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Kristara Barrington
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Kristara Barrington

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Born: 11/22/1965
Aliases: Kim Barrington, Kirstara Barrington, Kistara Barrington, K. Barrington, Kristina Barrington, Kris Tara, China Lee, Kimberly Wong, Kim Morgan, Mai Nuygen, Mai Tai, Christie Barrington, Christine Barrington, Chi-Chi Ling, Kim Warner

Date of Birth November 22, 1965
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 112
Waist: 24
Hips: 32
Breasts: 32B

Kristara Barrington (born November 22, 1965 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is a former American pornographic actress. Her Eurasian appearance allowed her to switch between playing Asian and European roles. One of her most famous roles was a prostitute in 1985's New Wave Hookers.

Porn Star Kristara Barrington's exuberant sexual style and sweltering chili pepper-like liveliness was hotter than a sparkler on the fourth of July. Kristara Barrington was one of the hottest adult stars of the '80s, and still has an ever-present and loyally massive fan base. This beautiful Eurasian performer was born and raised in the United States, but could easily flip flop between playing Asian and non-Asian roles no matter the call for action Miss Barrington could really put out one hell of a showing.

True to her Sagittarius Astrological sign Kristara Barrington: Of restless nature, Sagittarius is easily influenced and quick to become bored. They love the adventure of travel and often feel the need to be outdoors. For Sagittarius, exploration is the spice of life, whether it is mental or in the physical presence of being. They are always optimistic energetic (nearly hyperactive) and often have good fortune just when it is needed the most. They are interested in the theatric performing and philosophical fields. Sagittarius has difficulty with follow-through, procrastination is often the case, and commitments are easily thrown to the wind for chance of adventure. Sagittarius prefers to keep all options open and often leans toward the single carefree life.

A Louisiana born - Chicago native, Barrington appeared in over 170 movies between 1984 and 1989.

In spite of the large numbers of men who seem to have an attraction toward oriental women there were few Asians in the X-Rated 80’s. Linda Wong was the first Asian porn queen, with a string of classic movies in the 70’s. Mai Lin also comes to mind. But the number one (no pun intended) Asisan star in 80’s porn was undoubtedly Kristara Barrington. Born in the US, Kristara never quite fit the mold as the stereotypical submissive oriental lady waiting to serve her master in whatever way he deemed fit. She was too American for that. As you will see in the closing moments of this scene, she could tell a man exactly what she wanted, in no uncertain terms. So if you like that innocent look which is betrayed by a dirty mouth, you are going to love Kristara.

Kristarra Barrington appears outstandingly in the 1983 documentary Fallen Angels. The small-breasted asian was also know as Kimberly Wong, Kim Warner and Chi Chi Ling in some of her early on videos. Barrington did anal sex rarely - in Caught From Behind 3, Deliveries in the Rear and Tailenders. She said she didn't enjoy such sex because no one could do it right.
Making over 150 adult videos during her career, Kristara combined a fresh attitude that made her an instant hit. Among her best performance in one of XXX's all-time best sellers, New Wave Hookers 1. Other great Barrington performances can be seen in Baby Face 2, Beyond Desire and House of Lust.

Her most notable performance came as the sushi delivery girl in New Wave Hookers. She gets railed by three men until she's so exhausted that she has to be carried from the room. Kristara's most famous scene that you'll never see was an S-M session with Jamie Gillis in Ecstasy Girls 2. The best scene of the film was done by Kristara Barrington receiving the advances of 80’s funnyman and porn star Jack Baker as kinky Jamie Gillis gets ready to join in the action with Kristara wearing hot wax in her sexy scene with Gillis.

Kristarra performed with spirit, and most any video that lists her name has a good performance. Her best productions include Jane Bond Meets Octopussy, Inside China Lee, BYOB, One Night in Bangkok, Rambone does Hollywood and Give It to Me.

In an article that ran on October 11, 1985, Barrington told the San Diego Union-Tribune while at a pornographic-industry convention that "I don't feel like a prostitute. I'm an actress; I am paid for a job. Sure you're selling yourself, but people sell themselves for all kinds of businesses."

Throughout the 1980s Kristara Barrington earned a reputation in adult films as a top performer. Often cast with such reigning porn queens as Traci Lords, Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn Allen, this Asian beauty ranked just a notch below these icons in fan popularity, and her combination of exotic looks, a terrific body and enthusiastic performances made her a fan favorite. She eventually left the porn industry to continue her studies pursuing the vocation as a veterinarian but were not sure if she has completed those studies as of lately. Recent notification has placed our 80’s superstar in Chicago working with other friends of the family and supporting family members doing bookkeeping for a relatives Korean grocery stores.

Aliases used over the years –

Christine Barrington | Cristara Barrington | K. Barrington | Kim Barrington | Kistara Barrington | Krista Barrington | Kristina Barrington | Kimberly | China Lee | Chi-Chi Ling | Kim Morgan | Mai Nguyen | Mai Tai | Kris Tara | Kim Warner | Kimberly Wong


1984 – Erotic X-Film Guide February Volume 2 Issue 2- “Krista B”
1985 – Pub presents Erotica Issue 7- “East eats West”
1985 – The Gourmet Treasury of Cum- January Issue
1985 - Video-X – February Volume 5 Issue 11
Video X featured Miss Barrington on the Cover
1986 – Adam Film Guide Porn Star Annual April Volume 2 Issue 11
1986 – Swank- October Volume 33 Issue 10









































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Dr Strange Sex

Dr Strange Sex

Dr Strange Sex

Description: When a hot and horny atomic scientist (Dr. Michael Andrews) gets too big for his pants, the Pentagon sends him to a Brazilian resort to cool down his overheated proton gun. Accompanied by an equally rambunctious Secret Service agent (Jack Phillips), the two of them start a chain reaction of nuclear nookies that's headed for a meltdown in Dr. Strange Sex. However, the KGB has a secret weapon to trap this fun-loving physicist... a tantalizing Russian agent named Karina who soon gets the good doctor's energy particles flying. Jack doesn't do badly either. He and gorgeous hotel guest Ann do a little audacious atom splitting themselves. Finally, the Russians call in a special hit-man when Karina falls in love with Dr. Andrews, but this "carnal comrade" soon gets waylaid by two hot blondes who aren't afraid to dabble in foreign affairs.

Starring: Kristara Barrington, Gina Carrera

Studio: Caballero



Malibu Swingers

Malibu Swingers

Malibu Swingers

Description: The best stars of the industry in action! From Golden Age Media. Runtime (Stream, Download): 80 minutes

Stars: Paul Thomas, Peter North, Tom Byron, Kristara Barrington, Melissa Monroe, Josephine Carrington, Sharon Mitchell, Summer Rose, Tiffany Blake

Studio: Golden Age Media



Oriental Jade

Oriental Jade

Oriental Jade

Description: Retro Series Double Feature DVD Set Oriental Jade: Hustler - "Oriental Jade is a gem!", Penthouse - "Hottest film of the year." Shot on location in the South Seas, it is an epic tale of movie making Hollywood-style... and the wanton desires that blaze behind the scenes. At the center of the story is G.W. Hunter, the booze-loving screenwriter with a taste for Oriental erotica. His script is laced with plenty of steamy scenes, but most of the real action occurs off screen and after hours! All American Girls #1 - Oh, Beautiful!: In a mansion the size of Buckingham Palace, beautiful, naughty girls tell the tales of their wildest sexual adventures!

Srats: Harry Reems, Ron Jeremy, Kristara Barrington, Brandy O'Shea, Cap Lincoln, Carrie Sinclair, Cassie Blake, Charlie Hanover, Gabrielle Fabray, Gina Valentine, Jacqueline Lorians, Jade Laneer, Jade Nichols, Jeff Conrad, Jillian Nichols, Joanna Storm, K.C. Valentine, Ken Star, Laura Lazare, Lorri Smith, Star Wood, Suzi Hart

Studio: Adam and Eve



Sexual Pursuit

Sexual Pursuit

Sexual Pursuit

Description: Remember that trivia game that was all rage back in the day? Well, this is not really about that but there is lots of nasty sex, the kind they don t make anymore. Running Time: 90 Minutes908

Starring: Kristara Barrington, Dallas Miko, Tiffany Blake

Studio: Classic X Collection



Surfside Sex

Surfside Sex

Surfside Sex

Description: The summer heat sizzles in this Malibu moment under the sexy sun when a group of uninhibited orgasm groupies converge on a beach house. The action switches from the lofty bedrooms to the beach front jacuzzi to the ultimate private tanning suite!

Stars: Paul Thomas, Peter North, Tom Byron, Cherie Gavner, Kristara Barrington, Danica Rhea, Josephine Carrington, Marc Wallice, Sharon Mitchell, Tiffany Blake

Studio: VCX



The Ecstasy Girls 2

The Ecstasy Girls 2

The Ecstasy Girls 2

Description: Producer Harold Lime has used all nine inches of his erotic imagination for his latest sizzling film entitled Ecstasy Girls #2. In this horny sequel Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, and Paul Thomas are hired to find a runaway heiress (Heather Wayne) who holds the key to a rich inheritance. Ah, but what bevy of beauties these men have to plough through to find the girl!

Stars: Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Kristara Barrington, Frank Hollowell, Heather Wayne, Joanna Storm, Kari Foxx, Sonya Rain, Stacey Donovan, Tish Ambrose, Troy Tanier, Veronica Hart

Studio: Caballero



The Golden Age of Porn - Kristara Barrington

The Golden Age of Porn - Kristara Barrington

The Golden Age of Porn - Kristara Barrington

Description: Kristara Barrington is the defining Asian exotic superstar of The Golden Age of Porn. This Asian diva was renown for her great blowjob techniques. This is definitely a collector's item. Runtime (Stream, Download): 59 minutes

Starring: Kristara Barrington

Studio: Gentlemens Video



Kristara Barrington Complete Filmography:

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