we had a party from the first minute right up to the last. Iíve also enjoyed working for Ed Brown. EVERY WOMAN HAS A FANTASY was a very good porno film, one of the last big budget things. Like Henri Pachard, Ed doesnít get off track and do some shitty detective film or something. He keeps his stories about sex, which makes them really hot.

CAV: Any plans for the future?

RACHEL: Not much. Iím just kid of taking it easy right now. Johnny and I are thinking about producing our own video, which will be a total turn on. Something that will completely blow everyone away with its relentless filthy style of sex.

CAV: Got a title yet?

RACHEL: Not yet, but BLOWN AWAY is a good start.

CAV: Lots of luck.

RACHEL: Thanks.

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Every Woman Has a Fantasy

Every Woman Has a Fantasy

Every Woman Has a Fantasy

Description: She wants to be seduced, she wants to do anything you want her to. If you've ever wondered just how far a woman will go for sexual pleasure this double feature will be your ultimate erotic fantasy come true. We explore secret erotic dreams, unusual desires and just how far these women will go to live out their wildest fantasies. The results will astonish and amaze you, and leave you with an entirely new opinion about how hot every woman can be.

Starring: Nina Hartley, Paul Thomas, John Leslie, Rachel Ashley, Lisa Lake, Lois Ayres, Kari Foxx, Kelly Richards

Studio: VCA



Flesh Dance

Flesh Dance

Flesh Dance

Description: Shanna's dream is to dance on stage at the local strip club, but she can't seem to break into the biz until she meets John Leslie, the best pal of the guy who runs the place. :eslie promises to get her an audition... but only if she'll return the favor. Little does he realize that she's as hot for him as he is for her! Shanna gets to the top, but not without bumping and grinding her way through a string of salacious sex scenes. She's helped along her wanton way by Rachel Ashley and Janey Robbins, among others. Each gal delivers a passionate performance, which drivers the flick forward on a tidal wave of lust and desire.

Starring: Rachel Ashley, Janey Robbins, Kimberly Carson, Desiree Lane, Tanya Lawson, Shanna Evens, Stephanie Taylor

Studio: GVC



Miss Fantasy

Miss Fantasy

Miss Fantasy

Description: Imagine a beauty contest where the contestants arenít judged only for their magnificent faces and figures but foremost on their ability to excel at sex! And imagine being one of the judges in this program, who has the exciting task of interviewing the girls privately and intimately. Every girl in ďMiss FantasyĒ is an incredible beauty. Itís more than an adult classic, it is the most exciting, wildest collection of deeply satisfying sexual encounters ever filmed. Nothing short of fantastic!

Stars: Beverly Hills, Calli Aims, Rachel Ashley, Shauna Grant, Tina Ronnie

Studio: GVC






Description: Ambassador C.A. Puckett is in Moscow with her most trusted marine guards on a top secret mission. The reds have sent their elite agents, Boris, Kroonik and Sonya Malinkova to uncover the plans of Ms. Puckett. Sonya is determined to seduce the big stud that's hung like a horse to try and get the plans.

Starring: Brittany Morgan, Dana Dillon, Eric Dylan, Rachel Ashley, Rick Savage

Studio: Video X Pix



The Deep Insiders

The Deep Insiders

The Deep Insiders

Description: Check out the behind the scenes hanky-panky in the filthy rich world of stock trading and defense contracting. Laura Lonetree is a major player with a scheme to get very rich, very quickly. Her plan is to buy majority of stock in a manufacturing plant that is going to receive a major defense contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars. However, two people stand in Lauraís way. One is the strict government auditor who either makes or breaks the deal. Laura uses her seductive persuasions on him to the fullest. The other is Priscilla Knutson-Boltz, the chairmanís granddaughter. She has an attraction for women, and Laura wastes no time in getting to know her, intimately. Laura will let nothing stop her in her quest for big, big bucks!

Stars: Cara Lott, Rachel Ashley, Robin Lee

Studio: Video X Pix



The Sperminator

The Sperminator

The Sperminator

Description: Honey Wilder runs a renowned sex therapy clinic which boasts an amazing success rate. During a series of incredibly carnal scenes featuring the cream-of-the-adult-film-crop circa 1985, you can see just why the clinic does so well. Honey herself gives a helping hand to many of her most needy patients, but she also has a highly trained and highly motivated staff which includes Karen Summer and Crystal Breeze. In each scene, the ladies treat their male and female clients to state-of-the-art seduction, artful copulation and the kind of afterplay only real pros can deliver. Honey is in her element here and turns in a killer performance, while Crystal and Rachel Ashley are both sexual dynamos. Runtime: 76 minutes

Stars: Joey Silvera,Crystal Breeze, Honey Wilder,Jerry Butler, Karen Summer, Rachel Ashley

Studio: Video X Pix



Rachel Ashley Complete Filmography:

Alexandra VCA 1983
Alexandria Arrow/AFV
All For One CDI / Cinderella 1988
Backdoor to Harley-Wood Arrow/AFV 1990
Backstage CDI / Cinderella 1988
Bad Girls 4 Collectors 1986
Best of No Man's Land Video Team 1992
Best of Shaved Sinners Video Team
Best of the Collectors Videos Collectors
Big City Sex Gourmet/GVC
Can't Get Enough Caballero 1985
Cheeks 2 - Bitter End Coast To Coast
Christy Canyon Hollywood 1985
Clit Lickin' Chicks
Cock Cravin' Cunts Fat Dog
Corporate Assets Vidco 1985
Daring Directors - John Leslie Wet Video
Deep Inside Viviana Video Exclusives 1987
Every Woman Has A Fantasy VCA 1984
Famous Ta Ta's Essex Home Video 1986
Flesh Dance Gourmet/GVC
Flesh in Ecstasy 5 - Rachel Ashley Gourmet/GVC 1987
Fleshdance Essex Home Video
Girls who Dig Girls 15 Wet Video
Girls who Dig Girls 2 Wet Video 1986
Good to the Last Drop Gourmet/GVC 1986
Hard to Handle Gourmet/GVC
Holly does Hollywood Again Video Exclusives
Hot Wire Video X Pix
Hottest Parties VCA
I Married a Bimbo East West Video
I Wanna be a Bad Girl Plum
In Love VCA 1983
Legends of Lust 3 - Susan Hart CDI / Cinderella
Lesbian Bra Busters of the 1980's Alpha Blue
Lucy Makes it Big Moonlight
Magic Fingers Moonlight
Miss Passion Vidco
Moongirls Moonlight
Naughty Girls Need Love Too Essex Home Video
Overtime 9 - Kinky Korner Video Team 1994
Playin' Dirty VCA 1990
Playing Dirty Video Exclusives
Porn From the Past Executive 2001
Sex World Girls Arrow/AFV 1987
Sexpionage Video X Pix 1998
Sexual Odyssey VCA
Shacking Up Video X Pix 1985
Shauna - Every Man's Fantasy Caballero 1985
Shaved Sinners Video Team
Shaved Sinners 2 Video Team
She's So Fine VCA 1985
Shipwrecked CDI / Cinderella 1987
Slick Honey VCA
Slumber Party Reunion Arrow/AFV
Sperminator Video X Pix 1985
Suze Randall Double Feature - Miss Passion and Love Bites Suze Randall 1985
Swedish Erotica 51 Caballero
Swedish Erotica Hard 11 - Wet Sex With Rachel Odyssey 1985
Swedish Erotica Hard 34 - Girls Do It Their Way 2 Odyssey 1985
Titty Committee Essex Home Video 1986
Tongue Twister Video X Pix
Tongue Twisters Video X Pix
Tracey's Love Chamber Arrow/AFV
Wet Weekend Coast To Coast

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