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Born: 8/28/1944
Aliases: Jill Jackson, Kay Taylor, Kay Taylor Parker

Kay Parker Aka: Jill Jackson
Real Name: Kay Taylor
Date of Birth: 28/08/1944
Place of Birth: United Kingdom
Height: 1,68m/5'6"
Stats: 37-24-37

Kay Parker was born Kay Taylor, on 28 August 1944, in Birmingham, in the United Kingdom. During the mid-1970's she was living in Southern California, attempting, and failing to break into mainstream acting. "I was with a little improvisational acting group in L.A., and one of the other actors was John Leslie. We struck up a friendship, and one day he called me and asked if I wanted an opportunity to get in front of a camera and do some work. When he told me it was for an adult film, my first reaction was 'NO', but obviously I changed my mind? The title was 'V, The Hot One', in 1977. I played a Madame. It was a non-sex role. My first sex role however, was a short time later in the movie 'Sex World'."

Kay was 33 at this point, at least ten years older than most of her contemporaries in the industry. According to fellow actor Bill Margold, "Kay had a cloistered sex life until this business exploded on her. She, like me, has discovered the wonders of sex as a toy." Her mature sexuality and obvious enthusiasm in front of the camera made her an instant success with the audience. During her first on-screen sex scene with Joey Silvera in 'Sex World', Kay became so carried away that she chipped a tooth, something she only realized when filming ended.

Her professionalism meant that Kay was also a success with directors and producers. Jim Holliday would later say: "Kay is slick, sophisticated... Kay is our jewel? Kay is perfect in front of the television camera. Any hostile minister, anti-porn guy is going to melt. How could Jerry Falwell scream venom at Kay Parker when she's sitting there saying, 'My sex life was enriched by porn'? One person in the cast [of 'Stairway To Paradise' (1990)] that I insisted on? was Kay Parker. Even the sales people don't realize what an impact Kay Parker is going to have."

In his analysis of the adult industry 'Porn And Coming Attractions', Dr Robert Stoller remarked: "She is slim, graceful, intense, wary-covered-by-willingness-to-inform, dressed tastefully in casual Southern California style? English accent. Holding herself poised, with all movements self-contained. Controlling the conversation with the skill of an old hand at interviewing. She knows the value of being private."

Over the next couple of years Kay appeared in a string of quality releases, but her crowning moment came in 1980 with the release of Kirdy Steven's 'Taboo'. She is perfectly cast as the reserved older woman that succumbs to her own desires and sexual frustrations. Kay would later admit that there was definite mutual attraction between herself and Ranger, and that their sex scenes would often continue once the cameras had stopped. The film is well made with high production values, and is today regarded as one of the best adult movies ever made. Its success inevitably meant that sequels were to follow, and Kay reprised her role in 'Taboo 2' (1983) and 'Taboo 3' (1984).

Porn actor Jerry Butler later recalled working with her in 'Taboo 3'. she is very generous, articulate and polite I only worked with Kay that one time in 'Taboo 3'. Despite my misgivings, we had a hot scene. I wound up tossing this replica of my sister all over the bed."

Apart from her role in the 'Taboo' films, she was also cast as 'the older woman' in other classics of the time, such as: 'Downstairs Upstairs' (1980), 'Vista Valley PTA' (1981), 'Memphis Cathouse Blues' (1982) and 'Private Teacher' (1983). According to Kay, "During that time period there was more of an effort to give the films a degree of production value." In 1983 she received the Adult Film Association Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 'Sweet Young Foxes' (1983). By the mid-1980's, however, the advent of video meant that standards within the industry were falling. Although she continued to appear in the odd film, mediocre affairs like 'Too Hot To Touch' (1984) did little to add to her reputation. In late 1984 she retired from porn.

"Several factors contributed to my decision. The main reason was AIDS. Lesser factors were that I was quickly approaching 40, and the quality of the productions were dropping due to the introduction of video tape." "I only took acting jobs? Then things started to change. That's why I dropped out of the business. I'm not able to perform sex the way it's done now." "When I quit I went to work for Caballero, which was then one of the biggest distribution/manufacturers of adult films and videos. I was the PR director, so that helped me with the transition. I made one more film after I 'retired.' The title was 'Careful, He May Be Watching' (1986). I really enjoyed working on that film. It was a nice way to make my final exit."

Following her departure from porn, Kay Parker began working as a Holistic Counselor. "Holistic means to make whole, through the mind-body-spirit and I add to that soul connection. What does that mean you ask? Well, to make that connection one has to look at the ways they render themselves 'un-whole', less than totally empowered. I want to help people be all they can be. Many people are living lives that are designed from beliefs, whether family, cultural, religious, that is so far removed from their true desires that it truly amazes me. The basis of my counseling is about responsibility. I don't work with people who are intent on blaming others or presenting their victim-hood."

In 2000 she published a book entitled 'Taboo: Sacred, Don't Touch', in which she discussed her career in adult movies and her experiences with the Metaphysical. She also began a series of university lecture tours on topics such as, 'Integration of Sexuality and Spirituality', 'The Art of Being a Healer', 'Living in the New Paradigm', 'Porno, Passion and Purpose' and 'Understanding Shame ? The Worst Virus of All'.

Kay Parker defined the archetype of the seductive older woman. Whether seducing of being seduced she brought a passion and sexuality to the screen that many of her younger peers were simply incapable of. Although other adult actresses, such as Juliet Anderson, Georgina Spelvin and Honey Wilder were also known for their explosive mature on-screen sex scenes, none could match Kay Parker's class and European sophistication. Despite only starring in about 50 films during her eight-year career as an adult actress, she remains one of the quintessential stars of porn's Golden Age.









































An Interview with Kay Parker
28 05 2009

Kay Parker is one of the most well known actresses to ever preform in adult film. She is a classic beauty who starred in numerous adult titles during the golden age of porn in the late 70′s and early 80′s. Kay was always known for both her acting ability and sexual prowess. She is most famous for her role in the classic porn flick Taboo and some of its sequels.

I recently caught up with Kay for a short interview to see what she has been up to for all these years. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she is living a very interesting life and had a lot to talk about.

You were born in Birmingham, England. When did you first come to the United States?

I arrived in 1965 after having spent two or more years living in Germany. It had always been a goal to master another language, a goal I fulfilled while I was there.

What was your life like as a child? Where did you grow up?

I grew up post World War 2 in a very cold and depressed England as the country struggled to rebuild after the war. In my memory there were no colors, just grey. I remember food rationing and extreme scarcity. My Father raised us under the banner of “Children should be seen and not heard,” and “Don’t speak unless spoken to.”

How did you first become involved in the adult entertainment business?

I met John Leslie who introduced me to Robert McCallum and I took a small non-sex role in “V-The Hot One.”

What factors in your life lead to your decision to perform in adult films?

There were many of which I talk about in my book, but for this interview, suffice it to say that number one, there was a fascination with the art of film-making and number two, a deeply rooted yearning to get free, to peel off my layers and to know myself. I saw this as an opportunity to do that.

What did you like best about performing in front of the camera?

I had spent a year in an intense acting workshop prior to meeting John and this was an opportunity to put my tools to use, as it were. So, there was great satisfaction in performing and portraying characters for me.

Any favorite actors you enjoyed working with more than others?

Several of the men I worked with were real gentlemen, including Eric Edwards and Herschel Savage, John Leslie of course and the incomparable Richard Pacheco.

Sometime in the mid-80’s you gave up performing in adult films. Can you tell us what the reasons were behind your decision to quit performing?

There were several factors, my age (even though I could have continued, I opted out,) and of course, the AIDS epidemic. Beyond those reasons, the video age had arrived, film budgets had dropped, and videos were being shot in one or two days and were just sex scenarios. The industry I had known, where we shot on film, had lengthy scripts and multiple takes of a scene with room to develop characters disappeared. I couldn’t bring myself to participate any longer. It was time to leave.

Kay Parker

I also have read that you directed one title before leaving the adult business for good, Tantric Guide to Sexual Potency, in 1994. What was it like to be on the other side of the camera and why did you not continue to direct?

Yes, this was a project that I cared for because of the content. I had always been concerned with putting love back into sex – this was in fact my logo during those years. In Tantra – which is the yoga of sex, the emphasis is on breathing and the focus is on divine union through sexual interaction. The focus on the orgasm is diminished opening up the space for a deep spiritual union which can be transcendental and beautiful beyond words. I didn’t continue to direct because it was time for me to get on with my other work…my counseling and spiritual mentoring work.

Do you have any regrets about your career in adult film?

No regrets – I see every experience as an opportunity and, within that notion, higher purpose prevails. In life, it’s important to see the bigger picture, as if looking at the tapestry of all the events in our lives and their outcome from a higher vantage point. This is challenging for most people, but through choosing to see the bigger picture, one has the opportunity to move out of any semblance of martyr or victim consciousness.

Do you keep in touch with any people from the adult industry? Any actors, producers or directors?

I keep in touch with a few, those I had a heart connection with…Seka, Mr. Pacheco, Veronica Hart and Kelly Nichols.

When did you first become involved in new age philosophy?

I began to pursue my belief in an alternative reality and way of life over 30 years ago when I lived in Northern California and during the time of my film career.

Briefly explain in general what you belief system is all about.

It’s simple, take care of yourself, and take care of others and the environment. Beyond that, know who you are as a divine being, as a soul having a human experience on a path which is eternal and focus on that, as opposed to the status quo.

You believe in re-incarnation of the soul. Tell us more about that.

That’s way too lengthy to talk about here. Suffice it to say that each of us is on a journey that extends way beyond this lifetime. In order to understand this, one has to move beyond fear, doubt, trepidation and our experiences in our lifetime which have wounded us.

I have had roughly 186 lifetimes in this quadrant of time. While I have documented many of them, there are particular lifetimes that are highly significant and relevant to the here and now. When I work with individuals I am focused on that aspect of their past – what is relevant to a person’s current life experiences and challenges.

For me, the main focus has been on deep forgiveness of “perceived errors of the past” and releasing those memories, in addition to the realization of the fulfillment of commitments made long ago to be here now and to participate in what truly is a monumental time on our planet and humanity’s transition.

I read a little bit about “star beings” on your website. What is a star being?

There are a certain number of individuals alive today (in the millions) who have experienced life on other planets before incarnating here. To some way of thinking they are the proverbial “old souls” because they have in fact, had a longer journey than newer souls, culminating here, now. In terms of their soul contract, they are committed to applying themselves in a very significant way to our planet’s evolution. They will, at some point, wake-up to their soul essence and recognize their true identify, instead of just plodding along, submitting to the conditioning of the cultural, societal and familial mores.

What kind of services do you offer via your website,

I am a spiritual mentor, meaning that I work with an individual to assist them to recognize their mission and to assist in the healing of their emotional scars, to help them to put their life circumstances in perspective and assist them to move out of guilt, shame, fear, hopelessness, indifference and a multitude of other emotional limitations and/or blocks.

What could someone expect that purchases services on your website? What type of person should be interested in a session with you?

First of all, they may expect to be surprised. I say that because, for me, my work is ultimately about love – and offers a person the opportunity to open their hearts to a more elevated way of being where love takes precedence, where love is the guiding force and where love opens doors never opened before. If a person wants to experience that, and is willing to grow in terms of loving themselves by taking the first step towards healing and balancing their past, their life may change in ways that may be extraordinary. Key word here is choice, a person must first choose.

Having been an adult actress for several years, sexuality has played a major role in your adult life. How does sexuality factor in to your belief system and does it continue to play a major role?

Sexuality has played a role for me in terms of opening doors to my true work, here, now. From my career came a wealth of information about sexuality and, more specifically, a deep understanding of the dynamics of sexual shame. Back when I was acting, the Internet didn’t exist and I couldn’t possibly have known that I would have a website and a global doorway to making available my services. In my personal life it’s a very, minor issue.


You wrote a book in 2001 titled, Taboo: Sacred, Don’t Touch, please tell the readers what the book is about and where they can purchase the book.

I wrote the book (which I began 10 years before I published it) at the urging of others. In public presentations and lectures, I had used anecdotal stories from my career to illustrate what I had learned, not only about myself, but about the entire area of sexuality. It seemed only natural that a biographical book should follow, but when it came down to it, to be true to myself, I had to tell the whole story – the bigger picture – and that meant including past lives. This is why I subtitled the book “A Biographical Journey spanning Six Thousand years.” The book is available in audio (read by me) or text form on my website . At the moment, I don’t have hard copies available.

Are you currently married or have you ever been married?

No and No.

Do you have any children?


Where do you live?

I live in southern California, outside Los Angeles

Outside of your beliefs and profession what do you like to do for fun? What are your hobbies or interests?

I am a movie buff and I love good music. I love to walk and enjoy the wonderful Pacific Ocean. All my other activities relate in some way to my work, which is my life.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

I am always in awe of the generosity of my fans. Each time someone connects with me, I am grateful. I encourage you to not be shy about learning more about who you are, to embrace their higher purpose and to be willing to deeply connect to your soul’s mission. I’m here to help. If my assistance can make the difference between a life lived with quality and meaning, fulfillment and passion, I encourage you to make the investment. Blessings.

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Description:Taboo, shot in 1979, remains one of the most popular titles to this day in the adult video world. This 1980 release, directed by Kirdy Stevens, stars the fabulous Kay Parker as a divorced, sexually-frustrated mother who becomes caught in a vortex of lust and passion for her young son, Paul (played by Mike Ranger). Several other Golden Era greats are also featured in this timeless classic, such as Dorothy LeMay, Juliet Anderson and Brooke West. Standard Digital re-released the Taboo DVD series in late 2006 with brand new collector's quality packaging and an added attention to detail. If the last time you saw Taboo was on VHS -- prepare to be impressed! Standard Digital has reworked the film to bring out the best of the original color and sound, while preserving the classic look and feel you expect. The bright metallic packaging is sure to look good in any classic collection!

Plot:Kay Parker portrays a woman whose husband has left her for his young secretary. The absence of a lover leaves her sexually frustrated and unimpressed with the meaningless parties and blind dates of the "singles scene". Ultimately she is surprised to find her son's interest in her surpasses the limits of their relationship -- and to her surprise she finds herself turned on by the prospect. This is when things start to heat up between mother and son...

Studio: VCX



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