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Queeny Love
Queeny Love

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Born: 11/8/1979
Aliases: Queeny, Queenie Love

Country of Origin: Germany Rheinland-Pfalz
Place of Birth: Cologne
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 160 cm - 5 feet and 3 inches
Weight: 52 kg - 114 lbs
Measurements: 34E-24-34
Fake Boobs: Yes
Career Status: Retired
Shoe Size: 7
Years Active: 2001-2004

There is no doubt that Queeny Love lives up to her billing, with her striking figure, flowing, fiery red hair and face worthy of any portrait in the Louvre. Dainty at five feet three inches and just over a hundred pounds, yet provocatively curvaceous (34E-24-34), Queeny Love has amassed an army of admirers in her short modelling career. Demure, open, candid, and deliciously eccentric, Queeny Love’s brown-green eyes are simply spellbinding.

Queeny was born in Germany and raised in a small town near Cologne, the heart of Germany’s fashion industry. Despite the many attractions of her native country, she was lured by Hollywood and currently lives in California where has been developing both her tan and her career. Being a small town lady, Queeny prefers the space and the panoramic views of Palm Springs to the bright lights and action of central LA.

The notorious German porn star Queeny Love is known best for her love of cum. Sucking and swallowing her way to fame in a series of films over the years, the 5ft 3in model has become a huge hit in the industry. As well as taking cock in every orifice, the busty brunette also models for lingerie and fetish labels. Her shot at fame came after a surprise shot of cum nearly choked the poor lass when she was the tender age of 18, and that is where Queeny Love also known as Queeny and Queenie Love got her taste for semen.

She has been credited as giving Rodney Moore, a producer in the porn industry, the best blow job he's ever had, and she is also known for working closely with Max Hardcore, a veteran porn star. She is still regarded as the facial cum shot queen with a huge internet following.

As a wild teenager Queeny developed a passion for dressing up and for sexual adventurism, and as she blossomed she instilled passionate feelings of ardor, fascination and envy in her many young male admirers and female love rivals. Finally, even Germany proved too conservative for Queeny and she moved to the Valley in her early twenties to pursue a career as an adult film star and model. For many this might seem very adventurous for a small town girl, but being a natural exhibitionist, Queeny had already spent much of her youth organising her own sex parties which she often recorded on video. Queeny’s early films were self-produced for fun, but having caught the eye of Hollywood producers she has since been in great demand and regularly features at adult expos and at the AVN awards.

Being eccentric and very European, Queeny has acquired a range of tastes that include an expansive wardrobe and a collection of high heels. When she has a free day she loves driving around California in classic British cars, and her sixties collection is developing along with her career. Also a collector of sixties memorabilia, Queeny likes to pass her free time cycling, swimming, cruising scenic highways, and of course by being physical with men.




























Fortunately Queeny took some time out to answer a few questions for Icqurimage:

How did you first get started as a model?
I am not really sure about that... I guess it was when I was a little girl and asked my friends to take pictures of me wearing all sorts of different clothes so that I could keep track of all the things I had stored in my drawers and lockers... ;) I enjoyed it a lot... and so this might have been the inspiration for my later work!? :)

What are your biggest turn ons and turn offs?
Turn ons: Sexy business men in perfectly fitting suits, kissing, dirty talking and working on realizing sexual fantasies...
Turn offs: Dishonest people and ‘winners’...

Do you believe that the prominence of models in society gives them special influence in society?
Yes, definitely, but all people in the glare of the media have some sort of influence in society... some more... some less.

What is your favorite color, and do you think color can influence your mood or sexuality?
Pink and purple. I love those colors. And of course they do influence my moods in a very positive way. When I wear anything pink or purple, I immediately feel great and hyper-sexual.

How do you keep your hourglass figure?
Some fast food.... some salad... some exercise.... and regular sex. :) That's all I need to keep my figure. :)

What star sign are you? Have there been any events that have convinced you to believe in astrology?
My star sign is scorpio.... so you probably understand why I so often mentioned ‘sex’ in this interview.... Horoscopes always say that the scorpio is the sexually most active star sign.... :) And that makes me believe at least a little in astrology, as this is 100% correct! :) However I'm not really into horoscopes and such things...

My favorite form of water is the ocean.... it simply makes me happy to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, enjoying the wonderful views over the ocean and filling my lungs with fresh, salty ocean air whilst the sunshine makes the radiator of my car boil (well, that really happens regularly when I use my old MGA!).

Unsurprisingly Queeny has been in great demand of late, and with over 21,000 friends on her elegant MySpace profile, it is not difficult to understand why. If you haven't heard of her before, one glance at her profile soon explains her meteoric rise in popularity. Beware - a single glimpse of those haunting eyes may cause an addiction which is as difficult to define as it is to lose. Her beauty inspires only a single word - awe.


General Questions

What's your best on screen performance?

Well, not really sure about this..... I haven't done so many videos for other companies yet. I work more for my own videoline and my website. As I will do a lot of more things in the future, I think my "best on screen performance" is still to come!? ;)

Which stars have you most enjoyed working with?

I enjoyed working with Mandingo and Jeremy Steele. They are both very professional and that is what I like. :) Working with Sindee Cox was also a lot of fun! (I did my first girl/girl scene with her!) :)

Are there any companies or directors or stars that you're dying to work with?

I loved working for Hustler Magazine with Matti Klatt. Matti is also german and it was really nice to work with him and the whole team. I would love to work for Hustler again soon! :) And there is also one other person I would really love to work with. You might think I'm crazy but Max Hardcore is my favourite director/star! :) We met a longer time ago and maybe we will work together sometimes in the future!? :)

What's the strangest thing you've ever masturbated with?

Oh, I guess I never used something really crazy.... The only thing that might be worth talking about is that I sometimes use my high heels to masturbate. You can do some really nice things with them!

Do you watch porn movies? If so which are your favorites?

:) Sure! I love porn! I really like Puaka (my german fans know what I'm talking about! ;)). They are really messy and dirty and the camera allways shows the "real" action! :)

What's a typical day like for you?

...A lot of work... I get up early and switch on my laptop. Then I try to answer as many mails as possible, comunicate with business related people and friends over the net and after a few hours I go offline to do some shopping, cooking and all the normal things every girl does. In the eveing I go online again to check mails again and to work on my website. The weekends are mostly for having fun in L.A. or just for relaxing. But this is not all I do! I travel a lot and for sure I do my scenes and photos whenever I want. :)

BIGmike asks:
Why and how did you discover cum sniffing?

:) I received a fanpresent a long time ago.... he send me a small funnel and I really did not know what to do with it because it was just to small for doing a cumswallowing scene with it or for inserting it in any other of the "common" holes... ;)
So I thought about what this thing could be used for.... and so I discovered "cumsniffin". I put the funnel into my nose and a guy shot his load into the funnel. I then sucked the cum through the funnel and my nose and swallowed the whole load. Was a really new and funny experience! :)

Endorphin asks:
What is cum sniffing? Is it like snorting coke?

Yes, that's exactly right! :) I used a translator for figuring out what "sperma schniefen" would mean in english.... well the translator told me "schniefen" is "sniffing" in english. So I called it "cumsniffing"... But I guess cumsnorting would be better but I guess my bad english is funny for you, so I still call it cumsniffing! :)

Dumblonde asks:
Did you enjoy working with Jeremy Steele? Any anecdotes or incidents you could share?

Yes! Jeremy and I had a lot of fun together and we are still in contact. It is really funny how many people allready know that we worked together because the Hustler Magazine is not yet released...

Queenyfan asks:
What is your wildest/ultimate fantasy? It must be something with a lot of cum in it?

Hihi.... YES!! :)
My biggest dream is sitting in a big bathtub with a real LOT of guys all arround. They shoot their loads all over me again and again untill I'm totally soaked with cum and the tub is filled. Then they all have to leave and I take a refreshing cumbath!! :)
But I guess this is hard to realize!? :(

What is it that you like so much on cum?

Hard to explain... I like the warm but also degrading feeling. It's really a turn on kneeling before a man and wating for him to shoot all his creamy cum all over my face and into my mouth! :)
And facial cumshots are some kind of art for me as every facial is unique. So I can only say "I love cum"! :)

The cumsniffing, do you really like it? Or is it mainly to shock people or to try something new?

I really like it and it was also for trying something new! I never thought about shocking other people with it but a lot of people were shocked right after I released my first cumsniffing scene...... I guess they were not really badly shocked as I get more and more requests for new cumsniffing scenes. :)

I read you moved from Germany to the USA last year or so. Do you like it over there? (in the USA) and do you plan to stay, or move back to Germany again later on?

I moved from germany to the USA november 2000 and I really like it here. I think I will stay longer in the USA but as I like germany also very much I might go back later or at least visit germany sometimes! :)

Bono-ONE asks:
I have seen you do titles for Rodney Moore, so I was wondering if you are ever going to move over and do some titles for the Anabolic/Diabolic companies? You would be great in the Down the Hatch series or the Oral Consumption series.

Not sure, but I think I will not work for them.

DaveRules asks:
Is there a difference in the taste of cum, between guys that eat meat, vegans, and vegans who only eat organically gown fruits and vegetables?

Every mans cum tastes different. Regardless of what he eats. Well, I can taste if a man was or is ill, jerked of a few hours before I received his load or if he was to toilet shortly.
But when I do pee scenes, I can taste if the man did eat some fruits, did drink beer or whatever...... ;) So it might also be possible taste if someone is vegetarian or not this way!? ;)

Last Words

Any final words for your fans?

It is really great having such a lot of nice fans. :) And sorry that it took so long to answer all questions.
Hope you enjoyed the interview!? :)

Kisses, Queeny

Queeny Love Complete Filmography:

Different Strokes 11: Boneward Bound Odyssey 2001
Girls Home Alone 16 Wildlife 2001
Goo Girls 1 Odyssey 2001
Goo Girls 2 Odyssey 2001
Goo Girls 5 Odyssey 2001
I Swallow 15 Odyssey 2001
I Swallow 16 Odyssey 2001
I Swallow 17 Odyssey 2001
Pure Max 8 Max Hardcore 2001
Pussy Playhouse 1 Wildlife 2001
Titty Fuckers 5 Wildlife 2001
Goo Girls 8 Odyssey 2002
Max Faktor 2 Max Hardcore 2002
Monster Facials 1 Rodnievision 2002
Planet Max 12 Max Hardcore 2002
Ron Jeremy on the Loose: Atlantic City Gonzo Video 2003
Fists of Fury 3 Max Hardcore 2004
Monster Facials 3 Rodnievision 2004
Mandingo Madness 2 Rodnievision 2008

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