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Tori Black
Tori Black

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Born: 8/26/1988
Aliases: Beth, Tory Black, Tori

Birth Name: Shellie Chapman
Country of Origin: United States WA - Washington
Place of Birth: Seattle
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 175 cm - 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight: 64 kg - 141 lbs
Measurements: 34B-27-37
Career Start: 2007(Started around 19 years old)
Shoe Size: 8.5
Tattoos: Five-pointed star with interlocking rings on lower right abdomen

Tori Black was born on August 26, 1988 in Seattle, Washington and she began her career as a porn star in 2007 and by December of the next year she was honored with the title of Penthouse Pet of the Month. Tori Black may be new to the industry but already she is a force to be reckoned with.

From official Site:
With her charming good looks and beautiful smile, itís no wonder why Tori Black is one of the most sought after girls on the Internet. Born in 1988 in Seattle Washington, Tori aspired to see her name in bright lights. Soon after moving to North Hollywood at the age of 18, Tori knew that she wanted to be in the Adult Industry.

Bursting on to the Porn Scene in 2007, Tori was a fresh face and a fresh change from the usual Pornstar Model. Boasting a sexy 34B-27-38in frame, Tori had the body and the personality of an Angel. However; it wasnít until late 2008 that Tori got the recognition she deserved! After appearing as Penthouse Pet of the Month in December, Toriís career was on the fast track to success.

Penthouse Pet of the Month for December, 2008.
CAVR Award Ė Hottie of Year 2009
XRCO Award - Starlet of Year 2009
FAME Award Ė Favorite Rookie Starlet 2009

Since Penthouse, Tori has starred in over 40 mainstream titles such as Barely Legal All Stars 8, I Love Young Girl 4 and Real Female Orgasms 9.

In 2009 Tori has proved yet again that she is a major player in the Adult Entertainment Industry by picking up multiple awards. With the CAVR Hottie of the Year Award, XRCO Starlet of the Year Award and the FAME Favourite Rookie Starlet Award under her belt, Tori Black is seemingly unstoppable!


An Interview:

RAY: Where did you grow up?

TORI: Seattle, Washington

RAY: How did you end-up in L.A.?

TORI: I moved to Florida for a while. Thatís where I first started doing adult work. I met Juan Cuba, who filmed my first couple of movies. He suggested that I come to L.A. because I could make mad money. Next thing I know, here I am in L.A., rockiní porn valley.

RAY: What year were you born?

TORI: 1988.

RAY: WowÖ I wasnít.

TORI: Yup, Iím from back in the day. Is this part of the interview?

RAY: Yes, but Iím having it transcribed. Donít worry about sounding cool.

TORI: I always sound cool. Iím Tori Black! Back in high school, I was nominated an honorary black woman.

RAY: I went to an all-black junior high. I was usually nominated as the target in war ball.

TORI: [Laughs] Thatís so sad!

RAY: Itís true. Why an honorary black woman?

TORI: Because I know my hip-hop, and because I have a fat ass!

RAY: Do you encounter a lot of racism in the porn business?

TORI: Oh my god, yes. There are some people who are fucking racist, bigot pigs.

RAY: When did you arrive in L.A.?

TORI: I showed up on my sisterís birthday Ė August 28, 2007. My sister lives in Santa Barbara now. She went to Brookeís Institute for Photography, but now sheís studying abroad at Cambridge.

RAY: Whoís the broad at Cambridge?

TORI: [Laughs] Thatís cute! I had somebody say ďCambridge ó Isnít that school for smart people?Ē

RAY: Do smarts run in the family?

TORI: They do, in fact. So watch your step.

RAY: Why did your sister abandon photography?

TORI: She decided that she needed more intellectual stimulation.

RAY: What are you trying to say?

TORI: Iím saying that she wanted to be a psychologist. But then she got bored with the idea of solving other peopleís problems, so nowís she has decided to become an architect. Sheís finding herself.

RAY: And what about Tori Black?

TORI: Iím finding myself as well.

RAY: What do you want to be when you grow up?

TORI: Too many things! I want to be a Yoga instructor. I want to be a mom. I want to be a journalist.

RAY: So why porn?

TORI: Iím a very sexual person. This is a way for me to gain some power back. A lot of girls who are coming-of-age experience pressure to be sexual when theyíre not ready. I gave into it. I twisted it around in my head so that it filled voids that I had. If a guy wanted me, it filled a void. I let him have whatever he wanted. But now Ė- I do what I want, I get paid, Iím the one in control. With porn, other people are looking at me and saying ďplease, I want you,Ē and I get to say ďyes or noĒ. I get to create desire in them. I get to have control over their passion and lust. Itís a power trip for me. Not a harmful one, mind you. Just a way to express my sexuality in an arena thatís very forgiving and understanding and accepting. At the same time, I can establish myself as a career woman. I am financially successful, and Iím meeting enough people so that once I start my own business, I will have friends and it will be a lot easier. Itís all a hook-up and a handshake. I really love my job and the opportunities it has created for me. I really enjoy it Ė I have a great time. Both in front of, and behind the camera. As long as it stays respectful and people are nice to be around, I have a good time. I donít like mean people.

RAY: Anything annoy you about porn?

TORI: Out of all the shoots Iíve done, probably about half the guys cum too early Ė Whether itís inside my pussy or in my mouth. Then there was this one time I did a POV blowjob and the guy couldnít cum at all! He had to fake it. He put his dick in my mouth, grunted a few times, and said ďwow, did you swallow all that?Ē I donít really understand. It couldnít have been my fault. Statistics show that I give good head!

RAY: Who was it?

TORI: Iíll tell you off the record, but I donít want to out him here. Itíll be bad enough if he hears the story around town. Who wants to be known as the guy who couldnít get off from Tori Blackís head?

RAY: Not me. What do you want to do eventually?

TORI: Journalism. Iím trying to establish a cushion financially so I can lay back on the work for a while. That way, when I start a family, I can be writing articles on the side. I want to do freelance work and sell my articles, that way I can spend most of my time with my family. I would also love to do ambassador work. Travel to other countries and talk to people about their issues, and express our issues to them. What do you think we could do to improve morality in the United States? [Laughs] How is it that a porn starís hourly wage is far higher than a doctorís? Or a police officerís, or just about anybody else who actually does something important with their lives. I also want to open a health center. A place that has yoga, a chiropractor, massage therapy, and a good food center. Iím a vegetarian. Iím almost Vegan, but I do eat dairy sometimes. I have never eaten meat or seafood in my life. Ever. My mom was vegetarian, she held onto my dadís balls and wouldnít let him eat meat. The only time he got to eat meat was when we went out to dinner Ė Which wasnít often. I come from a dirt poor family. We lived in rural Washington outside of Seattle. Hick-bumblefuck-nowhere is where Tori Black came from. I enjoy being one of the only 20-year-old who knows what she doesnít know. You know? [Laughs] At the same time, I know what I want to know. And I know how to get there. I donít know any other 20-year-oldís who give a shit. All they know is ďcoke! Weed! Parties! No more parents! Weeee!Ē Iím so over that shit. I think itís because I left home at 16. I went to rehab when I was 15. Then I dropped out of school.

RAY: What did you go to rehab for?

TORI: It was more of a ďtroubled teenĒ center. I drank a lot. I started drinking when I was 12. I was crazy. When I came home from rehab, my mom put me on house arrest. She had just gotten married, so we lived 2 to 3 hours away from all my friends. It wasnít like I could just sneak out and go see them. She watched her phone bill and she wouldnít let me online. I was home-schooled, but dropped it. I thought ďfuck this.Ē Why would I sit online and type shitty papers about shit I already know? So I wanted to get emancipated. They ended-up sending me to an all-girls boarding school at 16. I was stuck in the middle of Montana. This school was very big on privacy. The main thing that makes it work is the fact that itís so secluded. People donít know itís name. I was there for 18 months.

RAY: Is that where you had your first girl/girl experience?

TORI: Hell no Ė That happened when I was 12! I had a twelve-girl orgy. Instead of twelve candles on my cake, I had twelve vaginas on my face! [Laughs] Actually it was the birthday of one of my little girlfriends. There was 12 of us total. I was the youngest. I remember we were watching Titanic. We were in my girlfriendís living room. One of the girls fell asleep so we decided to wake her up with an ice bath. To our surprise, she liked it. The response was ďletís play strip poker!Ē And from there it turned-into an orgy fuck-fest. The girl whoís house it was told us there was a big box of dildoís in her garage.

RAY: Her momís stash?

TORI: Exactly. I wasnít at the vibrator stage yet Ė Nothing fit in my vagina. But we all pretended and thought we were cool. Iíve always been kind of a freak. I gave head on an airplane recently, but not in the bathroom ó In the seats! We were on a flight back from Argentina and we were sitting in the middle section. You know how the middle has three seats? There was some old fat lady next to us. I put my head under the blanket and went down on him. He was really noisy! It wasnít very discreet.

RAY: Who was it?

TORI: I canít tell you! My mouth is shut ó No pun intended.

RAY: I think I know.

TORI: I know you know Ė But itís off the record.

RAY: Toriís blushing. How does he feel that youíre here with me?

TORI: Itís you. That makes him comfortable. The other day, I did a scene with a guy. It was a blowjob scene, but he fucked my face hard. I had a hole in the back of my throat. The dude annihilated me. I came home crying. That killed him. He said ďyou have to put him on your Ďnoí list Ė you will not work with him again.Ē So he would rather have somebody he knows and is cool with Ė somebody whoís nice. Donít stress. Heís been in the business forever so he knows the deal. Most porn guys are sleazeballs. My guy doesnít even drink. He got me clean.

RAY: Do you like giving head?

TORI: I love giving head. If a guy starts twitching, that is the hottest shit ever! Sometimes ó If I know heís right on the verge of cumming and Iím feeling kind of evil ó Iíll stop. [Laughs]

RAY: Give me another good blowjob story.

TORI: One time, I was giving some fantastic head in my personal life. I got so turned-on that I squirted. Which is really strange! Normally to squirt, you have to stimulate a gland using rapid hard pressure. If you finger a girl really hard, or you fuck a girl really hard in the right spot, she is going to squirt. This time, however, I didnít do any of the above. I squirted all over the place because I love giving head so much. Another time, back when I was in high school ó My girlfriend and I had two guys sneak in the window. We were tandem fucking, side-by-side. We had her little sister come in and guard the door for us. Her little sister was only 11 or 12. She laid down in front of the door and put a blanket on her head and listened to us fucking these guys. It was so wrong! [Laughs]

RAY: Did you switch partners?

TORI: No. Nothing like that. But apparently the other guy had a huge penis because she was really sore the next day. Iím actually glad I didnít switch. In high school, I couldnít fit anything over five or six inches in my pussy. My mouth is a different story. My mouth has always been big.

RAY: Do you remember the first time you ever gave a blowjob?

TORI: Yes! Oh my godÖ It was the worst. I was twelve years old. He was thirteen. First of all, he had a chode. Meaning, his cock was fat as shit. Secondly, he was really gross. I didnít like sucking it. I told him I didnít want to make him cum, so I wasnít going to do it very long. So I only did it for a minute! He kept begging ďjust a little more!Ē I got so pissed off at him. I also remember the first time I ever got cum in my mouth. It was so bad! I hate to say it, but young guys donít exactly take care of themselves. A teenage guyís cum almost always tastes nasty ó Itís just fucking gross. Ugh! Itís pure salt. These days when I have a boyfriend, I make sure he eats pineapple and kiwi so his cum is sweet and sugary ó And I make sure he drinks lots of water so itís nice and thin. I remember the first time I played with a guyís cum. I was very mesmerized. Seeing it up close and personal was a very exploratory experience. I didnít actually enjoy giving head until I was 15 or so. Around that time, I hooked up with an older guy who was really experienced. He taught me a lot about how to give head and do it right. He had a big penis, too. So I learned how to suck a nice big penis, and I liked it. [Laughs] I was so used to guys being in control. Like I said, giving head is my chance to tell a guy ďIím gonna make you cum, and youíre gonna have no choice in the matter. Iím gonna just ravage you!Ē Ever since then, Iíve been practicing my head game. I had my tongue pierced for a while, but I decided to take it out. Iíve moved past that. Iím a little more advanced now. I donít need any industrial tools to improve my blowjobs.

RAY: Explain your tattoo.

TORI: I drew it myself, and it has a very profound meaning to me. Earth, air, fire water, spirit ó Those are the five points of the star. The ring symbolizes ďwomanĒ ó The vaginal canal. So there are five rings, the strength of ďwomanĒ interlocked around the strength of the elements. This is my center of being. For a woman, her center of life is her uterus, in-between her hips. It is her weak-spot, so I need my strength here. Itís the life-giving section of the body. This symbolizes my strength in creation and re-birth. When one day, I have a family ó I want my core to be strong so that I can be strong for them.

RAY: You couldnít have just settled for a tramp stamp?

TORI: [Laughs] I would never mark myself with something so blasť. I wanted to have something meaningful. One day when Iím old and wrinkled there might be childbirth scars running through it ó But thatís what itís there for. Iím not one of these stupid, superficial girls who are going to worry about it.

RAY: Whatís with girls who ruin their tit with a name-tag?

TORI: Itís either the name of her pimp, her ex-boyfriend, or her son.

RAY: Fascinating. So what makes Tori tick?

TORI: Iím accessable. Iím not a brain-dead robot. I can actually entertain and make good conversation. One day when I publish my memoirs, youíll learn all about the real me.

RAY: Have you had any creepy experiences in porn?

TORI: Yes. Several. People from my college are posting my real name and my stage name online. They wrote something about having a roommate that turned into a porn star. I donít need that. I like to keep my personal life and my professional life separate. I donít dress to get attention when I walk down the street. I donít want people staring at me, whistling, honking their horn. Iím actually quite shy in my personal life.

RAY: Is your family aware of your porn life?

TORI: Everybody knows. They know me. They know my intellectual capacity. My family has always told me to rely on my brains, not my beauty. Beauty fades. Your brains will be there forever ó hopefully. As long as you donít blast them out with cocaine. My family has been very understanding. They see that porn isnít a ďlast minuteĒ decision I have made. They donít believe that I just gave up and have nothing else going on. They see where Iím coming from. My sister wasnít very surprised either. [Laughs] She does fine-art nude photography.

RAY: What movies have you done that youíre excited about?

TORI: Blow Me Sandwich 12. That video is amazing. I did a really hot movie called Girlvana 4. I did a scene with Karlie Montana. Sheís fantastic. I also love Aubrey Addams and Crissy Moon. We had so much fun! We were all horny. There arenít very many sets where people actually lick pussy during softcore! I love it when girls donít have to lick pussy, but they lick pussy anyway! Itís all about having a good time. It was a pussy-licking fest. Apparently I have a really big clit. I ainít hatiní. Iím the big-clitted bitch, so spot it easy. [Laughs] Some girls like to be hard, and be the one that you have to take forever to make cum. Fuck that! Iíd rather cum fifty times than play hard-to-get.

RAY: Do you have a website?

TORI: Eventually. For now, you can find me on MySpace. I just wrote on my leg.

RAY: Iíll get you a baby-wipe.

TORI: Nah. [spits] My saliva is all-powerful. It can do wondrous things. Interviewed:

Tori Black
Well, here we are speechless in the beauty of Ö.
Tori Black!
And how are you?
Iím good!
Good to hear. So, how are you enjoying Canada?
Itís good! I wish I came in the summertime. It could be a little warmer, but definitely itís a beautiful town, a beautiful town. Ha! Ha! A beautiful city. We went and did a radio interview and then kind of got a chance to drive around a little bit and looked at places we wanted to go. We found a nice little lounge, bar area. It was nice.
Sounds great. It is a pity that you didnít get to come here in the summer because I hear that youíre an outdoorsy kind of person and the great outdoors in Canada canít be beat.
Yeah? Even better than Washington?
Iím going to have to say yes.
Iíve been all over Ontario and it is luverly here.
Well, I also lived in Montana. Washington and Montana..
If weíre including all of Canada, then yes.
If weíre just saying Ontario, maybe. Iím going to say 75% for just Ontario.
Wow! Then Iím going to come back in the summertime. Itís already settled.!
Fantastic! We look forward to having you here. Aside from the fame, the sex, the money and all the wonderful celebrity that comes from being an adult actress, whatís your favourite part?
Umm, I come a lot! Pretty much I get to orgasm and thatís the best part. Not to mention that I meet a lot of people who are cool and interesting that I might not meet if I was, what we call, a civilian. A lot of people look at porn people like theyíre different, you know, but there are a lot of interesting, very motivated, business oriented people and they have great minds and great hearts. Iím glad that Iím in it.
And weíre glad that you are in it. I hear that you used to box and I canít believe it because your face is so beautiful, I canít believe that anyone would throw a punch at it.
Oh no, Iíve taken several punches, now and then. The thing is, I never let them touch my nose. Donít touch my nose!
See, I always thought that you would go in with a cute face, dazzle the opponent with beauty and just knock them the fuck out.
Yes and no. I had two people knock me out.
But, they gave me the uppercut. Like I said, I never let them touch my nose. My nose has never been touched. My trick was always that I could take any punch to the jaw. Any one that I want. I have an iron jaw and my jaw would recuperate. Iíd still be there, Iíd still be in the ring and if you pissed me off bad, youíre about to get a whuppiní!
Note to self. Donít piss off! You apparently played football. Can you tell us a little bit about that?
Well, when I was a kid, my dad was a really hard working guy and I didnít really get to see him but when I did get to see him, he wanted to play football. I decided that I loved football, I wanted to play with daddy. Not to mention that I lived in a really, really small town and we actually did have Sunday games where everybody in the town, it didnít matter how old you are, it didnít matter male or female, everybody was getting to play. So, I played for the longest time on that team. I played forever. I always wanted to play running back and quarterback. Those were always my two positions but then as I got a little bit older, the boys would just always play football. I didnít play on a regulation team or anything like that because by the time I was old enough to be on a powder puff team, I was already dancing, boxing, modelling, playing soccer, basketball. I had so many things on my plate, that I didnít have time for football. But I definitely love football. I can run, run like the wind, so me as a running back Ė done!
Iíve seen your legs and I believe it.
Yup! Thatís where they come from.
What is the funniest porn title youíve heard in your life?
Uh. Twitter My Shitter! They actually had a category at the AVN awards that was for most clever title. Itís was on there and Iíve not seen it but it was on the AVN award list. I was like, ďTwitter My Shitter! Wow, what has porn come to?Ē
When I was researching that question, I came across a lot of them. There was Edward Penis Hands.
Wow! Really! And who played Edward?
John Dough.
I donít know who that is.
They just marked him as a John Dough I have no idea who he is.
Edward Penis Hands. Does that mean they photoshopped dicks on all his fingers?
No, it was real dildos. They just had a latex cover for his hands and he was whirling dildos. It was hilarious.†
Thatís amazing.
There was, Tits A Wonderful Life.
Oh wow! Tits, I really like tits.
It was in black and white. They got a Jimmy Stewart impersonator to do it.
I cried laughing.
You know they had a Cosby impersonator for the Cosby Show.
I did.
And that guy is pretty spot on. It was pretty good.
Except the giant afro. I thought that was kind of funny.
But it was back in the day. It was the Cosby Show.
Two hundred films under your belt, as it were.
Well, lots more than that. They havenít been released yet.
I actually have a lot more if you include internet and DVD. I have like 3 to 4 hundred movies out there. Yeah, I filmed a lot.
Is sex getting routine, or is it still the most wonderful thing in the world?
Well, sometimes itís routine depending on who Iím working with or who Iím working for because sometimes I could be working with my favourite male performer or favourite female performer for that matter, but if Iím working for the wrong company they instruct it too much, make it too robotic. Iím like, ďGod, I love this person. I want to fuck the shit out of Ďem. Just let me fuck Ďem. I swear to God, Iíll open up to the camera. Youíll see everything. Just let me fuck Ďem. Ē But they try to orchestrate it too much.
Who was your favourite male?
Thereís too many! OK, men, well, Manuel Fereira, Nick Bloom, Mark Ashley. Um, I really like Danny Mountain. I really like, Oh God, thereís a whole gang of them that I like to work with. Of course the females are the same way. I like Sunny Leoni, Moanique Alexander, Alexis Texas and Christina Rose. I like to fuck a lot of people. Itís really just the truth. I donít really have any favourites. Sean Michaels is always good too. Aaaah, the life.
Youíre killing my brain slowly. Alright, whatís your number one unfulfilled fantasy?
My number one unfulfilled fantasy. I have never done a gang bang. The name ďgang bangĒ turns me off. I donít like thinking of them banging me for their pleasure. I want to be like surrounded by guys who are utterly infatuated with me. ďOh my God! You are so beautiful. We all want to please you,Ē and not like a gang bang where itís more about the guy, you know, trying to get off. I just want to be held while Iím being fucked and touched. If there was more of a romantic version of a gang bang, I want that but maybe not with fifteen guys, more like four or five, all just kissing me and touching me so all the good feelings in my body I could have all at once. Iíd have somebody fingering my asshole and somebody fucking me and you know, everybody just worshipping me. Itís pretty much the same concept as you wanting two girls to suck your dick at the same time. You just want to be worshipped.†
Youíre going to kill me by the end of this. Okay, Iím back. In 2010, youíve got AVNís Female Performer of the year, All Girl Couples, All Girl Three Way, Best Tease Performance, Does Three Way and at the X Biz, Female Performer of the year. Whatís your secret?
Well, you missed a couple, first of all.
I did?
Yeah! I got seven at AVN. I got also, Best Interactive and I think you named six.
I named six at the AVN because thatís all I found.
Yeah, well there you go, Best Interactive DVD. My secret is I love to fuck and thatís all I really know. I donít know anything else. Um, when I go to bed, I like to find out what he or she likes and I like to tease the shit out of them, find what they like, but then I donít keep giving it to them. Like give them a little, let them know I know exactly what they want and make their minds spin and then they just want to fuck the shit out of me. And then I give it to them a little bit more, tease the shit out of Ďem. I donít know, itís more a mind fuck than a body fuck. I love to fuck. I just love to fuck! Itís more like a psychological game than just dick and pussy.
Fair enough. I get it and I love it.
Ah, 2008, December Penthouse Pet, how did that make you feel?
You know, I mean, I guess Penthouse was one of those, ďOh my God, really?Ē moment because I never aspired to be a porn star. I never thought this was going to be the path that I was going to take, not until it was happening. But Penthouse, I know about Penthouse and I always thought, Ē Wow, I wonder what it would feel like to be on the cover of that magazine because you know that every guy wants you if youíre on the cover of Penthouse. So when I hit there, I remembered just exactly the first time I knew what Penthouse was and I was like, Ē Oh my God! Itís me! They want me!Ē I donít know, itís like a little girl moment. I was really happy. Itís very exciting.
Were you the youngest ever, ícause I heard that.
The youngest ever on Penthouse?
I was the second girl who was under the age of 21. The first ever to be under 21 on the cover. As far as Penthouse Pet goes, there was one other, I think she was 20 years old. I was 19 when we did that photo set.
So on the cover of that magazine, I was 19 years old.
Wow! Sorry, I just noticed your nails. Theyíre quite attractive.
Theyíre black!
They are.
For Tori Black.
In 2008, L.A. Direct Models picks you up, thatís a pretty big step in the business.
Um, you know, I didnít really know that when I got there. I lived in Florida when I started. I was there for a month and then somebody there told me Iíd be much better suited in L.A and so a month after I started I flew out to L.A. and it was between two different agencies and literally the only reason I went to L.A. Direct was because the other guy didnít pick up the phone. So what a great fluke it was. It really helped me push myself in my career and that sort of thing. Iím glad I ended up where I am because the other agency is now closed. Once considered a competitor of L.A. Direct, itís now shut down.
No doubt because they donít have you.
WellÖthatís definitely arguable.
In 2009, it was first anal. Any regrets on giving up the butt?
No. I love taking in the butt. No! No looking back. No looking back except for when itís up my ass.
Every now and again, thereís that, ďOh I donít know if I should have waited,Ē but not with you, no?
No because you know, Bree Olsen is a perfect example. She started out doing anal interracial so did Jenna Haze. Did it cut Jenna Hazeís career short?
No, exactly. So I think it just depends on what kind of performer you are and Iíve waited untilÖ I didnít start having anal sex at all until I was in the business so I would never have come out of the gate,ĒHey put it in my buttĒ because I had never done it before. So I waited until I was comfortable at home and then I was like okay now I know I really, really like it in the butt. It was like a new fetish in my life you know and you might as well capture it on fucking film and you know, let everybody else in on my little secret.
Exactly. So you gave up journalism school for the porn biz.
Yeah, you know. I really, I really love to write. I really love to get down to the nitty gritty, much like youíre doing. Youíre asking interesting, probing questions. I really like that. Much like I like to mind fuck people while having sex, I like to mind fuck people while interviewing them while talking. I like the real truth. People donít like to give it, however, in journalism , in school at least, they teach you a lot of really boring ass shit.
Oh trust me, I know.
And they got mad at me because I had too much voice. I had never in my life got an F on any papers I had written because English is my first fucking language like Iíve always got an A. In college when they started giving me F because I had quote/unquote,Ētoo much voice.Ē I was furious, FURIOUS! You know what? Iíve been trained my whole life to speak whatís on my mind. Now, how do you get me to shut up? No. No. Fuck you, Iím out.
Yeah. Itís just the 5 Ws with journalism Ė who, what, where, when, why.
Itís ridiculous!
Itís all this shit.
Well, the why is my favourite part except they donít let you bore much into the why They wanted me to do such dry shit, like the who, what, where, when.
I got a scoop for the college paper while I was still there. I handed it to my editor. He goes, ďWow, thatís fantastic. Hereís a story about traffic. Weíre going to give your story to someone else.Ē AAAHH! WHAT THE FUCK! You have to put up with shit in journalism.
I donít like that. I donít like that. I like to talk about real shit, not traffic. Right?
Exactly. And you wouldnít believe it but apparently we have something in common because I got plenty of Fs in my journalism as well.
Yeah, well there you go. When I was in high school, I ended up going to a college prep school for the second half of my high school. I had one of the hardest English teachers I had ever encountered. And me, Iím like a go getter and the good thing about her was that since we had such a small school, there were like 20 girls, period. Every time I got something less than what I wanted, I think the lowest grade I ever got was a B- and I was furious at myself because I knew this teacher wasnít just giving me that just because she was anything other than she wanted to push me. She said, Ē I know you can do better.Ē She would let me rewrite the paper and turn it back into her and she would change my grade. Erase the B- and put it back to an A.†
Thatís the kind of teacher you want to have.
I loved it. She really pushed me. She knew how much I could do and she did not accept anything less and I loved English and I didnít want B-. I wanted an A. I wanted an A+ . And thatís exactly what I mother fuckiní got!
Damn right ícause second place is for losers.
With your unique position, fame, fortune in the biz, have you ever thought of going back to Tori Black Porn Journalist?
Aaah, no. If I want to write and interview people, I really like other cultures. I really want to travel. I donít think Iím going to use the Tori Black name for anything other than porno. Iíll probably make it Tori Black Empire, DVDs and make my own porn line and become some big shot porn director one day. But as far as journalism goes, I donít think Iíd write on the Tori Black coattails. You know what I mean. I want that to be just me and nothing to do with my sexuality. Iíve already proved that I can do pretty well in the porno business. Letís see if I can stand on my own two feet when it comes to writing. Thatís really what I want to do.
So whatís going on with your websites?
It was like 2001, there was nothing about me and so we purchased it when their ownership expired and so now Tori Black and Miss Tori both link back to the same site.
Thatís a common thing with porn stars, that their names are taken on the net when they wanna start up their own sites.
There is no paid site that Iím aware of that has taken my name. Really, all that I know of are fan sites that have taken my name but they donít charge anything and they only take free content thatís already out there and I donít really mind that because then they put up links to my actual site which I appreciate. Fine, you want to have a free site that links to my site, cool. Itís more advertising for me. Some other things that are going on are I just shot a movie called, ďNymphomaniaĒ for Harmony Films. They centred the movie around one girl and there was Jenna Haze performing and Bob Starr performing, two great performers and they sent me off to England and did a whole big scene. Iím very excited about that as well as after the AVN awards, Manuel Pereira who is the Male Performer of the year and I got together and shot, ďEvil Anal.Ē It is the best movie ever and we did a phenomenal scene. Manuel, he wasnít my first technical anal scene because my first was for an interactive but when itís interactive itís not quite the same. Youíre not performing with the performer youíre performing with their cock. They donít touch you, they donít kiss you, you canít look at them, thereís no connection. So my first anal, anal scene where I was performing with the actual performer was with Manuel and it was like tears of joy in the middle of the scene to know that he was the first to get me there on camera. I didnít think that I could take a cock that big and ďEvil AnalĒ was my reuniting movie with him. And it had been six months or something like that and it was really great. I mean I just love working with him, heís really a cool guy. He put it in my butt really well and thatís all that matters. Thereís some really great movies coming out, then thereís MissTori and of course feature dancing all over the place like lovely, ďTreasures,Ē in Mississauga. So keep posted on following me on Twitter which is and then youíll know where Iím at, what Iím doing, who Iím doing, when Iím doing it and I have a My Space page, but I will be perfectly honest if you want to talk to me do not try to send me a My Space message because I have like a thousand hundred million in my inbox.
I donít doubt it.
Twitter, I will see much more quickly and I will respond to you while on My Space, probably not. I really donít have time to answer that many emails.
A woman that popular, how can you be mad at her for ignoring your message.
Iím sorry. I love you guys but I just donít have much time to write all those emails.
Thatís totally fair. Miss Tori Black, thank you very much.
Thank you. Great to meet you.
It was our pleasure.
All of us at †XXXToronto as always would like to thank the wonderful people at Treasureís for continuing to bring in top name stars from around the adult world and allowing us the time to speak with them. Of course we also wish to thank Tori Black from the bottom of our hearts for spending so much time with us and allowing us to probe her so deeply.†

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