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Born: 3/11/1959
Aliases: Nina Hartly, Nina Hartman, Nina Hartwell

Nina Hartley (born Marie Louise Hartman; March 11, 1959 is an American pornographic actress, pornographic film director, sex educator, feminist, and author.
Born: Marie Louise Hartman
March 11, 1959
Berkeley, California, U.S.
Aliases: Nina Hartman, Nina Hartwell
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight: 140 lb (64 kg; 10 st)
Eye color: Aquamarine blue
Hair color: Blonde
Hartley was born in Berkeley, California to a Lutheran father and a Jewish mother whose family was from Alabama. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the youngest of four children, with an older sister and two older brothers. Her parents converted to Buddhism when she was young. After graduating from high school in 1977, she attended San Francisco State University's undergraduate nursing school and graduated magna cum laude in 1985. She is a registered nurse.

In 1982, during her sophomore year of nursing school, she started working as a stripper at Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater. She made her foray into the world of pornographic movies during her junior year, in 1984. Her debut performance was in the film Educating Nina, which was produced and directed by the veteran porn star Juliet Anderson (better known as "Aunt Peg"), and this proved to be a massive hit.

She stated in an interview that she chose the name "Nina" because it was easy for Japanese tourists to say during the time she was a dancer in San Francisco; "Hartley" was chosen as it was close to her own real last name and because she "wanted a name that sounded like that of a real person". She has said that when she got into the adult business, she was blessed with two popular fetish items: "big, baby-blue eyes and that round butt with a high, small waist", with her buttocks becoming her trademark.

Politically, Hartley considers herself a liberal and an outspoken sex-positive feminist. Addressing other women, she said "Sex isn't something men do to you. It isn't something men get out of you. Sex is something you dive into with gusto and like it every bit as much as he does." Hartley has been an advocate for the adult film industry's right to exist, and, before the rise to stardom of Jenna Jameson, had often been called on when television news programs and talk shows required an articulate, leading adult film actress to support the pro side. She appeared most notably on The Oprah Winfrey Show with fellow porn actress Ona Zee. The two came under hard scrutiny from the mostly female audience, but refused to back down and were outspoken in their support of the industry. She and Ona Zee also spoke out strongly against illegal drugs in the industry.

Hartley crossed over into mainstream Hollywood with an appearance in the 1997 film Boogie Nights, in which she played William H. Macy's serially unfaithful wife. She also appeared in the 1996 Canadian film Bubbles Galore.

Hartley is openly bisexual in her private life and describes herself as an atheist.

She married Ira Levine (aka Ernest Greene), a director of porn films, particularly BDSM films. They sometimes work together, as in The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, directed by Tristan Taormino and Greene, and O: the Power of Submission, directed by Greene. In both of these films, Hartley plays supporting roles. The couple consider themselves polyamourous sometimes augment their marriage with a live-in spousal-equivalent.

Hartley does not have any children due to a combination of a lack of interest and fibroid tumors. She has eight nieces and nephews.

Hartley remains active as of 2011. Appearing primarily in "mature"-themed pornography, she also has a line of instructional videos which are marketed under the Nina Hartley's Guide brand covering the entire sexual spectrum, from basic sexual intercourse and foreplay, to anal sex and bondage. In 2006 she published her first book Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex. In 2010, she quipped "Now I work with women who are younger than my breast implants".

Hartley played the part of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the film Who's Nailin' Paylin?, a pornographic parody of vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin with Lisa Ann in the role of Palin.

Hartley has won numerous awards throughout her career, from various critic and fan organizations. The following is a list of her Adult Video News Awards.
* Best Non-Sex Performance for Not Bewitched XXX (2009)
* Best Specialty Tape Ė BDSM for Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 13 (2005)
* Best Specialty Tape Ė Spanking for Nina Hartley's Guide To Spanking (2005)
* Best Supporting Actress Ė Video for The Last X-Rated Movie (1991)
* Best Couples Sex Scene Film for Amanda By Night II (1987)
* Best Couples Sex Scene Ė Video for Sensual Escape (1989)
* Best Supporting Actress Ė Film for Portrait of an Affair (1989)
* Best Actress Ė Video for Debbie Duz Dishes (1987)


An Interview:
Nina Hartley: So you write about Zen and punk rock? I never was that angry; I vaguely understood punkís significance, but I never got it. Thatís something thatís certainly hamstrung me in the past.
Brad Warner: That youíre not angry enough?
That Iím not in touch with all of my emotions. Whereas the thing about Buddhism is that to feel any of your emotions you have to feel all of them. You canít feel just the good ones.
So you were raised by Zen Buddhist parents?
Yeah. My parents live in a Zen temple in San Francisco.
Iím curious as to how that affected your career choice.
The Zen background didnít affect my career choice at all. When I was 10 they discovered Zazen. When I was 13 my mom retired from her job and they became full-time Zen students. My initial conditioning had already taken root; I had issues with codependence and having narcissistic parents who were very wrapped up in their own suffering. What I love about my parents is that they had no bad intentions.
Thatís good.
But suffering makes you very short sighted and inner focused. Throughout the Ď60s theyíd been doing other kinds of therapy ó marriage counseling, biofeedback, body energetics. They got into mescaline, tai chi, naked tai chiÖ Then they discovered Zen because what they really wanted was to live a devotional life. Thereís no Jewish or Protestant monasteries so thereís no place to retreat and study God.
So this was part of your upbringing?
Oh sure. In fact, I got to meet Suzuki Roshi a couple of times before he died so Iíve been around it for 40 years. But my career choice comes from the fact that Iím queer. After 25 years in the business, Iíve realized Iím a small ďaĒ artist and sexuality is my subject matter. My parents offered the idea of finding your own way [and] living an authentic life. If I wasnít so exhibitionistic or if I wasnít deemed pretty enough to be paid to take my clothes of on camera, Iíd have been a nurse and been freaky on weekends. As things transpired, I am both considered attractive enough and Iím exhibitionistic enough to like cameras.
Thatís fortunate.
But I have a message about sex. The Dalai Lama said thereís no greater wisdom than compassion. So I realize in my life that kindness is a choice you make.
What do you mean by that?
I take compassionate awareness and acceptance as far as I can take it without being an actual temple living, Zazen-sitting, observant Buddhist. But it is a primary philosophy that I grew up with. Zen, in terms of my daily life, in terms of compassion, infuses all of my work especially my interaction with my fans because a lot of people look at people who consume pornography as losers, wankers, just completely pathetic.
We are!
[Laughs] I donít see it that way. There are certainly many people in that world who could be considered pathetic losers but liking porn does not make you such a person. As a stripper I realized that men and women are equally fucked over about sex, but in such different areas weíre blind to the otherís pain. For certain kinds of guys, women are heartless bitches and cock teases and will bleed you dry before giving you a kiss. And for some women, men are asshole jerks and want one thing. Really, itís the culture keeping them equally ignorant and then saying, ďGo off and get married!Ē Watching the men, just showing them my vulva, I realized how sad it was. No woman in their life had ever said, ďHere it is, hereís what I like, hereís what you can do with it, try it this way.Ē Poor guys are supposed to know what to do.
Thatís true.
And weíre supposed to not know what to do until he awakens us with his kiss, touchÖ
Whatever, yeahÖ
My early attempts at communicating my needs were quite clumsy and resulted in the guy running from the room. I must have sounded like a drill sergeant, ďOK, to the left!!Ē [Laughs] And porn, because you have to act a little bit, ďOoh, ooh, more to the left. Oh yeah, right there, oh yeah.Ē So talking dirty is just saying what you need using the vernacular.
I appreciate that kind of thing.
Guys want to be good with a woman because itís good for their ego and also because then sheíll have him back! Theyíre just clueless because our culture does not give us any good messages about sex. I love that about porn, besides the fact itís where the naked women were because itís hard to get naked chicks to go home with you.
Yeah. I know about that too.
I didnít know how to get with chicks either. Itís hard. I wanted to be straight up. I was like a gay man, ďSo you wanna go home and have some fun?Ē Back! Then I tried saying, ďOh baby, baby, I love you, I love you.Ē And later on theyíre like, ďYou lied to me!Ē Well, I tried to tell you the truth and you slapped me.
My friend Teddy says there are two genders: crazy and stupid.
I love that. For me, sex has been my practice. I try to be as honest as possible, as present as possible, as centered as possible, as kind as possible, as generous as possible. I meet them on the set. Itís like, ďHey weíre working together later.Ē I have ten seconds from touching them for their body, for their hindbrain, to know itís going to be OK. Adult entertainment stripped away everything that was difficult for me. Intimacy was difficult. But I donít want to have sex meeting strangers in a bar and going home with them drunk. I donít like having sex when Iím drunk. I donít like having sex with people who are drunk, or high. Or desperately lonely. Or searching for theÖ Are you it?! Are you it?! Are you it?! Are you gonna be The One?
Thatís just miserable.
The majority of people who watch porn are un-partnered. Iíd say, completely unscientifically, 35 % of the porn market is never going to be partnered. It takes a certain skill set to be partnered. You have the biological knowledge of the machine. What are the parts, what do they do? Then there is your intellectual understanding about sex, what you believe about sex, what you were taught about sex. Then thereís your intra-personal skill.
Your relationship with yourself. These are skills that develop at completely different times. My father says there are feelings and then there are thoughts about feelings; our family had thoughts and theories and concepts about feelings. But feelings? Huh, fascinating. Like Mr. Spock. But your body cannot lie. It contains everything that ever happened to you. All of these feelings are here. And if you can learn to sit still and stay with them. Donít run, donít flee, donít fall asleep, donít eat. Just stay, stay, stay. Eventually all will be revealed. If you can just stay with it.
Well I agree with that, of course!
Sex works that way for me because Iím queer enough that I had to get settled with sex or I was never gonna be settled with anything else in life. If I was more conventionally sexed, I wouldnít have had to put so much work into it because I would have been normal. I wouldnít have had to delve deeply into it.
Sometimes I wonder if anybodyís ever really normal though.
OK. For lack of a better word, a heterosexually oriented monogamous person, which is as close to normal as weíre going to get. But my orientation is multiple. I liked sex work because when you stay in the body, your truth shows up. Where are you scared? Where are you blocked? I got to my emotions through the body. I have a girlfriend who is very monogamous. I asked her a few years back, ďHow do you do that?Ē Iíve never had a monogamous thought in my life. She said, ďWell, when Iím in love I donít want anybody else.Ē How does that work? Fascinating! Because for me, being in love and wanting you are, experientially, completely different things. Thereís my love for my husband; I love him and I want him all the time and I never get enough. But youíre someone different. I have people who are straight all the time ask me, ďDoesnít it get confusing? Arenít you afraid that if you let him sleep with other people heís going to fall in love?Ē
I would be, to be honest.
I never grew up with a Midwestern indoctrination; I grew up in a climate of anything goes, find your own way. You know, peace, love and flip-flops. I never had any guilt or shame about being a bisexual exhibitionistic person. I never ever felt shame about who I was sexually. Which is why I can be in this business 25 years and still be sober. The worst thing that religion does is instill shame and guilt about sex and the body.
I completely agree with that. But in terms of polyamory, I come from the completely opposite direction. Iím more like your friend, the heterosexual monogamous one.
It is my Buddha Nature to be omni-sexual. If you pluck one string on a well-tuned guitar the one next to it will vibrate because itís the nature of sound waves. Well, my husband picks a certain chord. Then you, you hit this string and you over there, this string. You canít hit her string. Your frequency is completely different. Itís not confusing to me. You canít pluck my husbandís string and he canít pluck yours.
I can understand what youíre saying but Iím just not like that at all.
Which is fine. People say, ďOh Nina, I could never be like you.Ē I donít even know what like me means to them. But everyone can be like me -- meaning, finding your truth and living it. Your truth wonít look like mine. Your truth is going to be monogamous and heterosexual because thatís true for you. In that way youíre like me. My husband and I have a D/s relationship. That was a new kind of sex for me. I didnít know anything about bondage or sadomasochism. Iíd never done actual, official power exchange. But itís his sexuality. He doesnít have any vanilla. His sexual orientation is kink. I really loved him; I wanted him so I had to learn his language. So anybody can be like me, which is getting rid of guilt and shame about sex and your desires. You can have whatever desires you want once you stop repressing, being stressed over and suppressing and all the things we do when we donít want to face the truth of our desires. They are what they are. With my other belief systems in place, are there any parts of these desires I can actually express? I know one person who would love to be a swinger and he loves his wife very much and sheís not a swinger. So theyíre not swingers.
He had to make a choice then?
You have to make a choice. But itís easier to make a choice when youíre not fleeing from shame, fear and guilt. I believe that what gets you off is what gets you off. Thatís biological. On top of that is the cultural condemnation of what it is. Youíre not supposed to want someone of your own gender, youíre not supposed to want someone out of your marriage, not supposed to want someone before marriage. We spend all this time going, ďWhatís wrong with me? Oh my God!Ē I beat myself up for years because I wasnít multi-orgasmic. I read in a book women are multi-orgasmic and for years and years I tried. I did all the masturbation workshops and all of that and I discovered that I am not a multi-orgasmic woman. Once I realized that, a big load was taken off. Quite frankly, I only need to come a few times a month.
That means in some of those videos I was renting of yours in the Ď80s you werenít actuallyÖ
Shhhhhhh. Iím not lying to people. The way I come on camera is the way I come at home. More importantly, I donít do on camera what I wouldnít do at home for free anyway. There are no royalties or residuals. If you donít like what youíre doing, the workís gonna suck. When your body is your job, when sex is your job, you really cannot let work suck.
Unless your work is sucking!
Thatís different!
Is there a union?
No. And for lots of reasons there never will be a union. Thirty-five years ago we tried to join SAG. That was just shot out of the water. Itís been illegitimate entertainment ever since.
What about forming PAG, the Porn Actorís Guild?
It sounds great. But itís a very transient population of rebellious young people who have no notion of solidarity. Theyíre usually out in two years. Without institutional memory thereís no way to build a union. Most women, when they quit the business, they go, they leave.
Getting back to the Zen thing, itís a little weird being here talking to you today because tomorrow Iím going to go lead a three-day Zen retreat.
I love it!
Itís my freaky dual life.
But for me itís not freaky dual. Itís very compatible. Iím glad that youíre here.
When I first started writing for SuicideGirls that became a really big issue among certain factions of the Buddhist community.
Did those guys want you out of the sangha?
Yeah. One guy actually tried to get me booted out.
Where is the compassion in that? You need to do a sesshinon that! A seven-day one. A one-day sittingís not enough.
The whole matter of sex and religion is fascinating stuff.
We got married at Zen Center and Sojun Mel Weitsman, the head of the Berkeley Zen Center, married us.
Oh, I know Mel.
He was the first person who ever showed me compassion. At the time my parents were very pre-occupied with other stuff. Their marriage was in crisis, they had three other kids. I was young; they didnít want to leave me all alone. By 12 I was interested in girls and boys. This being Berkley, I understood there was a word for thatÖ Bisexual. The books at the time, 1971, said [adopts exaggerated scholarly voice], ďHomosexual experimentation in adolescence is a normal part of growing up.Ē But at 14 I realized this wasnít going away. I was a bisexual person. Mel was the first person who ever looked me in the eye. He was very direct, very there, relaxed, open, not expecting, not judging. I recognized it as something Iíd never had before, something I wanted more of, but something I could barely stand. For 37 years I have been circling that moment, really trying to become centered in it.
Thatís really interesting.
For me, sex work has done that because I have to do that for other people. I can be centered because Iíve accepted all this about myself so I can be solid while theyíre freaking out. Some of them clam down, but some of them flee because itís just too much. When you see the truth or you see acceptance, it can either be a drink of water in the desert or a flash of fire that scalds you because of where you are in your development. Can you accept compassion or can you not? Mel was the first one to offer it to me. Ten seconds max. That was all I could take. Iím sure I blinked first. I had to have. Weíve never really spoken about it.
When I started writing for SuicideGirls I knew people were going to throw the whole ďobjectification of womenĒ and stuff at me.
When I was a dancer, I realized right away the fundamental flaw in the objectification argument. Human females are ready to mate all the time. Most animals are receptive for about two weeks out of the year and thatís it. Humans are unusual creatures. So if I come up and talk to you because you look interesting, am I objectifying you? No. Thatís how I make my choice. Most animal species, the males strut and the females choose. Why do some birds have big tails? Because chicks dig it. The feminists completely denounce the concept of female sexual agency, female self-awareness, female choice.
Was Ď70s feminism anti-porn?
Actually the initial Ď70s feminism was very pro-porn. They were very pro-decriminalization of prostitution. The NOW conference of 1973 has an amazing poster by Betty Dodson of a nude woman sitting in lotus position with one hand on her vulva. That was when they were working for sex workers rights. Back when the mainstream feminist movement thought women could think for themselves. In the porn wars of the mid-80s created the current split in feminism between the pro and anti censorship forces. Iím a sex positive feminist. The so-called Left in this country has been completely hijacked by the anti-sex fanatics. There was a group trying to stop the war in Iraq. Larry Flynt offered them 30 thousand dollars and they took it. Then the anti-sex folks got so loud they ended up giving it back. That organization is, of course, now defunct.
Thatís brilliantÖ
These women question a womanís ability ó not right ó a womanís ability to do informed sex work of any kind. For them, dirty pictures is such an over-riding issue that the feminist left is completely silent on anything to do with womenís sexual freedom because women are such victims and men are such pigs. This group of people think that women are oppressed as a class. Women are a gender, not a class. Itís insulting. Sex workers have been willing to talk to people for 35 years. I used to go to NOW conferences and thereíd be a dozen sex workers of different kinds and they regarded like we were goblins or trolls or hobbits. Weíd be saying, ďAs a woman, here is my experience in pornographyĒ and they didnít want to know. If you say, ďDirty pictures skeeve me out and bug me,Ē then we can have a conversation. On most other issues we agree, Iím against the war in Iraq, Iíd like to see national health care, etc. But I see men as human, I see men as equally victimized by the system. Men are also victims of the patriarchy. The anti-porn feminists are all about The Patriarchy. Itís like they think they get together every Tuesday to talk about how they can use porn to keep women down.
Oh! They know about us!
[Laughs] Every country has its patriarchy. Itís the same 200 families whoíve run the country forever. So youíre no more a member of the patriarchy than I am. Most people do jobs they donít like. Most people work too hard for not enough money. Most people are humiliated in their day-to-day work by their horrible bosses and, quite frankly, men have it worse than women.
We do?
Yes, because at least women have the comfort of having girlfriends. I can come to a girlfriend and unload my feelings and get some support and some fucking compassion. You, if youíre lucky, might have a partner you can talk to about things. But the average guy canít go to his guy friends and say, ďIím hurt, Iím scared, Iím nervous, Iím worried, frightened.Ē You can be angry, pissed offÖ
Youíre right. But the repression of sex is a very old thing. There may be legitimate reasons for that. You donít want unwanted children, diseases, conflicts that jealousy ignites, so you try to regulate that area of human interaction in a way that society can exist. You need agreed upon rules. As a society develops, you can put aside some of the rules that really werenít working anymore and throughout history thatís been happening gradually. I think our society is pretty advanced as far as sexuality. When I lived in Japan I was amazed that their sexuality doesnít have any concept of sin.
But there are still rules. I think you can only push things so far. What I see in a lot of pro-sex stuff is that sometimes youíre trying to push it faster than society is ready to go.
Itís true! For sure! Of course there have to be rules about sexual behavior and expression. You have to have consent. Thatís good. But what the West does is take up the Greek notion of the body being base and the spirit being pure and the monotheistic religions were built on that.
Buddhism doesnít have that particular notion.
Right. Iím not like most Americans because I wasnít raised with that notion of sex as sinful. Itís something I read in a book. What I donít like is artificial limits. Like, you can only be married to one person at a time. You may only have sex with one person at a time. Which, if youíre monogamous, is fine. But what about the rest of us who might be other?
I think the problem is when you try to make a blanket rule for everybody.
And this country does. Frankly Iíd like to see less sex in advertising and more freedom in private. The idea that what you do over there harms me over here, I find very disturbing. How is my happy marriage the way we have with our sexuality hurting your traditional marriage? How does the existence of gay marriage harm your traditional marriage? It doesnít make any sense. Of course gays should marry; they should be as unhappy as the rest of us, as one comedian put it. A good marriage takes work. This is what I donít get about certain feminists. Actions hurt people. Thoughts donít harm people. Whatever youíre thinking about me right now doesnít harm me.
No, it doesnít.
If I quit the business tomorrow and crawled over a football field of broken glass to kiss the foot of one of these anti-porn feminists, they might use me in one of their campaigns but Iíd never be redeemed in their eyes. They have no compassion. Theyíre like Pol Pot or Stalin. Iím no fan of Andrea Dworkin, although I think she sometimes made some good points and address things that needed to be addressed. But itís not right for a lesbian to be telling heterosexual women how they should approach sex. If youíre a heterosexual woman you need a man. Sixty-percent of women want to be married and have kids. Iím too bisexual to have been lesbian. I like men. I like fucking men. I like most things about men. Theyíre cool. I never could buy what she said. Early feminists went to Arabia and said how nice the burkha was Ďcause it took off the pressure of the male gaze. For them, male desire was also desire to harm. Youíre conquesting us, penetrating us, conquering us! I thought we were having fun. It goes both ways. I like it. You like it. I objectify women and I look at them and I desire them without having any desire to harm so I knew from my own experience that I could objectify and not wish to harm.
You have a bit of a male perspective, I suppose.
I do! Iím not just bisexual. Iím very inter-gendered. I like being a girl. Yet I love women the way men love women. And I take pride in my ability to be a satisfying and a good lover to women. Besides, I liked having people look at me naked, even if they were guys. Guys are fun! And I found out that the more nudity there is, the better-behaved men are. Absent beer.
Absent beer, yeah. Iím not a drinker myself.
Itís like, if you do this, the naked tits will stay. OK. I can do that! Men are very rule oriented. What are the rules for naked boobs being in the room? Iíll follow those rules. Let me know what they are and donít change in the middle. Women do that sometimes. That can be very annoying. I realized that part of my power over men is in not hating him for wanting to look. Heís a straight guy; of course he wants to look at naked women! Duh! So instead of shaming him and taking his money, I was like [smiles], ďHey look!Ē I like to show off. According to some feminists, Iím reducing myself to a masturbatory object.
I wish I could be a masturbatory object.
Iím actually helping you with your next girlfriend. Iím showing you, hereís what works for me, try it on her. Men are hungry for information from an actual female whoíll actually say something to them about it. I had instant compassion for them right away as equal human beings, equally beaten down by the patriarchy and equally lost and wandering. Men are shit out of luck if they need comfort or compassion or care. That just pisses me off. Iím always very physical with my fans. I hug them. I touch them. I squeeze their shoulders. I have to let them know that I really do mean it.

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Bring on the Virgins Caballero 1989
Bubbles Plum 1992
Burn New Machine
Burn Club Jenna 2004
Butt Freak Evil Angel
Butter Me Up Lipstik 1994
Buttman's Butt Freak 2 Evil Angel 1996
Buttman's Favorite Big Butt Babes Evil Angel
Buttman's Revenge Evil Angel
California Taboo VCA 1990
Call Girls in Action Metro
Camera Sutra Vivid 2004
Candida Royalle's One Size Fits All Femme Productions 1997
Candida Royalle's Rites of Passion Femme Productions 2004
Candida Royalle's Sensual Escape Femme Productions 1988
Candida Royalle's The Bridal Shower Femme Productions
Candy's Little Sister Sugar Vidco 1988
Carnal Witness Adam and Eve 1998
Carolyn Super Star Marc Dorcel Fantasies
Case of the Cockney Cupcake Moonlight
Caught from Behind 14 Hollywood Video
Caught from Behind 16 - The Reunion Hollywood
Caught in the Act Vivid 1995
Cheapshot Vivid 1996
Cheating Housewives 4 Smash Pictures 2007
Chicks in Black Leather VCA
Chili Pepper 21 - Outrageous Orgies Pepper Productions
China Bitch Paradise Video
Chug-a-Lug-a-Log Vivid 2004
Classic Porn Of The 80's 2 Gourmet/GVC 2007
Clit Crazy 9 Sin City Ultra 1998
Club Ecstasy Caballero 1986
Club Hyapatia Gourmet/GVC 1986
Coming in America K-Beech 2001
Coming on Strong Caballero
Command Performance Dreamland
Conflict Vidco
Consenting Adults Wicked
Corporate Affairs Coast To Coast
Corporate Assets 2 Adam and Eve 2000
Cum Shot Revue 19 Hollywood
Cunt Suckin' Sluts 10 Sin City
Cunt Suckin' Sluts 5 Sin City
D.P. Women Heatwave
Dancing Angels Pleasure
Dangerous Desire Now Showing
Dangerous Women Wet Video
Dark Paradise 2 Bizarre 2001
Dark Secrets Sin City 1998
Dark-X-Tremes 3 - Black Beaver Bonanza Heatwave
Dark-X-Tremes 5 - Steady Dipping Heatwave
De Renzy Tapes Caballero
Debbie 4 Hire Executive
Debbie Class of 89 Coast To Coast
Debbie Does Wall Street VCA 1991
Debbie Duz Dishes 1 Executive 1986
Debbie Duz Dishes 2 - Blazing Mattresses Executive
Debbie For President Coast To Coast
Debbie Goes to Hawaii Vidco
Debi Diamond Screws the Stars Caballero
Deep Desires VCA
Deep in the Vivid Vaults Vivid 2005
Deep Inside Ashlyn Gere Vivid 2002
Deep Inside Juli Ashton VCA 1996
Deep Inside Nina Hartley VCA
Deep Inside Nina Hartley 2 VCA 1998
Deep Inside Selena Steele VCA
Deeper! Harder! Faster! Essex Home Video
Den Mothers Vivid 2005
Desperate Mothers and Wives 9 Evasive Angles 2008
Dirty Big Butt Teachers 3 Evasive Angles 2008
Dirty Blondes
Dirty Lingerie Vidco
Dirty Little Mind In-X-Cess
Dirty Little Secrets Vivid 1998
Dirty Minds Nitro 2001
Dirty Pictures Caballero 1987
Dirty Tricks Coast To Coast
Discovering Alexis Texas Evil Angel 2008
Divine Decadence Caballero
Doctor Blacklove Coast To Coast 1986
Doll Face Cal Vista 1995
Dream Girls VCA 1987
Dream Lovers Caballero
Dream Walk Command Cinema
Dresden Diary 28 Bizarre
Dresden Diary 29 Bizarre
Dyke Bar Pleasure 1990
Dynamic Vices VCA 1987
Edge of Heat 6 4 Play
Educating Nina Atomic 1984
Erection Central Gourmet/GVC
Erotic Eruptions 3 - Pink and Wet Pleasure
Erotic Eruptions 5 - Lickers and Lovers Pleasure
Erotic Explosions 17 - All Anal Fuck Feast Pleasure
Erotic Explosions 3 Pleasure
Erotic Explosions 8 Pleasure
Every Woman Has a Fantasy 2 VCA 1986
Evil Cuckold 2 Buttman Magazine Choice 2011
Extreme Blowjobs Sin City
Extreme Close Up - Nikki Tyler Vivid 2001
Extreme Passion Wicked
Extreme Pictures Feature 7 - Cool Off Executive
Extremely Yours - Ass Woman Extreme Productions 2000
Family Affairs Vidco
Fantasy Confidential Gourmet/GVC
Fashion Fantasies VCA 1985
Feet Pacific Media
Female Aggressors Catalina
Finely Back In Hand
Finer Things in Life Pleasure
Firestorm 3 Command Cinema 1987
First Time Ever NuTech 1995
Flaming Tongues 2 Lipstik
For His Eyes Only Legend 1998
Foul-Mouthed Fuck Sluts
Fountain of Innocence VCA 1997
Franky and Joannie Heatwave
Friday the 13th - A Nude Beginning Vidco
Fuck A Fan 2 Immoral Productions 2008
Fuck Me with Your Big Cock Xplicit
Fuck My Hot Hole Fat Dog
Full Moon Bay Vivid 1993
Future Lust - A Time to Come Moonlight
Gang Bangs LBO Entertainment 1985
Gathering Of Legends Evolution Erotica 2008
Getting L.A.'d Paradise Video
Getting Personal Caballero 1986
Giant Hooters 4 Sin City
Gigolo Juice Limousine 1989
Ginger Does 'em All Cal Vista
Ginger Snaps Vivid
Ginger's Island Erotic Angel
Gingers Island 2 Digital Playground 1997
Girl Games Pleasure
Girl Toys Dreamland 1986
Girl World 1 Lipstik 1987
Girl World 2 Lipstik 1987
Girl World 4 Lipstik 1989
Girls Don't Lie Metro 1990
Girls Kissing Girls 3 - Make Up, Makeout Session Sweetheart Video 2008
Girls Like Us Intropics Video
Girls who Dig Girls 10 Wet Video
Girls who Dig Girls 14 Wet Video
Girls who Dig Girls 17 Wet Video
Girls who Dig Girls 18 Wet Video
Girls who Dig Girls 19 Wet Video
Girls who Dig Girls 20 Wet Video 1989
Girls who Dig Girls 4 Wet Video 1987
Girls who Dig Girls 9 Wet Video
Girls who Love Girls 1 Parliament 1989
Girls who Love Girls 12 - Sizzling Sex Sluts Do It All Vidco
Girls who Love Girls 16 - Sweet Nothings with Hot Honeys Vidco
Girls who Love Girls 18 - A Female Suck Frenzy Vidco
Girls who Love Girls 7 Vidco
Girls will Be Boys 3 Pleasure
Girls will Be Boys 4 Pleasure
Girlz N the Hood 1 Heatwave
Grafenberg Spot Mitchell Brothers 1985
Great Sex Scenes 2 Wet Video
Green Serrano Pepper 6 Pepper Productions
Grind the Series 11 Metro
Grizzly Madams Vivid 2004
Group Sex 4 - Bottoms Up Adam and Eve 2004
Group Way - Sex-O-Vision 18 Heatwave
Hard @ Work Klimaxx 2002
Hard Bound Adam and Eve 1995
Hard Choices Caballero
Hate to See You Go VCA
Hayseed VCA 2001
Head Coeds Society Video Team
Head Games Adam and Eve 2003
Heat 1 Adam and Eve 2002
Her First Older Woman 5 L Factor 2008
Her First Older Woman 6 L Factor 2009
HHHot TV 1 CDI / Cinderella 1988
Hi Infidelity Sin City 2001
Hind Sight Vivid 2004
Holiday for Angels Intropics Video
Hollywood Halloween Sex Ball Astral Ocean 1996
Hollywood Hineys 6 Hollywood
Honey Abroad Moon America's Choice Inc.
Honky Tonk Angels Intropics Video
Hot and Nasty Venus 99
Hot Cherry Pies Adam and Eve 2003
Hot Nights and Hard Bodies Vidco
Hot Numbers Wet Video
Hot Pink and Chocolate Brown Paradise Video
Hot Rocks Wet Video
Hotel California K-Beech
Hothouse Rose 1 VCA
Hothouse Rose 2 VCA 1992
Hotline VCA 1991
House of Anal Perversions Moonlight
Hump Up the Volume Arrow/AFV
Hungry For Ass Adam and Eve 2004
I Cream of Genie Essex Home Video
I Cum From a Land Down Under Vivid 2003
I Fucked You And Yo Mama 3 Evasive Angles 2008
I Married a Bimbo East West Video
I'm Into Big Butts Vivid 2004
In and Out of Africa Penquin Video
In Excess Caballero
Infamous Crimes Against Nature Arrow/AFV
Infidelity Cal Vista 1998
Interactive Quarterly New Machine 2001
Introducing Tracy Pleasure
It's a Mommy Thing Elegant Angel 2007
It's Incredible Essex Home Video
I've Never Done This Before Now Showing 1985
Jaw Jackers Adam and Eve 2004
Jenna Loves Pain Club Jenna 2005
Jenna Loves Pain 2 Club Jenna 2008
Jim Steel's Ooze - A Non-Penile Institution Odyssey
Juicin' the G-Spot 6 Sin City
Juicy Lucy VCA 1990
Keisha and Company Dreamland
Kink Club 2 Adam and Eve 2004
Kinky Big Butt Cougars Evasive Angles 2008
Kinky Sex Sampler Adam and Eve 2005
LA Fashion Girls VCA 1998
La Femme Chameleon Metro 1999
LA Vice Sex Z Pictures 2006
Lady by Night Caballero 1986
Last Temptations of Kristi Moonlight
Last X-Rated Movie 1 Command Cinema
Last X-Rated Movie 2 Command Cinema
Last X-Rated Movie 3 Command Cinema
Last X-Rated Movie 4 Command Cinema 1990
Legend of King Karl Arrow/AFV
Legends and Starlets Sweetheart Video 2008
Legends and Starlets 2 Sweetheart Video 2010
Legends and Starlets 3 Sweetheart Video 2010
Legends of Lust 8 CDI / Cinderella
Legends of Porn 2 Cal Vista
Lesbian Adventures - Strap-On Specialist Sweetheart Video 2008
Lesbian Adventures - Victorian Love Letters Sweetheart Video 2009
Lesbian Cunt Lickers Fat Dog
Lesbian Daydreams 2 - Secret Fantasies Sweetheart Video 2008
Lesbian Daydreams 3 Sweetheart Video 2009
Lesbian Mentors Sweetheart Video 2008
Lesbian Seductions 3 Girlfriends Films 2005
Lesbian Truth Or Dare 5 Sweetheart Video 2011
Let My Puppets Come Caballero 1996
Lethal Passion Pleasure 1999
Lick-A-Thon 1 - Sex-O-Vision 17 Heatwave
Life of the Party K-Beech
Lifestyles - Silver Edition Fallen Angel 1998
Lifestyles of the Blonde and Dirty Wet Video
Lingerie Girls Lipstik 1992
Lip Smackin Lesbians 7 Sin City
Little Bit of Honey Wet Video
Little Red Rides The Hood 4 Black Market XXX 2008
Lost Triangle Films 2010
Love Nest Caballero
Love Spice K-Beech
Lover For Susan Video Team
Lustfully Yours - The Tyffany Million Diaries In-X-Cess
Lusty Life 10 - Bronx Butt Sluts Pleasure 1994
Lusty Life 108 - How to Devour Huge Cocks Like a Pro Zane
Maiden Heaven 1 K-Beech
Mail Order Bride Adam and Eve 2002
Malibu Massage Parlor Smash Pictures 2010
Manbait 1 VCA
Material Girl Caballero
Mature Brotha Lovers 2 Exquisite 2005
Maxed Out 6 Legend 1997
McKenzie Loves Pain Club Jenna 2006
Midsummer Night's Cream Adam and Eve 2000
MILF Worship 10 Exquisite 2010
MILF Worship 3 Exquisite 2007
Milf's Guide To Squirting Powersville Inc 2008
MILF's Tale Elegant Angel 2010
Mirage VCA 1991
Mischief Maker VCA
Missing Pieces Intropics Video
Momma Knows Best 3 Red Light District 2007
Moms A Cheater 5 Incredible Digital 2008
Mom's Black Cock Anal Nightmare West Coast 2008
Mom's Cuckold 3 Reality Junkies 2009
Monster Facials 3 - The Deuces Wild Series Vivid
More MILF Please Hustler 2009
More Sorority Stewardesses Digital Playground 2002
Mouthing Off Vivid 1998
Mouthwatering Vidco
Moving In Cal Vista 1986
Mummy Dearest 1 Las Vegas
Mummy Dearest 3 Las Vegas
My Bare Lady Moonlight 1989
My Beautiful Wife Executive
My Daughter's Boyfriend Sweet Sinner 2008
My Friend's Hot Mom 11 Naughty America 2007
My Friend's Hot Mom 8 Naughty America 2007
My Grandma's a Cum Freak Evasive Angles 2008
My Little Minx Sweetheart Video 2008
Naked Hollywood 1 Faking It Adam and Eve 2001
Naked Hollywood 10 Adam and Eve
Naked Hollywood 11 and 12 Adam and Eve
Naked Hollywood 13 Adam and Eve 2002
Naked Hollywood 14 Adam and Eve
Naked Hollywood 15 Adam and Eve
Naked Hollywood 16 Adam and Eve
Naked Hollywood 17 & 18 Adam and Eve 2003
Naked Hollywood 18 Adam and Eve 2002
Naked Hollywood 19 Adam and Eve 2003
Naked Hollywood 19 and 20 Adam and Eve 2003
Naked Hollywood 2 - Lust Or Love Adam and Eve 2002
Naked Hollywood 20 Adam and Eve 2003
Naked Hollywood 21 and 22 Adam and Eve 2003
Naked Hollywood 4 Adam and Eve 2002
Naked Hollywood 5 - Twisted Adam and Eve 2002
Naked Hollywood 6 - Money Ultimate
Naked Hollywood 7 Adam and Eve 2003
Naked Hollywood 8 Adam and Eve 2003
Naked Hollywood 9 Adam and Eve
Naked Hollywood Part 3 - Wired - Love in the Electronic Age Adam and Eve 2002
Naked Reunion Vivid 1993
Naked Stranger Vivid
Nasty Nancy 35 - Field Fuckers CDI / Cinderella 1997
Natural Woman Intropics Video
Naughty Girls Like it Big Essex Home Video 1986
Naughty in Nylons Vivid 2004
Naughty Nina Hollywood
New Barbarians 1 VCA
New Barbarians 2 VCA
Nicole Stanton Story 1 - The Rise Caballero 1989
Nicole Stanton Story 2 Caballero
Night Nurses Vivid 1995
Night of the Living Debbies Executive
Night Play Vivid
Nina Does 'em All Arrow/AFV
Nina Duz 'Em All Arrow/AFV 1988
Nina Hartley - Milf Trainer Hustler 2007
Nina Hartley-Non Stop Vidco
Nina Hartley's - Guide to Anal Sex Adam and Eve 1995
Nina Hartley's - Guide to Better Fellatio Adam and Eve
Nina Hartley's - Making Love to Men Adam and Eve
Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide To Anal Sex For Men And Women Adam and Eve 2007
Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Oral Sex Adam and Eve
Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Sex Toys Adam and Eve 2002
Nina Hartley's Anal Kinksters Adam and Eve 2003
Nina Hartley's Anal Kinksters 2 Adam and Eve 2004
Nina Hartley's Big Tit MILF's Coast To Coast 2007
Nina Hartley's Guide to Alternative Sex Adam and Eve 2002
Nina Hartley's Guide to Better Cunnilingus Adam and Eve 1994
Nina Hartley's Guide To Bondage Sex Adam and Eve 2008
Nina Hartley's Guide to Couples Sexploration Adam and Eve
Nina Hartley's Guide to Double Penetration Adam and Eve 2004
Nina Hartley's Guide to Erotic Massage Adam and Eve 2006
Nina Hartley's Guide to Female Ejaculation Adam and Eve 2006
Nina Hartley's Guide To Foot Fun Adam and Eve 2007
Nina Hartley's Guide to Foreplay Adam and Eve 1997
Nina Hartley's Guide To Great Sex During Pregnancy Adam and Eve 2008
Nina Hartley's Guide To G-Spot Sex Adam and Eve 2005
Nina Hartley's Guide to Masturbation Adam and Eve 2004
Nina Hartley's Guide to Multiple Orgasms Adam and Eve 2004
Nina Hartley's Guide To Oral Sex Adam and Eve 2001
Nina Hartley's Guide To Porn Stars Sex Secrets Adam and Eve 2006
Nina Hartley's Guide to Private Dancing Adam and Eve
Nina Hartley's Guide to Private Dancing Adam and Eve
Nina Hartley's Guide To Seduction Adam and Eve 1997
Nina Hartley's Guide to Sensual Domination Adam and Eve 2003
Nina Hartley's Guide to Sensual Domination 2 Adam and Eve 2002
Nina Hartley's Guide to Sensual Submission 1 - How to Submit to a Man Adam and Eve 2003
Nina Hartley's Guide To Sex For The Bi-Curious Woman Adam and Eve 2007
Nina Hartley's Guide to Sex Toys Adam and Eve 1998
Nina Hartley's Guide To Simultaneous Orgasms Adam and Eve 2009
Nina Hartley's Guide to Spanking Adam and Eve 2004
Nina Hartley's Guide to Strap-On Sex Adam and Eve 2006
Nina Hartley's Guide To Stripping for Your Partner Adam and Eve 2007
Nina Hartley's Guide to Swinging Adam and Eve 1999
Nina Hartley's Guide To The Perfect Orgy Adam and Eve 2007
Nina Hartley's Guide To The Ultimate Sex Party Adam and Eve 2006
Nina Hartley's Guide to Threesomes - Two Girls and a Guy Adam and Eve 2005
Nina Hartley's Guide to Threesomes - Two Guys and a Girl Adam and Eve 2005
Nina Hartley's Guide to Younger Men Older Women Sex Adam and Eve 2004
Nina Hartley's Guide to Younger Women Older Men Sex Adam and Eve 2004
Nina Hartleys Lifestyles Party Xplor
Nina Hartley's Making Love to Women Adam and Eve
Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 13 Bizarre 2004
Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 15 Bizarre 2004
Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 16 Bizarre 2004
Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 20 Bizarre 2005
Nina Just for You - Guide to Pleasuring a Woman Bon Vue
Nina Laid Bare Gourmet/GVC
Nina Loves Girls Sweetheart Video 2008
Nina Loves Girls 2 Sweetheart Video 2010
No Boys, No Toys Metro 2005
No Man's Land 10 Video Team 1994
No Man's Land Legends Video Team 2002
No One to Love Plum
Nooner Adult Video Corp. 1986
Not Bewitched XXX Adam and Eve 2008
Not Three's Company XXX Xplay 2008
Nurses Orders Vivid 2005
O - The Power of Submission Adam and Eve 2006
Office Politics Gourmet/GVC
Oh What a Night VCA 1990
Old Chicks Crave Black Cock
Older Women and Younger Women Coast To Coast 2001
Older Women Hotter Sex VCA 2000
Older Women Younger Women 10 Coast To Coast 2008
On the Loose Caballero
Once In a Lifetime VCA 1996
One Wife to Give Zane 1989
Only the Best - Ron Jeremy Metro
Only the Best 1 Cal Vista 1986
Only the Best 3 - Then 'Til Now Cal Vista
Only the Best of Barbara Dare Cal Vista
Only the Best of Girls with Curves Metro
Only the Best of Men's and Women Fantasies Metro
Only the Best of Peepers Cal Vista
Only the Best of Ron Jeremy Cal Vista
Ooze - A Non-Penile Institution Odyssey 2000
Organ Grinders 10 K-Beech
Outlaw Ladies 2 VCA
Outrageous Orgies 5 Wet Video
Outrageous Orgies 8 Wet Video
Overtime 5 - Superstar Blondes Video Team
Overtime 84 - Dripping Wet 2 Video Team
Overtime 86 - Clitty Lickers Video Team
P.O.Verted 7 Juicy Entertainment 2007
Pajama Party X 1 VCA 1994
Pajama Party X 2 VCA
Pandora's Box East West Video 2001
Passion Chain K-Beech
Peeping Tom NuTech 1986
Peepshows 17 - Orgy Express VCA
Peepshows 18 - Oral Pleasures
Peepshows 7 - 3-Way Fuck Fest VCA
Peepshows 9 - Girls Who Suck Pussy VCA
Penthouse Plum
Performers Now Showing
Philmore Butts - Looking for Lust Sunshine
Phone Sex Girls 2 Video Team 1987
Pink Panties Now Showing
Play it Again Samantha Video Team
Play me Again, Vanessa VCA
Playmate of the Mouth LBO Entertainment 1991
Plaything 1 Vivid 1995
Pleasure Maze Pleasure
Poop Chute Pumpers and Shit Hole Lickers 3 Hollywood
Porn Comixxx 2 - Ginger's Island K-Beech 2008
Porn From the Past Executive 2001
Portrait of a Nymph Plum
Portrait of an Affair Caballero
Power Blonde Executive 1989
Princess Orgasma and Magic Bed Plum
Private Encounters Essex Home Video
Private Gold 107 - Cheating Hollywood Wives Private 2010
Profiles 3 - House Dick Xplor 1995
Pumping Flesh Caballero 1986
Pussyman 11 - Prime Cuts Snatch 1995
Pussyman 15 - Bone Voyage Snatch
Pussyman 3 - The Search 2 Digital Playground 2000
Pussyman Bloopers and Practical Jokes Snatch
Pussyman's Greatest Scenes - Talented Tongues Snatch
Raunchy Rachel - She'll Blow You Away Hollywood
Ream My Pussy
Rear Action Girls 2 Lipstik 1985
Red Garter Essex Home Video
Red Hot Fire Girls Vidco
Red Room and Other Places Command Cinema 1990
Reel People 3 Plum 1989
Rendezvous VCA 1998
Revenge of the Smart Ass Video Team
Rico's Bangin' Yo Mama Smash Pictures 2008
Riding Lessons Vivid 1997
Right Up Your Alley Baby Doll Pictures 2009
Rising Bun Heatwave
Rockin' Erotica Essex Home Video
Romeo and Juliet Western Visuals
Round Ripe Rumps Hollywood
Rub Her with Rubber CDI / Cinderella
Rule Breaker Gourmet/GVC
Rumor Had Em Sex Z Pictures 2006
Ruthless Women Essex Home Video
Saddle Tramp Vidco
Saki's Private Party Totally Tasteless 1995
Samantha and Deep Throat Girls Cal Vista
Scarlet Fantasy Vivid 1991
Scope Vivid
Screamin Reamers 1 - Slut Bangers Moonlight
Screamin Reamers 18 - Ram-Slam-A-Ding-Dong Moonlight
Screamin Reamers 22 - Interracial Fuck Fest Moonlight
Screamin Reamers 23 - Sex Chicks who Love Dicks Moonlight
Screamin Reamers 25 - Sextasy Moonlight
Screamin Reamers 29 - Lez Be Friends Moonlight
Screamin Reamers 7 - Blonde Bimbo Bonanza Moonlight
Seasoned Players 12 Tom Byron Pictures 2010
Seasoned Players 2 Tom Byron Pictures 2007
Secret Life of Nina Hartley VCA
Secret Sessions Avalon
Seduction Formula Fantasy Home Video
Sex and the Secretary Plum
Sex Game Essex Home Video
Sex Games Gourmet/GVC
Sex Hungry Threesomes
Sex Life of a Porn Star VCA 1986
Sex Orgies 1 Vidco
Sex Orgies 10 Vidco
Sex Professionals Lipstik
Sex With a Stranger Adult Video Corp.
Sex with Older Women Leisure Time 1997
Sex-A-Vision Dreamland
Sextasy 11 - Home Cumming Queens Heatwave
Sextasy 12 - Deep Satisfaction Heatwave
Sextasy 13 - Busy Beavers Heatwave
Sextasy 19 - Pussy-Whipped Pussy Heatwave
Sextasy 26 - Yo' We Be Fucking Heatwave
Sexual Power Cal Vista
Sexually Altered States VCA 1985
Seymore Butts Rides Again Sunshine
Shadow Dancers Evil Angel 1998
Shadow Dancers 2 Evil Angel
Shameless Sin City
Shane's World 2 - Cabin Fever Odyssey 1996
Shark Wicked 1999
Shaved Bunnies Lipstik
She Sucks! Adam and Eve 2005
She's So Fine 2 VCA 1988
Shorty iz Fuckin' Yo Mama Black Market XXX 2007
Showdown Caballero
Showgirls Essex Home Video 1986
Showgirls In Madrid Rocxi Films 1998
SlingShot Vivid 2004
Slip of the Tongue Essex Home Video
Slut Pack Anarchy Films 2007
Sluts of the Nyle 2 - Celebrity Sluts Jill Kelly 2001
Slutty White MILF Neighbors Evasive Angles 2008
Smoke Screen Caballero
Smokescreen Caballero 1996
So Deep So Good Now Showing
Soccer Mommies 818 XXX 2007
Sodom And Carerra Vivid 2004
Solveig's Way - It's My Way or the Highway! Exquisite 1999
Sorority Pink Cal Vista 1989
Sorority Pink 2 Cal Vista
Sorority Sex Kittens 2 VCA 1992
Sorority Sex Kittens 3 VCA 1996
Sorority Stewardesses Digital Playground 1999
Soul Games Paradise Video 1988
Splatterhouse 1 Pleasure 1995
Splatterhouse 3 Pleasure 1995
Splatterhouse 8 Pleasure 1995
Splendor in the Ass 1 Caballero
Spoiled Vidco
Spread it Wide Avica
Spy Cam Legend 1997
Squirt Showers Adam and Eve 2006
Stairway to Heaven Moonlight
Stairway to Paradise VCA 1990
Stand-Up The Video VCA
Starfuckers 1 Zane
Stepmother 4 Sweet Sinner 2010
Stiff Vivid
Strap-On Lesbians Triangle Films 2011
Street Walkers Pleasure 1991
Strictly Business Vidco 1987
Stripper Nurses NuTech 1994
Stuart Canterbury's Spy Cam Legend
Studs and Starlets Pleasure
Suburban Dykes Fatale Video 1991
Sultry Stewardesses Gourmet/GVC
Super Sex Essex Home Video
Supergirl XXX Exquisite 2011
Superstars of Porn - Nina Hartley A Twat Soaked Tribute Pleasure
Surrender Of O Adam and Eve 2008
Suzie Superstar - The Search Continues Cal Vista 1984
Sweat 1 Plum
Sweatin' with the Oldies Infinity
Swedish Erotica 15 Caballero 2003
Swedish Erotica 68 Caballero
Swedish Erotica Hard 5 - Office Oral - Tropical Treats Odyssey 1985
Sweet Cheeks VCR Productions 1986
Switch Hitters 2 Intropics Video
Syrens of Sex Mercenary Pictures 2005
Taboo 6 - The Obsession Intropics Video 1988
Taken From Behind 4 Gourmet/GVC
Talk Dirty To Me 6 Dreamland 1988
Tangled Pleasure 1998
Taste My Ass 2 Executive
Taste of Alicia Monet Pink Video 1998
Taste of Ecstasy CDI / Cinderella
Taste of Laurel Canyon Pink Video
Taste of Nina Pink Video
Taste of the Best 3
Ten Little Maidens Excalibur Films 1985
The Best of Girl World Lipstik
The Best of Talk Dirty 2 Dreamland 1993
The Kiss Sin City
Thick Ass White Girlz 3 Evasive Angles 2008
Thought You'd Never Ask Caballero
Three Musketeers Fat Dog
Three Musketeers 1 & 2 Sunshine
Three Musketeers 2 Fat Dog
Three Score Pleasure 1990
Three the Hard Way 8 Sin City
Three Ways 4 Wet Video
Tic, Toc, Dick, Doc Vivid 2004
Tight Shots 16
Tight Shots 9
Tomfoolery Vivid 2005
Top 25 Adult Stars of All Time VCA 1998
Toy Box 8 - Rub Her With Rubber CDI / Cinderella
Toy Stuffers Adam and Eve 2004
Toys for Twats Fat Dog
Trick or Treat Essex Home Video
Trinity Just for You Bon Vue
Triple X Video - Butt Fucked Babes Triple-X
True Legends Erotic 80's VCA
True Legends of Adult Cinema - The Erotic Eighties VCA 1992
True Legends of Adult Cinema - The Modern Era VCA
Tuff Stuff Wet Video
Twice in a Lifetime VCA
Two into One 2 Pink Video
Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women Evil Angel 2000
Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women 2 Evil Angel 2001
Ultimate Lover VCX
Ultimate O Now Showing
Uniform Behavior K-Beech
Unnatural Act 2 Dreamland
Unreal Sexxx 12 Metro
Up and Cummers 8 Randy West
Valley Girl Connection Metro
Vanessa Del Rio Sunshine 1980
Veronica Hart's - Booby Trap VCA
Vienna's Place VCX
Viper's Place Vidco
Virgin Hotline Liquid Video 1997
Visions of Jeannie Vidco 1985
Viva La Maya Vivid 2000
Vivid's Hall of Fame - Asia Carrera Vivid 2005
Wall To Wall Skin Adam and Eve 2001
Wall to Wall Skin 2 Adam and Eve 2001
Wasabi MILF Orgy Legend 2008
Welcome to My Face Hollywood
Welcome To Orgywood Heatwave
Wet Dreams 5 Digital Playground 2001
Wet Pink Pleasure 1992
Whatever Turns You on Caballero
When Cougars Attack DVSX 2008
When Ginger Met Nina Triangle Films 2008
When Ginger Met Nina - Girls' Night Out Triangle Films 2009
White Rabbit Sin City 1998
White Wife Black Cock 8 Smash Pictures 2007
Who Shaved Aja Executive 1989
Who Shaved Lynn Le May Executive 1989
Who's Nailin' Paylin? Hustler 2008 Wicked 1999
Wild Stuff Wet Video
Wild Thing CDI / Cinderella 1991
Wild Wild Chest Hollywood 1990
Wildheart Intropics Video
Women Seeking Women 29 Girlfriends Films 2006
World Class Ass Vivid 2003
WPink TV 2 Paradise Visuals
Yellow Serrano Pepper 3 Pepper Productions
Yellow Serrano Pepper 4 - Outdoors Pepper Productions
Yo' Mama's A Freak 2 Black Ice 2006
Young Girls in Tight Jeans Vidco
You've Got A Mother Thing Cumming 2 Zero Tolerance 2008

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