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Sharon Kane
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Sharon Kane

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Born: 2/24/1956
Aliases: Elizabeth Loy, Shirley McGuire, Karen Kane, Sharon Kain, Sharon Caine, Alice Wray, Shirley Woods, Shirley Wood, Sharon Cane, Sharon Cain, Jennifer Walker, Jennifer Holmes, Sheri Vaughan, Sharon Maiberg

Born: February 24, 1956
Hometown: Canton, Ohio
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Breasts: 36D
Waist: 25"
Hips: 36"
Birth Name: Sharon Louise Cain

Sharon grew up in Ohio, where she attended high school and trained in classical violin for 15 years. After she graduated she moved to San Francisco, California and began work as an exotic dancer at a club called The Screening Room in the mid-70's.

Sharon entered the porn industry in 1978, and her first big break came with the movie Exposed in 1980. She holds the world record for appearing in over 859 pornographic movies.

Porn Star Sharon Kane is one of the most highly respected and honored erotic actresses ever, and she's earned a place among the top starlets of all time. Sharon Kane broke into the business in 1978 as was still going strong into the 90's. Sharon kane started out as a thin, busty bleach-blonde with a cute face. Over her lengthy career in hardcore, Sharon Kane had extensive cosmetic surgery, which altered her facial look considerably, making it sometimes hard to believe that she's the same woman. One thing that remained a constant is Sharon Kane's sensuality and enthusiasm for on-screen sex. Sharon Kane appeared in more than 400 films during her legendary career and never failed to give a believable, arousing performance.

Sharon Kane's career had its share of ups and downs as she weathered the industry's transition from theatrical film-focused to video quickies. Her first big break came in 1980's 'Exposed,' which brought her widespread fame for her exuberant blonde bombshell routine. Sharon Kane's turn with John Leslie in 'Talk Dirty To Me 1' is a major reason for the film's inclusion in the XRCO Hall of Fame. She won the XRCO's very first Best Supporting Actress award for her sizzling work in 'Throat -- 12 Years After,' and took home the Adult Film Association's Best Sex Scene award for her trysting in 'Passage Thru Pamela.' Sharon Kane also starred in 'Sexcapades', another Hall of Fame film. She struggled for a time trying to make the transition to video, as younger, more traditionally pretty girls took all the roles, but Sharon Kane came back strong and continued to churn out vibrant sex performances throughout the 1980's. Her persistence and professionalism were rewarded in 1989 when Sharon Kane was inducted into the XRCO Performers Hall of Fame, a fitting tribute to a hard-working, sensual erotic actress who always gave 200%.

Sharon Kane must have made a Faustian pact with the devil because She still looks as lovely and sensuously vigorous as did in her smut-flick debut in 1978. If anything, she's become more erotically enticing over the years, and certainly more knowledgeable and experienced. Sharon Kane is possibly unique amongst porn stars for starting out mainly portraying beach-blonde bimbo types to later on playing the most sophisticated of older women seducing nice young boys.

Sharon Kane has a natural talent for creating a moment of eroticism on the screen, and Her scene with Paul Thomas in Fantasy remains one of the single classics of romantic hardcore sex. In the '90s, she continued to turn in ball-busting sexual performances, romantic, or down and dirty, or just plain hot. She's starred in some impressive films, in fact a lot of the films featured in this collection are in the XRCO Hall of Fame and her performances are an integral part of these movies receiving such acclaim.

As her roles in mainstream porn decreased, she starred in a number of bisexual male-male based porn films, which often include scenes pairing Sharon with two bisexual men and / or transsexuals. She has undergone plastic surgery.

Sharon Kane is member of both the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame.

Today Sharon Kane works behind the camera as director, production manager, art director and film composer for 13 movies. She wrote the scores for 1997's The Hills Have Bi's and Chi Chi La Rue?s Idol In The Sky. She directed and starred in Stairway to Paradise, the movie featured in the book Coming Attractions: The Making of an X-Rated Movie.

Sharon is now head of production for Naughty America's gay site Suite 703.

Sharon Kane and Michael Bruce were lovers beginning in 1981 and remained lovers till his death. Since 1996 she is the spouse of Jerry Anaconda.



- Hall of Fame Inductee
- 1990 Best Actress - Video for Bodies in Heat - The Sequel
- 1990 Best Couples Sex Scene - Film for Firestorm 3


- Hall of Fame Inductee
- 1984 Best Supporting Actress for Throat - 12 years after
- 1989 Best Actress for Bodies in Heat - The Sequel

Legends of Erotica

- Hall of Fame Inductee

Partial list of magazine appearances

- 1990: Slave Training #1 (HOM)
- 1991: Custom Bondages of Simone Devon #15 (Harmony)
- 1991: Simone Devon's Favorite Bondage Models #16 (Harmony)
- 1991: Simone Devon's Favorite Love Bondages #2, #3 (Harmony)
- 1991: Simone Devon's Tight Love Bondage #3 (Harmony)
- 1992: Simone Devon's Favorite Love Bondages #4
- 1992: Simone Devon's Tight Love Bondage #4, #5, #7
- 1993: Punishment of Ashley Renee 1/01 (HOM)
- 1993: Simone Devon's Tight Love Bondage #8
- 1994: Simone Devon's Favorite Love Bondages #7
- 1994: Simone Devon's Tight Love Bondage #9
- 1994: The Secret Dungeon (HOM)
- 1995: Company Business (HOM)
- 1995: Cult of the Whip #1 (LDL)
- 1995: Hogtied 6/07 (HOM)
- 1995: Man in Chains (HOM)
- 1995: Runaway Slaves (HOM)
- 1996: Bondage in the Buff 3/02 (HOM)
- 1996: Knotty 7/02 (HOM)
- 1996: Picture Me Bound (LDL)
- 1996: Punished 4/06 (HOM)
- 1996: Tight Ropes 3/05 (HOM)
- 1997: Bondage Life #66 (Harmony)
- 1997: Buxom Bondagettes #19 (Harmony)
- 1997: Dominion Street #1, #1 (LDL)
- 1997: Fetishette #9 (Harmony)
- 1997: Love Bondage Gallery #37 (Harmony)
- 1997: Punished 4/07
- 1997: The Slave Traders (LDL)
- 1998: Love Bondage Gallery #39
- 1998: Rocked Into Submission (LDL)
- 1999: Bondage Life #77
- 1999: Love Bondage Gallery #40
- 2000: Bondage Life #78
- 2000: Fetishette #14





























Classiacal Adult Video
INTERVIEW: Laurien Dominique

It’s not often that you meet as refreshing and candid a person as Sharon Kane. Armed only with a small tape recorder, our eager emissaries hurried off to the preordained meeting spot – and proceeded to talk and talk. In fact, this transcript has been whittled down to an acceptable length; they talked for hours and hours and hours. Luckily, from the reels of the tape, we have managed to preserve for you the liveliness and forthrightness of the initial interview, cutting only those lengthy parts where food was ordered, hairstyles were pondered, drug habits were argued interminably, friends joined in unexpectedly, etc. What you have here is the nectar, the core of the conversation.

You’ll notice that Sharon’s personality emerges from the page almost immediately. Her startling attitude about sex is liberating and intelligent; her association with the mysterious church of Venus will surprise you; her positive, no frills attitudes towards life will delight you. You can see her in the upcoming Henri Pachard film, The Widespread Scandal of Lydia Lace, as well as The Playgirl, where she has a torrid sex scene with George Payne. Bright, cheerful, and healthily sexual, Sharon Kane is a refreshing and charming new friend.

CAV: Why don’t we start by you telling us what movies you have been in?

Sharon: The first movie I made was “Pretty Features” the very first one.

CAV: “Pretty Features” … it was a big movie, right?

Sharon: My very first starring role. Then there was “Fantasy World”.

CAV: You’ve been in a lot of them?

Sharon: Yeah.

CAV: Have you played the lead in any films?

Sharon: “Expose”.

CAV: Have you done much of your work out in San Francisco?

Sharon: Yes.

CAV: How did you get into this… The first time?

Sharon: Well, I was working live shows. I’d danced partially nude before. I saw the ad in the paper, “Dancers wanted”, you know… $100 a day, and so I went there and applied. I was really shy, you know, to take off my clothes. It really took me a long time to get used to it. Finally, they asked me if I wanted to be in a film and I said, “Well, I don’t know. I’m not really sure.” I thought about it for a couple of days and then I said, “Okay.” So that was how I got into a film. Then, I met other people who wanted to put me in other films and I … then, you know, it snowballs.

CAV: Have you ever made a movie you were proud of?

Sharon: Yeah, a lot really. I think that I’ve always put everything into it that I could, unless the working conditions were so bad that I wasn’t enthused about it.

CAV: Are the working conditions more important than the script?

Sharon: They’re as important, I would say. The script is real important too. If the script is really awful and you get the feeling that people don’t care, then I don’t get enthused.

CAV: To you, the movie is a social event?

Sharon: Well, it’s…

CAV: Or a business experience?

Sharon: It’s both. I mean, it’s a lot of things.

CAV: There’s some aspect of this that seems to be important to you. You talk about the working conditions and…

Sharon: I think the consciousness of the people is real important. You know, that people are positive and that people keep a high, at least a positive state of mind and outlook on the work. I mean, if you’re working with somebody really, you know, kind of negative…

CAV: You’ve done that?

Sharon: Oh yeah, I’ve worked with people who have had bad outlooks, been all drugged down and just come on without energy all the way around. It’s not that much fun. You can’t wait until it’s over.

CAV: Who’s fun to work with?

Sharon: Fun to work with? I like John Leslie. He’s fun to work with. Oh, I like Richard Pacheco, and I like Michael, my boyfriend.

CAV: Is he in the movies?

Sharon: Yes.

CAV: What films is he in?

Sharon: Well, he’s in films that haven’t been released. One just got released. He’s in The Playgirl. At the end of The Playgirl he does a small scene. That’s his first film – and he’s worked for John Christopher. You know John? He just filmed “Blue Jeans”.

CAV: Has Michael worked with other women than you?

Sharon: Yes.

CAV: How do you feel about it?

Sharon: Oh, some parts of me don’t like it, of course.

CAV: Are you going to see the films anyway?

Sharon: I never see the films. (Laughs) I’ve only seen two of my films. Two or three, you know. It’s just not that high of a priority really. I get critical of my films and it’s hard for me to watch myself acting.

CAV: Is he going to be in “The Devil in Miss Jones II” with you?

Sharon: Well, not with me, but he plays the part of a captain.

CAV: And you’re playing the part of who?

Sharon: Mata Hari.

CAV: How long have you been making movies?

Sharon: Let’s see… for about five years. Five years, off and on.

CAV: Is there some way you would have imagined yourself being in porno before that?

Sharon: No.

CAV: What were you doing? Where were you headed?

Sharon: Singing.

CAV: What was this church thing you were involved in?

Sharon: That church was a… a lot of people thought that it wasn’t legitimate. But it really was. There was a core group of people that really believed. See, the thing was centered around the -

CAV: The name of the church was -

Sharon: The Menusian Church

CAV: The Church of Venus.

Sharon: Yeah, but settled around the matriarchal religions. You know, like a feminine goddess type energy, and a lot of it was centered around life-spring ideas to make yourself more alive, and be able to express yourself clearly – as long as it didn’t intrude upon the space goddess.

CAV: The basic ritual was the peep show. (Laughter)

Sharon: It was! The thing was that they were trying to show people that sex was sensual, and that it was an expression of creativity, and art, and that it was an expression of energy. Instead, the City of Seattle couldn’t deal with that. They had a peep show, and there were people with feathers, they were with each other having sex. And, over that, there would be a voice-over and music saying, “Let yourself go!” “Feel the beauty of the sexual experience.” “Sex is God,” you know? And there would be people in the suits jacking off. (Laughter) This was in Seattle.

CAV: What is the little thing that you did in the show?

Sharon: It started out with a show with two women together. There was another woman and myself and we did sensual lesbian acts. We went around to each of the people in the room, and they had flashlights, and you’d show them different parts; you know, it was non-verbal, pretty non-verbal. And then it emerged into something else, where the other woman dropped out, and then it became more personal. I took classes…

CAV: How did you get involved in this church?

Sharon: A friend of mine that I knew in San Francisco knew these people really well. He found out that I was up there, and said, “Hey, you should go down and meet these people, because they’re really good people, and I’m sure that you’d like them; they’re where your head is, sexually” – I went down there.

CAV: Does it look like a regular church?

Sharon: There’s like – you walk in, and there’s sort of a…

CAV: Museum. (Laughter) Yeah, they have little exhibits and stuff.

Sharon: Yeah, yeah. They have all these candles on the wall that have pictures of the stars. And you enter this room where there’s a screen, and pews, and people sit there and watch movies.

CAV: The movies are made by San Francisco porn people, right?

Sharon: Right, that’s right, yeah.

CAV: It was an extraordinary thing – it was extraordinary! I’d never seen anything like it. I thought the stuff that you did was wonderful – I really did.

Sharon: Really?

CAV: Yeah, it was like a dirty peep show. It was very sensuous because she’d be saying things like, “I like to masturbate,” “This is how I masturbate,” you asked them; you said, “Do you like to watch me masturbate?” And you would talk to them while you were saying it.

Sharon: Oh, yeah.

CAV: And then when you were shining your flashlight up there, what you had was more than just a peep show, you had a real nice-

Sharon: Kind of a forum, yeah.

CAV: How did you get the job, on cable TV, of doing the underpants commercial – the underpants that vibrate? (Laughter) How did you get a job like that?

Sharon: A friend called me up and he said, hey, I’ve got this great thing you might like to do; it’s for this guy who’s selling vibrating underwear. There’s a little speaker, like a little transistor speaker, that slides into the crotch of the underwear, and then it vibrates.

CAV: Does it work?

Sharon: You know – yeah. The first time I did it, it seemed like it was great, like it could really get me off. But the second pair that I had wasn’t as strong. (Laughter) I don’t know why.

CAV: How did you feel about doing the commercial?

Sharon: Oh, it was so much fun! Yeah, it was great! Yeah.

CAV: Are you naked in the commercial?

Sharon: Naked? Yeah.

CAV: Do you put on the pants, or do you take them off?

Sharon: I’m with this guy, and we’re sitting on the couch, and I turn around and I say, “We boogie together every chance we get.” And then you hear “You can get your Boogie Bloomers for $19.95.” And then the last shot is I’m sitting on a bed, I have on my Boogie Bloomers and I say, “I wear Boogie Bloomers, or I wear nothing at all!”

CAV: But would you recommend anybody to buy ‘em?

Sharon: Yeah, I think it would be fun. Sure.

CAV: Do they make ‘em for men?

Sharon: Yeah. They fit men. One size fits all. (Laughter)

CAV: Is your permanent residence out here now?

Sharon: No, I don’t have one (Laughs). Well, it’s sort of in Seattle, because I have all my belongings there, but we’re getting ready to leave the country, so-

CAV: Oh, and for where?

Sharon: Australia and Japan.

CAV: What are you planning on doing? Just traveling?

Sharon: Yeah.

CAV: Are you gonna work there?

Sharon: Yeah, we’re getting a regular portfolio together, to see if we can go over there and do some work.

CAV: Do you want to stick with porn, or eventually get out of it?

Sharon: I don’t know. I don’t know. It depends on the direction that erotic films go in. You know, I really like working in films a lot, I like acting.

CAV: Do you get recognized in the street from any of the films?

Sharon: No, I don’t. But I can change looks a lot now.

CAV: Are there any parts that you would turn down? I mean, certain things-

Sharon: Oh, that I wouldn’t do? Oh, I don’t like being humiliated. I don’t want anybody to piss on me. I don’t like that. I mean, I don’t mind being dominated in a movie, but – not playing a real passive role, nothing that would really humiliate me, as a person. That I wouldn’t do in real life, you know.

CAV: Do you like S&M? Are you interested in that at all?

Sharon: Well, you know, I’ve gone through the Hellfire Club a couple of times, you know.

CAV: What do you do there?

Sharon: I tried to get into the scene there, you know. A guy came up to me and said, “I found a whip, would you whip me?” And I said okay, because I wanted to see what it was like, so he found a really long whip, and took me into a back room. He pulled his pants down and bent over. I couldn’t be serious. It was funny to me. I felt like I should be getting paid for doing this to him. You know, it was like I was working too hard. (Laughter) And then after I did it, all these little guys come in these little old men came running up to me, “Mistress, Mistress! Can I be next, can I be next? Five lashes! Three, two one!” No, no (Laughs).

CAV: Have you ever gone to Plato’s?

Sharon: Yeah.

CAV: Which one do you like better? Plato’s or Hellfire?

Sharon: They both seem to have an atmosphere. I think that I like Plato’s because it’s clean, and I like Hellfire because it’s loose; sexually; it’s not so heterosexual.

CAV: Not so heterosexual? Do you like male homosexuals to come in? I don’t understand.

Sharon: Well, I mean, my experience at Plato’s is, you go to Plato’s and it’s couples everywhere. Couples, couples, couples, you know? And it’s sort of like – I don’t know, it’s weird.

CAV: Nobody talks to anybody else.

Sharon: Right. Nobody – and it’s hard to get eye contact, and it’s like – with the men, it’s like a bartering system, or something. The men go to each other, and it’s like a trade, you know. I don’t like that.

CAV: Would you say that what you like about Hellfire is that you are a woman among all these men; is that what -

Sharon: No, no, that it sexually seems more okay, whatever trip that you’re into. And I’m saying that, if you’re – gay, or if you’re a bisexual, if you’re into S&M, or if you’re into pissing on somebody, that’s okay, you know. You go do that there.

CAV: And you’re into all these scenes, obviously.

Sharon: I’m not into all those things, but I accept them. I have done a couple of things, just to experience what it was like, to see if I like doing it. Like, peeing in somebody’s mouth, and he drank it. (Laughs) And I said, “okay”. You know, “okay”. It didn’t do anything for me, you know, it was just like “well, I did it,” and it wasn’t a big rush. There aren’t many things that excite me. Sex has become so personal for me, you know, in my intimate relationships, that I have to really feel something for someone. I can’t just go and have sex with someone. I have to really feel an attraction, and like them a lot.

CAV: Were you very promiscuous before?

Sharon: Yeah, I was more promiscuous. I had slept with a lot of people, for a long time. Yeah, yeah. I was married when I was really young, so when I got a divorce, it was like a big blast of energy just turned loose, you know? (Laughter) You just go out, and you fuck a lot.

CAV: Well, what was your modus operandi? Picking up guys in the street, or going -

Sharon: Yeah, I did that. Pick up people on the street, on the bus, and go home and have sex. But that wasn’t very fulfilling; I was just basically really looking for a relationship, you know?

CAV: Have you ever had a fantasy that you wanted to fulfill?

Sharon: Uh-huh. My biggest fantasy was having sex with women. And I’ve done that – I really like that.

CAV: You enjoy that?

Sharon: Yeah, it makes me feel good.

CAV: Is that acceptable in your relationship?

Sharon: Mm-hm. Yeah.

CAV: You have a very open relationship?

Sharon: Basically, yeah. We’re very understanding, and I’m – Michael’s much more open than I am.

CAV: Do you and Michael ever get into threesomes?

Sharon: Mm-hm. Yeah, we’ve done that.

CAV: When was the first time you ever went to bed with anybody?

Sharon: No, I was actually a real tomboy. Then I thought, ah. I’m never gonna have sex. (Laughter)

CAV: When was the first time you ever gave head?

Sharon: When I gave head? I was probably about 18.

CAV: When was the first time you ever had an affair with a woman?

Sharon: Do you mean a real heart-to-heart affair?

CAV: Yeah?

Sharon: Probably when I was 23.

CAV: Did you live with her?

Sharon: She lived with – yeah, in the house that I lived in.

CAV: Did it go on for a long time?

Sharon: No, uh-uh. We were real good friends, but it only lasted for six months. She moved away, and I moved away. It dissolved.

CAV: Do you have any fantasies you’d like to fulfill?

Sharon: Oh, God! You know, when I go to Japan… I really love oriental men, especially tall -

CAV: So wherever you lay your hat is your home? Do you like to be that type of traveler? Get up and go?

Sharon: I like to be able to do that right now in my life, because I haven’t found a place that I really wanted to live. It’s hard to find a place that you can just really adjust to. I mean, it’s sort of an art to be able to travel – you know, carry your home with you. I’m just learning how to do that. I’ve been going back and forth to New York for the past year, and I’m just learning how to survive living that way. I’d like to find a place, maybe Australia, or Japan, because right now my lifestyle is very zen, anyway. And I like Oriental cooking. (Laughs) I mean, I like Japanese tea and I”m into macrobiotics and stuff – I try to follow that.

CAV: Are you more or less a back-to-nature person?

Sharon: An organic? Yeah, I am. I’m that way.

CAV: Do you have any vices?

Sharon: Huh? (Laughs)

CAV:Ok, you admit you do drugs. And you’re not ashamed? It’s not like it’s a big habit of yours?

Sharon: No. I do it – Now I hope nobody comes looking for me because I say all this stuff. I do it because people for thousands of years have been doing mushrooms. It’s sort of a ritual. I don’t do it just to get high, and go out to a party. That’s not what it is for me. I use it for mind expansion, and to raise my consciousness, because it’s natural that people want to find ways to get into a different level of consciousness. I have an Indian guru now, Swami Senage. He was doing a tour of the United States, but I missed him. I’m gonna live there – probably at the ashram for a while. I think that the main quest in life, the bottom line, is that people are spiritual beings. I want to be able to give people some energy, and to learn a lot about feelings, and just energy in general, like, my body, and what makes my body work, how to be calm.

CAV: Do you feel that when you have a sex scene? Do you try and express that to the person you’re working with?

Sharon: Yeah, I feel that I do, more than I used to, because I’ve gotten into it more. I just worked in a film where this Indian guy and I did it, and it was on confident sex, and sensuality. It was really great, because he was trying to express everything: the loving energy side of sex, and the consciousness side of sex – it was great. You see, in a lot of films, it’s kind of hard to show that on camera. I mean, because of the scenes that they want. You can give the person you’re working with good energy, and not be negative to them, because it just makes the scene harder.

CAV: Do you like to sit down with the person that you’re gonna have a scene with, and talk to them before?

Sharon: Uh-huh.

CAV: And develop some kind of relationship? Do you find that it makes it easier to do the sex scenes?

Sharon: Yeah, I guess so – in some cases. In most cases.

CAV: I guess in some cases you want to shoot him! (Laughs)

Sharon: It’s sort of an abstraction of this society, the way this society looks at sex. It relates back to Christianity, and Catholicism, the whole thing is sexually repressive. You know? And pornography is an outgrowth of that, to me. It’s like showing society that hey, it’s not bad. Sex is nothing to be ashamed of.

CAV: How do you feel, knowing that when people go and see your films they’re getting off to ‘em, sitting there jerking off? How does that make you feel?

Sharon: Beautiful.
October 1982

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Bathroom Babes

Bathroom Babes

Bathroom Babes

Description: Scrubbing clean and getting wet and dry!!! Tasty toilet tricks and tramps!!! Scrubbing clean and getting wet and dirty! Runtime (Stream, Download): 79 minutes

Stars: Rip Stone, Blade Thompson,Guy DiSilva, Randy Stone, Sharon Kane

Studio: Sunshine



Buffy Malibu's Nasty Girls 4

Buffy Malibu's Nasty Girls 4

Buffy Malibu's Nasty Girls 4

Description: Buffy proudly brings you ten delectable and delicious dykes. Nasty Girls 4 starts off with Sharon Kane and Tracey Prince showing us some intense carpet munching as these brats get nasty in the classroom. Then hold on as energized Wolfe and Keanna bounce around on a big double-headed dong. Leslie and Bridgette get busy with some serious dildo action themselves. We go for a little walk on the wild side with the brightly colored duo of Red Madonna and Green Minerva, who show us a lustful appreciation for whipped cream. Busty Belle and Kristall have a very hot and very real lesbian encounter and the strap-on action just adds to an already excellent scene! Runtime 118 minutes

Starring: Green Minerva, Busty Belle, Red Madonna, Sharon Kane, Tracey Prince

Studio: Anabolic



Caper Cats

Caper Cats

Caper Cats

Description: Prohibition Era Chicago is the setting for this chilling tale of female gangsters and a lone lady cop. Porsche Lynn plays the police captain with a bank heist on her hands and a score to settle. Her weapon is the third degree and her arena the precinct house basement. Lynn's nemesis is Miss Pink, portrayed by blonde bombshell Sharon Kane, who commands an all girl gang, including molls played by Angela Faith and Kaetlyn. It rivals the toughest mobs in town. How to bust up that gang and nab the blonde bitch? Can the lady cop break the gang boss bitch?

Stars: Porsche Lynn,Angella Faith, Sharon Kane

Studio: Sunshine



Girls Gone Bad 4 - Cell Block Riot

Girls Gone Bad 4 - Cell Block Riot

Girls Gone Bad 4 - Cell Block Riot

Description: These bad girls are in a all women prison and their stripped, pobed and fucked by the Warden, staff and each other. No holes are barred in this hottest Lesbian Action. Runtime (Stream, Download): 75 minutes

Starring: Holly Ryder, Missy Warner, Raven Richards, Sharon Kane, Sharon Mitchell, Tawnee Lucci, Tianna, Trixie Tyler

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The House of Kane

The House of Kane

The House of Kane

Description: Serious trouble is afoot when Mistress Sharon and slave Eve learn that Mistress Tori is returning from afar to reclaim her former slave. Sharon and Eve's Mistress/slave relationship has grown strong, and after all, Tori did just dump Eve into Sharon's domain like a piece of worthless chattel. Tensions flare when Eve balks at returning to her former Mistress, and Sharon makes it clear she wants to keep her beautiful pet. The Mistresses decide to compete, not only for ownership of Eve, but for domination bragging rights over each other. The bizarre and erotic B/D action that ensues rivets the senses and gloriously portrays the kinky connection binding these fetish superstars.

Starring: Eve Ellis,Sharon Kane, Tori Sinclair

Studio: B D Pleasures



The Night Temptress

The Night Temptress

The Night Temptress

Description: A beautiful housewife, Sharon is bored with her marriage to Richard and she is constantly calling for release of her innermost passions. She falls prey to The Night Temptress who lures her into a journey of wild sexual fulfillment. We invite you to join Shannon as she enters into a world of romance, lust and perversion guided by the powers of The Night Temptress.

Stars: Lynn LeMay, Peter North, Tom Byron, Jessie Eastern, Kassi Nova, Lauren Brice, Lee Carroll, Marc Wallice, Sharon Kane

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What's Love Got To Do With It

What's Love Got To Do With It

What's Love Got To Do With It

Description: A few couples go on vacation together. They are confronted by the mates of their friends and find themselves in a pretty awesome preDICKament. Fucking and sucking each other's husbands and wives in all areas of the house is their latest adventure. Love has nothing to do with it. It's all lust! Runtime (Stream, Download): 77 minutes

Starring: Marc Wallace,Ray Victory, Renee Morgan, Scott Irish, Sharon Kane, Staci Lords, Summer Rose

Studio: Western Visuals



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Big Tease 1
Big Tease 2
Big Thrill
Big Tit Bondage 3
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Bitches of Westwood
Black Boots
Black Poles in White Holes 4
Black Sister White Brother
Blackhole 8 - Black and Built
Blowing in Style
Blue Jeans
Body Shots
Book of Love
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Both my Lovers
Breast Worx 25
Breast Worx 29
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Butch Box
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California Blondes 6
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Candida Royalle's The Bridal Shower
Candida Royalle's Urban Heat
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Catalina Sixty Nine
Catwalk 2
Chain Gang
Changing Partners
Channel 69 1
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Cheerleader Nurses
Chi Chi LaRue's Rack 'Em
Chop Stix
Chronicles of Pain 3 - Slave Traders
Chug-A-Lug Girls 3
Cinderella in Chains 2
Climax Shots 69 - Pussy Nights
Clit Crazy 9
Cocks in Frocks 3
Coffee and Cream
College Days Gone Bi
Coming in Style
Coming Out Bi
Compulsive Behavior
Conflict of Interest
Contract for Service
Cross Dresser
Crossing Over
Cult of the Whip
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Domina 6 - Advanced Slave Training
Don't Mess with the Mistress
Double Play 2 - Flowing Facials
Down Bi The River
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Earthquake Girls
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Education for a Dominatrix
Elegant Bargain
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Ernest Greene's Bondage Files
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Filthy Fuckers 120
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Fly Bi Night
For Sale Bi Owner
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Four Alarm
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Gaza Strip
Gender Trans-Scender
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Get Bi Tonight
Giant Hooters 4
Girls Best Friend
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Girls Gone Bad 3 - Back in the Slammer
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Girls Like Us
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Girls Who Dig Girls 13
Girls who Dig Girls 17
Girls who Dig Girls 18
Girls who Dig Girls 19
Girls who Dig Girls 9
Girls who Love Girls 12 - Sizzling Sex Sluts Do It All
Girls who Love Girls 13 - Luscious Lesbian Orgies
Girls who Love Girls 14 - Femme Fatale Friction
Girls who Love Girls 16 - Sweet Nothings with Hot Honeys
Girls Who Love to Eat Pussy 2
Girls will Be Girls
Girls will Be Girls
Godmother 1
Good Things Come in Small Packages
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Greta's Confessions
Grizzly Madams
Habanero Pepper 14 - Bi-Witched
Happily Never After
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He She Cornholers
He-She Cornholers
He-She Mania 1
He-She Mania 2
He-She Mania 3
Head Coeds Society
Heart Throb
Heatwave 1
Heaven's Touch
High Heeled Dreams
Hills Have Bi's
Hollywood Confidential 2
Hollywood She Males
Hollywood Swingers 4
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Hot Shoes
Hot Wired
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House of Kane
House of Torture
House on Paradise Beach
Hung Riders
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I Scream for Genie
I Submit
If You Can't Lick 'Em Join 'Em
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If Your Nasty
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Inner Blues
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Keisha and Company
Keyhole Video 160 - She-Males Crave Pussy Too
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Lesbo A Go-Go
Lets Play Lick My Finger
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Letters of Love
Lez Talk, More Action
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Lipstick Lesbians 2
Liquid Assets
Little Miss Dangerous
Love Nest
Love Spice
Maiden Heaven 2
Make me Feel It
Man in Chains
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Married Men - With Men On The Side
Married With She Males
Massive Missiles
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Miss Bondwell's Reformatory
Mistress Kane
Mistress Kane Lessons in Terror
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More of What Women Want
Ms. Magnificent
My Friend's Hot Mom 6
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Office Heels
Old Women Love Young Chicks
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Outrageous Orgies 8
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Robin Head
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She Males Enslaved
She Males in Torment 3
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She's Got a Dick
She's So Fine
She's So Fine 2
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She-Male Chefs
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She-Male Diaries 2
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She-Male Instinct
She-Male Latex
She-Male Nymphos
She-Male of the Year
She-Male Seduction
She-Male Sex Toy 2
She-Male Spirits in the Night
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She-Males Undercover
Shemale Sorority Secrets!
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Shock - Latex 2
Sinderella's Revenge
Single White She Male
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Sorority Pink 2
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Swedish Erotica 11
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Swedish Erotica Hard 36 - Black Dick Blonde Chicks
Swedish Erotica Hard 7 - John and Johnny's Double Penetration
Swedish Erotica Hard 9 - Leather Leashes and Lingerie
Sweet Dreams Suzan
Swing Shift
Swingers Ink
Switch Hitters 5 - Night Games
Switch Hitters 8
Switch Hitters 9
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Taboo American Style 4 - The Exciting Conclusion
Tailiens 2
Tailiens 3
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Takin' It to the Jury-Trial 3
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Talk Dirty To Me 5
Tantric Guide to Sexual Potency and Extended Orgasm
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Tri-Sexual Encounters 10
Tri-Sexual Encounters 12
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True Legends of Adult Cinema - The Erotic Eighties
True Legends of Adult Cinema - The Golden Age
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Turn on with Kelly Nichols
TV - TS Superstars 2
TV Dildo Fantasy 2
TV Nation 2
TV Parties Tonight
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TV'S in Leather and Pain
Twilight Pink 2
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Two Birds With One Bone
Ultimate She Male - Christy McNichole
Under Contract - Tia Bella
Untamed Passion
Val Gals
Viet Tran!
Villa De Sade
Violation of Chandler
Vista Valley P.T.A.
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Wet Shots Review 4
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When She Was Bad
White Slavery
Who Shaved Cassie Nova
Who Shaved Lynn Le May
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Worthy Women
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X-Plicit Video 14 - Shave It Clean, Fuck It Raw
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Young Girls in Tight Jeans

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