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Ashley George
Ashley George

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Born: 2/7/1990

Birthplace: Binghamton, New York, USA
Start: 2010 (Started around 20 years old)
Currently Resides: Chicago
Birthday: February 7th, 1990 ... Age: 21
Measurements: 34DD-26-36
Height: 5'7" (170cm)
Weight: 142 lbs (64kg)
Ethnicity: Irish & Polish
Eyes: Hazel
Hair Color: Brunette
Favorite Flower - White Rose
Favorite Music - Kylie Minogue
Favorite TV Show - The Golden Girls
Favorite Food - Sushi
Favorite Fragrance - Chanel Chance
Favorite Book - Sophie Kinsella
Favorite Animal - Cats!
Favorite Pass-time - Shopping & Tanning

American teen shemale cutie Ashley George from upstate New York is set, we're sure, to start attracting huge numbers of Tgirl admirers. This 18-year-old girl next door, with a passion for cars that includes a huge Matchbox and Hot Wheels collection and a childhood dream to become a car dealer that still makes her giggle, has her sights set on a career as a pornstar. She already did her first shoots in Chicago and has just flown out to LA for the first time with TS friends Jasmine Jewels and Morgan Bailey. "I come from a very small, close-minded town where it was hard for a girl like me to fit in. I went to high school as a girl and although there were many struggles there to be accepted and respected, I persevered and showed I was the stronger person in the end. Despite the struggles I was able to transition successfully at a young age and start living my life being true to myself. I think that anything you want in life is yours for the taking and no dream is too big or too small to be worth pursuing. I believe life is way too short to not be doing exactly what you want, every single day. I think I'm a living testament to that. As far as my personality goes I'm sweet, funny, bubbly, always laughing and a whole lot of trouble!" Ashley says.

















Thanks Carmella:
Caramel's TGirls Interview With Ashley George
When I reviewed Ashley's website back in February, I knew I wanted to interview her someday and when we recently bumped into each other at Twitter, I asked and she agreed. I'd had a feeling she'd be sweet and down-to-earth since her videos and photos are oozing with personality. After reading this interview, I'm sure you'll get the same sense about her that I did.

Caramel: Hi, Ashley. Thank you for doing this interview with me. So you debuted at Shemale-Club and the SMC producers launched your fantastic website Ashley-George. There are only a few companies in my opinion that delivers top shelf content and SMC is one of them. How did you feel the moment you knew your website would be launched by one of the best outfits out there?

Ashley: Well first of all I was very excited and honored! When I started doing movies I didn't really know where my career would go or how far I would even want to go with it. I didn't have many expectations you could say, but when I was offered the site I didn't hesitate at all! I was VERY pleased my site would be run by the same company that runs the websites of the top talent in our niche, and very flattered that people in high places believed in me.

Caramel: I'd like to get back to your website after a few personal questions. First of all, did you feel like you should have been born a girl from a very young age and when did you first begin dressing as a girl?

Ashley: Yes I did from my earliest memories I can remember asking my mom if I was male or female and of course she would respond "Well you're a boy of course!" I never really accepted that LOL! I can remember one time my sister and I dressed up in these bright pink feather boas with clip on earrings and my favorite little green and red plastic high heels .. and we would stand on the front porch of my childhood home and "wait for our boyfriends to come home from work." I was never really the outdoors type when I was young, I much preferred to stay indoors and play house or Barbies with my sister. I also LOVED Matchbox cars and had a huge collection of those, I guess I must've really confused my parents huh? My obsession with cars continues to this day. I'm a nerd, judge me. = )

Caramel: When it comes to hormones, do you lean toward doing it yourself or only professional medical care and when did you begin HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)?

Ashley: I began HRT at the age of 14 after my doctor denied writing me a prescription or referring me to a specialist. I cried and cried and cried to my parents to help me, and when I found an online pharmacy that sold Premarin tablets I asked my Dad to get them for me and he did … I think that's one of the most amazing things he did for me, he probably saved my life! So I began those and developed small breasts and started going full time as a female. I took those until I was 17 and that's when I began on a full hormone treatment of Delestrogen Injections, Spironolactone and Progesterone which I continue to this day.

Caramel: That's wonderful! Your family and friends didn't have problems with your transition?

Ashley: OH absolutely not! I could not have asked for a more supportive and loving family, my parents supported and helped me in any way they could from day one. Although it took them a while to adjust to using the right name and pronouns, they and the rest of my family eventually came around. I also have a younger sister who is 17 and she is my BEST FRIEND! We've shared clothes and makeup and secrets for the longest time and trust each other with EVERYTHING. I also had the most wonderful group of girlfriends growing up who were probably my biggest support system, the six of us were the best of friends all through high school and made some crazy memories together too, first kisses, getting caught shoplifting, endless card and monopoly games, getting drunk and CRAZY, school dances and everything! I will always cherish my memories with my girls, they got me through a lot!

Caramel: Amazing. I love it. No problems with your career in adult entertainment either?

Ashley: No not at all, I don't think it was their first choice of career for me but they do understand.

Caramel: I've interviewed Jasmine Jewels and she's done some magnificent photo sets and videos for your site. How did the two of you meet?

Ashley: She sure has! I met Jasmine in NYC when I first shot for Shemale-Club. She was staying in Midtown and I drove down from Upstate for the shoot. We met up and had an instant connection. She is one of the most intelligent and traveled individuals I've had the pleasure of knowing. Anyways, we talked about what we wanted to accomplish and got down to it doing a shoot on a NYC bus and in Central Park. Those sets are so beautiful still to this day some of my favorites. We knocked out a few more picture sets and videos and called it a night. I spent the night with her and we did some more work the next day. We had an absolute BLAST and got so much done, we really do work very well together! Her work is just outstanding and she is a natural with the camera.

Caramel: Morgan Bailey also has a great website also presented by SMC. I'm curious about what goes on behind the scenes at that company. How did you meet Morgan?

Ashley: I met Morgan through Jasmine who is Morgan's photographer as well. Morgan travels between Chicago and LA all the time so our paths cross at least once a month. She is such a fun girl and one of my good friends too.

Caramel: Was Proxy Paige the first GG (Genetic Girl) you've worked with professionally?

Ashley: Yes so far! I hope to change that in the near future however *~WINK*~

Caramel: I understand you're enrolling in college and so proud of you with that decision. What will you be majoring in?

Ashley: Psychology! Exciting right? I'm SUCH a nerd and a huge bookworm … I LOVE to read. MY all time favorite author is Sophie Kinsella. Anyone who wants to understand my personality better should just pick up one of her books 'cause ALL her characters seem to be me in another form haha!

Caramel: Do you think that once you've graduated you might leave the adult entertainment industry or will you use your education as insurance for your much later future?

Ashley: I'm not sure yet! I'm still having fun and making money, but the minute I'm not doing either of those is the moment I quit! I really don't like to make extensive plans for the future. As John Steinbeck said, "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry."

Caramel: Yeah and I don't know who said this but if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. But I like the Steinbeck quote better and love that you're into great literature.

Are you considering moving to the porn capitol of the world, Los Angeles?

Ashley: Absolutely not! I just began renting my own beautiful apartment in Chicago and I am planning on living here at least for the next few years … Eventually I want to travel the world and maybe live overseas for a while. I really would love to see Australia and England! I also hear Toronto is beautiful.

Caramel: Back to your website. Getting naughty in Central Park NYC ranks as one of the hottest and naughtiest things I've ever done. Did you have any problems with passersby during your shoot there?

Ashley: Haha not really! A few people made remarks but they were all very cool. When people see a model and photographer they really just see it as art and not someone stripping in public LOL. At least that's what I think!

Caramel: Every porn star is an exhibitionist basically, but you seem to really like working outdoors. I'll let the photo galleries speak for themselves and readers will see what I'm talking about. Is outdoor and public exhibitionism something you know instinctively that works well for your members, or do you also have an outdoor and public sex fetish?

Ashley: I don't really have either! I just love to work outdoors, and so does Jasmine! It's nice to get out of the studio, into the warm sun and shoot some beautiful pictures! You don't really have to worry about gathering props and all that other stuff, people tend to get sick of seeing the same four walls. It's so funny you picked up on how we love to work outdoors!

Caramel: I couldn't help but notice since the outdoor sets are beautifully shot of course, but innovative and original. You look amazing in natural light. Where was that hot outdoor set with the handsome black guy C.J. shot? I've heard you got some nasty comments and emails about working with a black guy too. Would this stop you from doing interracial work in the future?

Ashley: It was shot on some railroad tracks behind a rock crushing facility in Chicago. And yes I did receive a few nasty comments and messages about that scene, but all I have to say to that is FUCK 'EM! If you don't like, don't watch. But I'm not gonna let a few d-bags stop me from deepthroating some big juicy black cock!

Caramel: I'm not going to let a few d-bags stop me from deepthroating some white ones or any other color. LOL As you can probably tell, I love that answer, Ashley.

There's a gg named Niji who looks like a postergirl for SuicideGirls you've done a hot set with. How did you meet her?

Ashley: She actually did do a few sets for SuicideGirls! I met her through Jasmine and I convinced her to do a cute picture set with me for my site! Isn't she adorable??

Caramel: Yep, and I love her style.

You've done some hot work in Philly. What brought you to the City of Brotherly Love?

Ashley: I traveled to Philly with Jasmine to shoot for my site and help her shoot a few girls there as well. It is such a beautiful city with so much to do and AMAZING food. I got naked right in front of a whole bunch of people on the street haha!!

Caramel: Dayum. I'm sure you were more popular than a Philly cheese steak.

Some TS stars just don't know how to please a wide variety of their fans but you cover all the bases from girl-next-door, to geisha girl, to schoolgirl, to a foot fetishist's dream girl, etc. What themes have you been considering for future shoots and videos?

Ashley: Hmm well that's a very interesting question .. I'll say that my image will be changing in the next few months as I am planning on having my boobs done. I also plan on having some facial work done. I've gotten pretty bored with my image as of late and am looking forward to changing it. I've had the same hair color for like a year which is SO unlike me … I've been every color from blonde to black and red yet I haven't changed it at all in a whole year. I guess what I'm saying is I'll be going for a more grown up look, I'll be turning 20 in February and I just think that means it's time for a big BIG change in how I look! But to all my fans who like my current image, don't worry, I'll be doing a ton of shoots before my look changes!

Caramel: You know what's best for you, Ashley. But I think you look perfect the way you are now and I'm not one to resist change.

As a member of your site, it's pretty obvious that you like guy's a lot like the "pizza guy" Gabriel in L.A. and of course C.J. but it's also clear that you have no problem working with other TS's and GGs. Do you have any particular gender preference when it comes to relationships and sex?

Ashley: I am pretty much straight and into only boys but I do have a curious side. I certainly have no problem working with GG's and other TS's professionally, it's a lot of fun!! Although I've never had a real relationship, I pretty much think I would only want to date men…

Caramel: What drives you the most crazy about guys? What are your pet peeves?

Ashley: SOOOOO many things. Starting with the way they TEXT, like I do not like to receive one word texts, ANNOYING! And what else … a lot of men are pretty cheap! That's not a turn on .. and the guys that like the fuck and chuck, NOTTT cool! I just wish guys could understand girls more and give us the attention we deserve! = )

Caramel: Do you think that a lot of hot guys might not pursue you anymore because they think now that you're a major web presence or might be too high maintainance.

Ashley: Hmm I have no idea, I prefer not to hang around guys who know about my website. They tend treat me more like an object than a person and can't see beyond my porn career, and they always compare me to other girls and ask questions about them … not a turn on at all!

Caramel: Oh my God, I'm so glad I asked that question. Not that it was brilliant but that answer tells me a lot. It must be so much different for you when guys meet the real Ashley first.

How did you get to meet the fabulous Mimi Plastique? I love that girl!

Ashley: I met Mimi through Jasmine as she was shooting with her at the same time. Mimi is my best friend and neighbor, we have SO much fun together and soo much in common! She is a blast to be around and absolutely hilarious. She just recently opened her own website @ so you should all go check it out and support her!

I love Mimi's new website and gearing up for a follow-up interview with her.

Ashley, another thing I like about your website site is that the movies are nice and long. Would you consider performing in full-length feature films for other companies too like Devil's Film?

Ashley: I would loooooooove to do some films for Devils! I also really want to work with Joey Silvera too!

Caramel: I've been a Joey Silvera fan since he was a porn star himself. His work with transsexuals in film is exquisite and unbeatable. I hope someone from Devil's Film hears about this. *wink*

One last question. What advice do you have for other young transsexuals who want to break into the adult entertainment industry?

Ashley: My advice to other girls would be to do your research, make sure your not working with someone who is unprofessional. Think out why you want to do it and weigh the pro's and cons! I don't think any girl should have to think porn is the only way to make money as a TS, so don't back yourself into a corner. Have fun with it and be safe!

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