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Victoria Paris
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Victoria Paris

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Born: 11/22/1960
Aliases: Victoria Paris, Vicky Paris

Date of Birth 22 November 1960, Great Falls, Montana, USA
Birth Name: Sheila Young
Height: 5' 4" (1.63 m)
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 165 cm - 5 feet and 5 inches
Weight: 49 kg - 108 lbs
Measurements: 38DD-22-36
Career Start And End 1989 - 2002 (13 Years In The Business)

Victoria Paris is no one's "dumb blonde": she has a bachelor's degree in Nutrition and plans someday to write a book on the subject. She began her porn career in the late 1980s and didn't take long to reach the top. After supporting parts in several productions, her first starring film, Live in Love In (1989) (V)--a take-off on "Three's Company" (1976), in which she, Robert Bullock and Tamara Lee were the roommates--was an instant hit. Victoria built on her stardom quickly and appeared in an ever-growing number of extremely popular productions, further solidifying her reputation and becoming one of the industry's biggest stars ever. In recent years she has turned her career more towards the dance circuit, but on occasion she will do a film with her friend Ashlyn Gere (aka Ashlyn Gere) to keep her name in the public eye. She has also become quite concerned about the AIDS scare that has struck the industry on occasion, resulting in her decision to do only girl-girl work on film.

1990 AVN Award for Best New Starlet
AVN Hall of Fame.
1991 AVN Award for Best Couples Sex Scene - Video Beauty and the Beast
AVN Hall of Fame.


For ten years, one of the most consistently popular actresses in the adult industry has been Victoria Paris. Victoria has long been a favorite of ours here at Talking Blue and was one of our earliest supporters. We always relish the opportunity to catch up with the curvy blonde who shot to fame in many of the early Vivid films.

These days, Victoria has slowed down her output of porno films, being very selective about the roles that she now takes. When you see her name in the credits, you know that the movie will be one of the best to come out that year.

We caught up with Victoria Paris when she was in town, appearing at Bob's Classy Lady, a popular Los Angeles gentlemen's club. After a wonderfully intricate dance routine, Victoria sat down with us to give the following interview.

TB: Welcome back from retirement.
Victoria Paris: I never really retired. I kinda stopped doing movies because I was so busy touring, that I needed a break. I never said I would never come back. My life went in a different direction. I figured if I was going to be out on the road, I should still do movies. People would meet me at clubs and ask me, "when are you going to do a new film?" It is not fair to be out there touring, using your name, so you might as well do a movie and make the fans happy.

TB: Your comeback film was " Russian Roulette"from Nitro Productions. It was really played up, with major action scenes with helicopters and everything.
VP: They put a lot of money into it and wanted to make a really good film. It started out as a R-rated script and decided to add scenes to make a X version, as well. The guy who owns the company that made it had access to exotic cars, a jet liner, and helicopters, so that really added to the film and made it fun.

TB: Is it more difficult acting in a film like that than a standard adult film shoot?
VP: I was able to add things to the film that I couldn't do on a normal adult film. Like I do kickboxing and I helped choreograph fight scenes in the movie. That was fun. That was my personal highlight of the movie.

TB: You kickbox?
VP: Yeah, I've been fighting in competitions.

TB: You don't strike us as a very violent person.
VP: I'm not. I just like that I can do it. I have won the first two competitions I've done. So I'm psyched. It's not full contact. I do wear head gear in case I get punched in the face. I do have a career with my looks and getting hit real hard in the face could be detrimental.

TB: We heard that you got your start as a mud wrestler at the famous Hollywood Tropicana.
VP: That was a lot of fun! I was at the Tropicana one night with a friend and was talking to some people in the restroom, some girls that wrestled there. They kept saying to try it out, it's a lot of fun, you can make a lot of money. I had just came from Montana, working nine to five, making minimum wage. So I thought I could make a lot of money there as a waitress. So the next week I went in for an interview and the manager said, "Now go in and put on this bikini," and I said "A bikini? To waitress?". He said, "No, to wrestle". I told him I didn't know how to do that and he told me not to worry; that they'll teach you everything. So I tried it out and it was fun. I did it for eight months, which led to magazine work, which led to adult films.

TB: So you were involved in another full contact sport, before kickboxing.
VP: Yeah, I didn't think about it at the time, but I guess you're right.

TB: Tell us about your latest venture on the Internet.
VP: It is called Alleykatz Online and I started it with Ashlyn Gere, Christy Canyon, and Janine. We try to make it like a magazine online.

TB: So would you consider yourself a computer nerd?
VP: No. I know how to turn it on and e-mail. We have a webmaster to do the technical stuff. We do the creative content.

TB: So what do you do when you are not touring, making movies, or answering email?
VP: I like to take in dinner and a movie. I like going to clubs.

TB: Sounds pretty normal.
VP: I guess I am pretty normal. I don't party all the time like some people would think. I like hanging out with my friends at coffee shops, going camping, and going to the beach.

TB: Do you really hang out with other performers in the porno industry?
VP: Christy Canyon and Ashlyn Gere are my good friends. We are really close.

TB: We caught your dance show before the interview and it has changed since the last time we saw you. It definitely has a lot more audience participation.
VP: You could say that. I am a little more risque with the audience this year.

TB: There was one guy in the audience, an older gentleman, who got to lotion you up and rub it all over your body.
VP: Yeah, I guess I am not supposed to be doing that! But you gotta have fun out there. I try to get the audience involved, so that everyone has a good time.

TB: Victoria Paris fans, like ourselves, will definitely want to come see you now. You never know what might happen.
VP: (Laughing) That's right!

Victoria Paris Complete Filmography:

Adult Video News Awards 1991 VCA 1991
Adult Video News Awards 1992 VCA 1992
Adventures of Buttman Evil Angel 1989
All American Girl Fantasy Home Video 1989
Babe Executive Video 1992
Backdoor Club Las Vegas Video 1992
Bad Girls 2 Plum Productions 1992
Bar Flies Zane Entertainment Group 1990
Barbara Dare: Dirtiest Of Dare Vivid 2004
Beauty and the Beast 2 VCA 1990
Beaver Juice Las Vegas Video 1992
Behind Closed Doors Vivid 1990
Behind the Scenes Midnight Video 1992
Best of Andrew Blake Caballero Home Video 1993
Best of Buttman 1 Evil Angel 1991
Best Of Buttslammers 1 Exquisite 1995
Best Of Girls of the Double D 3 CDI Home Video 1995
Between My Breasts 11 Big Top Video 1990
Big Busted Catfight Fantasy Napali Video 1990
Big Busted Wet T-Shirt Video Napali Video 1993
Big Melons 26 CDI Home Video 1990
Bigger They Come The Harder They Fall Napali Video 1990
Bimbo Bowlers From Buffalo Zane Entertainment Group 1989
Black Beauty CDI Home Video 1989
Black Obsession Zane Entertainment Group 1991
Body Music Dreamland Entertainment 1989
Breast Things In Life Are Free Las Vegas Video 1991
Breast To Breast Dreamland Entertainment 2002
Breathless Western Visuals 1991
Bruce Seven's Favorite Endings Elegant Angel 1991
Bruce Seven's Most Graphic Scenes 1 Evil Angel 1990
Busted Caballero Home Video 1989
Buttslammers 1 Exquisite 1993
Cat-fight Angels Napali Video 1990
Chameleon VCA 1989
Clinique VCA 1989
Coat My Throat With Cum Pleasure Productions 2008
Concept 1 Black and Blue Entertainment Group 1991
Contessa VCA 1989
Cool Sheets Plum Productions 1989
Dancing In The Dark Leisure Time Entertainment 1996
DDD-lightfully Yours Unknown 1992
Decadence VCA 1997
Deep Inside Ashlyn Gere VCA 2002
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Deep Inside Victoria Paris CDI Home Video 1991
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Deep Throat 4 Arrow Productions 1990
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Designing Babes Gotham Gold 1990
Diamond Collection Double X 36 CDI Home Video 1990
Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 30 Flying Leap Productions 1997
Dirty Doc's Lesbi' Friends 1 Las Vegas Video 1994
Dirty Doc's Lesbi' Friends 10 Las Vegas Video 1994
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Dirty Lingerie Vidco Entertainment 1990
Double Penetration 6 Western Visuals 1994
Duel of the Cats Napali Video 1990
Easy Ride Her Hard Works 2001
Easy Way Out Passion Productions 1989
Erotique VCA 1993
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Fast Cars And Fast Women Las Vegas Video 1992
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Gang Bangs 2 Evil Angel 1989
Ghost Lusters Elegant Angel 1990
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Girls of Double D 7 CDI Home Video 1989
Girls of Double D 9 CDI Home Video 1989
Girls Who Dig Girls 18 Wet Video 1989
Girls Who Dig Girls 19 Wet Video 1989
Girls Who Dig Girls 20 Wet Video 1989
Girls Who Love Girls 17 Vidco Entertainment 1989
Golden Age of Porn: Victoria Paris Gentlemen's Video 2004
Good Things Come In Small Packages Caballero Home Video 1989
Great White North 1 VCA 2005
Handle With Care Fantasy Home Video 1989
Head Coeds Society Video Team 1989
Heavenly Bodies Bel-Air
Hot Lick Cafe Gotham Gold 1990
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Hothouse Rose 1 VCA 1991
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House Of Dark Dreams 1 Evil Angel 1990
House Of Dark Dreams 2 Evil Angel 1990
Illicit Affairs Vidco Entertainment 1989
Images Of Desire Marlowe Sales 1990
Introducing Tracey Wynn Pleasure Productions 1991
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Kisses Don't Lie Fantasy Home Video 1989
Kym Wilde's On The Edge 46 Red Board Video 1998
Lady In Blue CDI Home Video 1990
Last Rumba in Paris VCA 1989
Late Night For Lovers Moonlight Entertainment 1989
Laze Zane Entertainment Group 1990
Legal Tender VCA 1990
Lesbian Pros and Amateurs 10 Gourmet Video Collection 1992
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Licking Legends 2 Legend Video 1993
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Life Love and Divorce Las Vegas Video 1990
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Made To Order Fat Dog 1994
Mamm's The Word Zane Entertainment Group 1991
Meet Joe Cock Metro 2000
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Mounds Of Pleasure Unknown
My Wildest Date Foxy Video 1989
Mystery of the Golden Lotus Pure Class 1989
Mystic Pieces Evil Angel 1989
Naughty Neighbors Vidco Entertainment 1989
New Barbarians 1 VCA 1990
New Barbarians 2 VCA 1990
Night Trips Caballero Home Video 1989
On Your Honor Legend Video 1989
Only The Best of the 80's VCA 1992
Oral Madness Bedtime Theatre 1991
Oral Madness 2 Odyssey 1991
Paris Burning Coast To Coast 1989
Paris by Night Metro 1990
Party Doll VCA 1990
Passionate Angels Filmco Releasing 1990
Pretty Peaches 3 VCA 1989
Pussy Fingers 14 Red Board Video 2002
Pyromaniac Soho Video 1990
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Russian Roulette Nitro Productions 1995
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Swedish Erotica 103 Caballero Home Video 2007
Swedish Erotica 117 Caballero Home Video 2007
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Swedish Erotica Featurettes 2 Caballero Home Video 1989
Sweet Innocence Leisure Time Entertainment 1997
Sweet Starlets 2 Marlowe Sales 1991
Taste Of Angela Pink Video 1989
Taste of Victoria Paris Pink Video 1990
Temptations Dreamland Entertainment 1989
Tori Welles Exposed Vidco Entertainment 1990
Trouble Vidco Entertainment 1989
True Legends Of Adult Cinema: The Cult Supertstars VCA 1993
True Legends Of Adult Cinema: The Erotic 80's VCA 1992
True Legends Of Adult Cinema: The Modern Video Era VCA 1993
Twentieth Century Fox Fantasy Home Video 1989
Two Sisters Western Visuals 1992
Two Women Rosebud 1992
Vegas: Black Jack CDI Home Video 1991
Vegas: Joker's Wild CDI Home Video 1990
Vegas: Let It Ride CDI Home Video 1990
Vegas: Royal Flush CDI Home Video 1990
Vegas: Snake Eyes CDI Home Video 1990
Veil Vivid 1990
Victoria And Company Dreamland Entertainment 1992
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