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Honey Wilder
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Honey Wilder

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Born: 11/26/1950
Aliases: Jackson St. Louis,Honey

Born: July 19, 1961 Rural, Texas
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Weight: 121 lbs.
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Beasts: 36D
Waist: 23"
Hips: 33"

Porn Star Honey Wilder lived up to her last name in over 70 hardcore releases during the 1980's. Honey Wilder's a thin, quite busty older woman with bold brunette hair and a wicked look in her eyes. Honey Wilder's got a sweet disposition and sparkling personality that come through no matter what role she's playing, making her on-screen takes all the more appealing and believable.

Honey Wilder was born and raised in the Texas Panhandle, and got into adult films after watching a few films and thinking 'I can do that!' A bit disappointed in having to drop her dreams of becoming a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader She strolled out to Southern California and soon was grinding her way through sex film after sex film. Honey Wilder's Texas accent got her lots of roles as the debauched country girl, notably in 'Wild Dallas Honey,' her first starring role. Honey Wilder played a housewife who can't get over her first love, a rodeo star who broke her heart.

Throughout the 1980s Honey Wilder represented the "older woman" segment of X-films. Often cast in supporting roles, she was known for her good acting, good body and energetic performances. Her best work was often as a "mother"- type figure, which she played in such films as the "Taboo" series (I-V) where she starred opposite Kay Parker, and as Traci Lords' mother in It's My Body (1985) (V). To see the stunning performance of confusion, passion and sibling torment, is to reveal a turning point in adult film itself. To admit to bringing to film the inner-family interaction was a bold gamble in any field of thought that paid off supremely so for the edgy directors. They called this one right playing in the roles of the hand picked cast as in Taboo realizing a true homespun homerun. She also distinguished herself as the scorned wife in Wild Dallas Honey (1982). Her voice has long been used for the "Surgeon General" disclaimer on VCA Pictures.

Honey Wilder established herself as one of the better adult actresses with her tour de force turn in the film. She continued to land plenty of roles, usually cast as the older woman who seduces a younger man. Honey Wilder is still considered one of the best actresses and most riveting sexual performers of the decade. Check out her sizzling work in 'Taboo II' and we're sure you'll agree.

























Where is she Now? (2003) Works in set decoration and production design for mainstream film and television productions.

From A Fan:
What is it about Honey Wilder? I remember the first time I saw her in a scene. It was 1994 and I was a young man who was watching Taboo II. From then on I was hooked on her and have been that way ever since. She has that special something that make certain porn stars famous. She has that special sexuality that pours from her pores. After Taboo II, I enjoyed Taboo III and several other Wilder classics. Every scene is the same and that isn't a bad thing because it is her sexuality. It is an insatiable appetite for sex. Perhaps it was that sultry voice or her Texas Panhandle background that gave her the engeritic ability to perform in adult movies.

Plus her body was perfectly natural. No fake breasts or facial surgery here. Totally natural and you cannot beat that. Are there other porn vixens who are better? Maybe so, but I cannot think of a star that has that natural ability to be so sexually open ended. We miss you Honey, they don't make them like you anymore.

Some websites when they spoke of Honey by stating "Wilder possessed a very provocative physique and a genuinely sensitive demeanor, a busty older woman with lank black hair and a wicked look in her eyes who consistently gets sex charged in no time flat. Honey Wilder's sparkling personality that come through no matter what role she's playing, making her on-screen sexing all the more appealing and believable. Along with Kay Parker, Honey Wilder was considered one of the best actresses in adult films from the golden era."

Taboo II was one of the first adult films that I ever saw. Honey Wilder took my breath away during her scenes with Kevin James and other than Christy Canyon and Bridgette Monet I have not found a star that has outshined her. In fact Taboo II is the finest single performance that I've ever seen from a adult film star. I wore out the parts of my video tape that has her scenes with Kevin. Thanks Honey, your fans miss you!

A nice interview of Honey is here:

Editorial originally published in November 1982

While sitting in her car waiting for pal Paul Thomas to finish up a hard day’s shoot, Honey Wilder was summoned out of her car and into the producer’s office. After a few cursory spins around the room, Honey was hired on the spot for a part in the film they were currently shooting – entitled Wild Dallas Honey. She had been a businesswoman prior to this, and now was thrown into the world of XXX. Luckily, she had pals like Thomas and Kay Parker to help her through those first rough moments. “I’m new at all this,” Honey told me the other day, “You all have to help me out the best you can.”

Coming from a woman who believes that you can be dainty and feminine as well as strong and aggressive, this is an interesting remark. Honey may be new to the porn business, but this secure, intelligent woman needs no help from anyone. She knows what she wants, and is on her way straight to the top. “If there’s anyone I believe in, it’s me. If I fall on my face, I’ll pick myself up and brush myself off. You just have to go for it.” “Going for it” does not include participating in the antiquated notion of the casting couch. “I would never suck my way to the top; you can get more from people by just being straight.”

Although she’s only been in porn for one year, Honey already has a list of credits that are quite impressive. In addition to her role in Wild Dallas Honey, Honey also starred in Taboo 2, Society Affairs and Satisfactions. Her performance in Society Affairs was memorable, to say the least. When asked whether Harry Reems was as good a lay as his reputation would have you believe, Honey replied dreamily, “He certainly was to me!”

Honey had no trouble thinking of her favorite female sex partner on screen. “Definitely Tigr-” she said, “Tigr is just wonderful; she really communicates with her lovers.” Of the men, however, Honey had more of a problem. “Baby – I’ve been with the best,” Honey said, “Harry Reems, Eric Edwards, Kevin Gibson, R.J. Reynolds, Randy West, John Leslie – you expect me to pick one of those?” She had a point there, so I questioned her no further. “I plan on working my way east, as far as the men are concerned,” this L.A. based starlet giggled. “My experiences have only been with West Coast based men; now I’d like to give the East Coast guys a try – Jamie Gillis, Joey Civera…”

“We have a responsibility in this industry,” Honey told me excitedly, her sense of missionary fervor radiating from her like a golden glow. “We can change the way people relate to each other by showing them how to really communicate sexually; love can really change the way people live.”

You’ll notice this humanist bent while watching Honey on film, particularly in her role in Society Affairs. Her lengthy scene with Harry Reems is one of the hottest performances to hit the celluloid in years. No stiff, inflexible actress, Honey is one of the “new breed” of porn stars who believe in what they’re doing, enjoy it, and try to bring as much energy to their performances as if they were performing Ibsen. Tigr, Kay Parker, Sharon Mitchell, Annette Haven, Sharon Kane – to name only a few, are conscientious actresses who take their work seriously, and have the attitude, “I want to do the best I can and have fun doing it, too.” Honey is interested in portraying tender, affectionate love on screen, with the softness and delicacy that characterizes some of the best lovemaking; she’s doing one helluva job, too.

If you think you’d fit the bill, Honey is currently available and on the lookout for a new beau. Her ideal situation is “a one-on-one relationship with one man,” so why not drop her a line care of The Little Black Book? You never know, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a taste of Honey!

Another biography:
She appeared in her first porn film in 1981, a feature called Swedish Erotica 39. She soon became associated with portrayals of a seductress, and in particular for playing older women inappropriately seducing younger men. She also appeared in the Taboo series.

She maintains a strong cult following in the adult movie industry, and is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame. She retired in 1988. It was reported in 2003 that Wilder was working in set decoration and production design for mainstream film and television productions.

Way back in the late-'70s to mid-'80s, being an "older woman" in the adult industry wasn't quite the encumbrance that it seems to be today. Slim, busty Texan Honey Wilder was able to parlay her advanced age to a level of porno fame during that era in titles such as Taboo 2-4, Famous Ta Ta's, Wild Dallas Honey, Genital Hospital, Sperminator, Bubble Gum, Great Sexpectations, Lesbionic Women, Lust Tango in Paris, Wilder at Heart, Night Hunger and Play It Again Samantha. She also played Amber Lynn's mother in If My Mother Only Knew. AVN was unable to locate Wilder for an interview, but we spoke with industry historian Jim Holliday, who offered a few recollections of this month's Hall of Fame inductee.

"She was an occasional lead; often support. She performed in older mature woman roles, meaning she was always somebody like Kevin James' mother or older sister, or the foxy widow, or something like that. Sort of the equivalent of Cheri Taylor a decade earlier, in that her best quality was an unbridled enthusiasm for sex."

While Holliday noted that Wilder was never known for any sexual specialties (no 400 chopsticks up this lady's ass), he spoke highly of her acting abilities.

"She was very funny; a good comedienne-type. In that period Lisa DeLeeuw was sort of the Lucille Ball of porn; humongous breasted, brash and wacky - and Honey was a brunette, deep sexy voice; also very funny. She did the older schoolteacher seducing the young student kind of thing.

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Chronicles Honey Wilder

Chronicles Honey Wilder

Chronicles Honey Wilder

Description: Three discs of the honey bunny! This lady is a legend, and you`ll know why once you see this special collection.Never Sleep AloneErotic ZonesTriple eXposure

Starring: Tom Byron, Herschel Savage, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, Sharon Mitchell, Honey Wilder, Taija Rae, Nikki Charm, Summer Rose, Gina Carrera, Tina Marie, Crystal Dawn, Janette Littledove, Anna Ventura, Titian, Mai Linn, Joanna Storn, Missy X

Studio: Caballero



Hot Girls in Love

Hot Girls in Love

Hot Girls in Love

Description: A photographer and his associates experience a passionate modeling session in a mansion. There is a ton of monkey business as well, and the models make love to more than the camera—they seduce the assistant, the make-up lady, and them mansions owner. Starring Crystal Breeze, Honey Wilder and Gina Carerra.

Stars: Joey Silvera, Candy Robbins, Cassandra Leigh, Crystal Breeze, Gina Carrera, Honey Wilder, Jose Duvall

Studio: Video X Pix



Never Sleep Alone

Never Sleep Alone

Never Sleep Alone

Description: What heppens when the pursuit of hedonistic sensuality blazes out of control? Find out when you experience the intimate indiscretions of Dan and Lisa, a married couple who take sex to the limit and love to disaster in Never Sleep Alone. From the forbidden carnality of notorious underground sex clubs to New York's most private penthouses, Dan and Lisa taste every insatiable pleasure and torrid sex act ever conceived. Along with sex superstars Honey Wilder, Joanna Storm and Joey Silvera, every second of this arousing piece of erotica burns with nonstop sex. Soon you'll discover what happens when you Never Sleep Alone. For some people, it's always an easy rule to follow.

Stars: Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Anna Ventura, Honey Wilder, Joanna Storm, Tina Marie

Studio: Caballero



Private Teacher

Private Teacher

Private Teacher

Description: Jimmy is a horny high school guy who spends all of his time spying on his kinky neighbors with a telescope. Worried, his aunt hires a sexy Private Teacher to help bring him out of his shell. After a few private lessons, Jimmy gets a firm grip on his own sexuality. And so do the girls next door!

Stars: Kay Parker, Paul Thomas, Tom Byron, Honey Wilder, Janey Robbins, Joanna Storm, Marc Wallice, Stephanie Taylor

Studio: Caballero



The Siblings

The Siblings

The Siblings

Description: Carla’s (Honey Wilder) daughter is hopelessly in love with whom we discover is Carla’s lover’s son, Sammy (Mark Goldberg). What? Confused already? You should have seen the director. What we soon find out is that Carla’s daughter (Tina Ross) may not be Carla’s husband’s daughter; in fact, Paula is the daughter of Carla’s lover Sid. Carla’s husband John (Eric Edwards) is suspicious and has hired a private dick, who discovers the obvious and informs his client. A confrontation occurs (as it well should) and John informs Paula that she and Sammy are siblings. “Seems so,” exclaims Bubblegum (Candy Cummings) who has discovered John’s incestuous desires for who we now know is not his daughter. If this is not enough, there’s a twist at the end that may cause whiplash. Caution is advised!

Starring: Candy Cummings, Honey Wilder, Tina Ross

Studio: GVC



Tongue Twisters

Tongue Twisters

Tongue Twisters

Description: A series of hot encounters begins with a swinging bachelor, who invests a dime to call up a hot number. The resulting connection of their loins is definitely something to see, and hear. George Payne, playing a mild-mannered type who is frustrated on the job and in bed, has his wildest fantasies come to life in the form of Honey Wilder. She loosens Payne's subdued libido and transforms him into a raging sex machine. Karen and Crystal make wild passionate lesbian love that will leave you breathless. Joey Silvera is taking a bath, and the lifeguard on duty is none other than Gina Carrera. He cries out for help, and she responds with mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-groin relief. Jerry Butler is upset over the breakup with his steady girl. He calls Candy and asks her to come over for some comforting. She comforts him so well that he can't walk straight for a week.

Stars: Joey Silvera, Crystal Breeze, George Payne, Gina Carrera, Honey Wilder, Jerry Butler, Jose Duvall, Karen Summer, Rachel Ashley

Studio: Video X Pix



Wild Dallas Honey

Wild Dallas Honey

Wild Dallas Honey

Description: When ram-rodding rodeo star Randy West is released from prison, his fantasies are filled with an explosive Texas-sized homecoming celebration with his luscious lady Honey Wilder. When this lusty longhorn finds out his Wild Dallas Honey has hitched her wagon to a wealthy businessman, sparks fly and the couple splits only to start an outrageous sexual saga!

Stars: Randy West, Honey Wilder, Sharon Mitchell

Studio: Caballero



Honey Wilder Complete Filmography:

Bad Girls 1 Collectors 1981
Bad Girls 2 VCX 1983
Bedtime Tales Fat Dog
Breakin In Western Visuals
Bubble Gum VCA 1983
Bunny Blue Collection Alpha Blue
Bunny's Office Fantasies VCA 1986
Burlexxx VCA
Dirty Blonde Video X Pix 1984
Divorce Court Expose' 1 Vidco 1987
Divorce Court Expose' 2 Vidco
Double Standards VCA
Erotic Zones 1 Caballero
Erotic Zones 3 Caballero
Famous Ta Ta's Essex Home Video 1986
Forbidden Fruit 1 Metro 1989
Free and Foxy VCX 1985
Freeway of Love VCA
Frisky Business VCA 1984
Ginger Lynn's Bedtime Tales Gourmet/GVC 1985
Girls who Dig Girls 11 Wet Video
Girls who Dig Girls 4 Wet Video 1987
Great Sexpectations VCA
If My Mother Only Knew Caballero 1985
Insatiable Blair Family Gourmet/GVC
Lesbian Bra Busters in the 80's 2 Alpha Blue
Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies 4 Caballero
Mona Page Busty Babysitter Alpha Blue
More than a Handful 1 Cal Vista
Naughty Girls Need Love Too Essex Home Video
Never Sleep Alone Caballero 1984
Night Hunger Vivid 1998
Night Life Caballero 1982
Night Magic Essex Home Video
Older Women with Young Boys Coast To Coast 1985
Peeping Tom NuTech 1986
Personal Touch 2 Arrow/AFV 1983
Play it Again Samantha Video Team
Pleasures of Innocence VCA 1984
Porno Princess SOHO
Private Teacher Caballero 1983
Provocative Pleasures VCA
Pussycat Galore VCA 1984
Raunch-O-Rama 15 - 1001 Oral Cumshots Video Exclusives 1996
Satin Angels Western Visuals
Satisfactions Caballero 1982
Scenes they Wouldn't Let Me VCA
Sex Spa USA VCA 1984
Society Affairs Caballero 1982
Sperminator Video X Pix 1985
Summer Camp Girls Caballero 1983
Superstars of Porno 2 Cal Vista 1999
Swedish Erotica 39 Caballero 1981
Sweet Alice VCX
Taboo 2 Intropics Video 1982
Taboo 3 - The Final Chapter Intropics Video 1984
Taboo 4 - The Younger Generation Cal Vista 1985
Taste of Amber Lynn Pink Video
Taste of Little Oral Annie Pink Video 1989
The Siblings Gourmet/GVC
This is Your Sex Life Vidco 1988
Thought You'd Never Ask Caballero
Three Ways 2 Wet Video
Titty Committee Essex Home Video 1986
Tongue Twister Video X Pix
Tongue Twisters Video X Pix
Triple X Posure Vidco
Wet Kisses Essex Home Video
Wife in the Fast Lane L.A.
Wild Dallas Honey Caballero 1982
Wilder at Heart Classics Home Video 1991

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