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Alicia Rio
Alicia Rio

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Born: 2/16/1971
Aliases: Malia, Kora, Carmin, Alyssa Rio

Birth Name: Carmen Marie Hughlett
Ethnicity: Latino
Country of Origin: Mexico Michoacan
Place of Birth: La Capita
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 157 cm - 5 feet and 2 inches
Weight: 50 kg - 110 lbs
Measurements: 34C-25-36
Fake Boobs: Yes
Shoe Size: 6
Tattoos: One on ankle

Worked as a city employee in La Capita, Mexico until she decided to try her hand at erotica. This is the same city in which she was born.
Entered the adult film industry with her first video appearance in More Dirty Debutantes 12 (1992) (V) in 1991. She continued to work in the business until 1994.
In November of 1997 she was arrested in New York City for theft, convicted, and spent nearly three months in jail.
She is a regular contributor to Beverly Hills Outlook, a biweekly review of the arts and culture in Southern California, where she reviews adult films.

From Her Official Web site :
This hot Latin starlet will knock the salsa right out of you. She has featured in over 1000 xxx adult films. She has graced the covers and centerfolds of all the top men's magazines. Alicia Rio has taken the dance circuit by storm with her energetic personality and her enthusiasm in meeting and greeting her fans. She always involves her crowd in her stage shows which include a wide variety of theme shows. Alicia Rio has been nominated for several awards and has won the title of "Fan Favorite Starlet" by the F.O.X.E. organization as voted by the fans themselves. Her recent exclusive contract with Rio World Inc. will keep her busy as well as popular with her fans and the dance circuit. She is bi-lingual and has just started her own line of Spanish speaking movies called El Mundo De Alicia. Her hottest and newest movie titles include: Dream Team, Fantasies of Alicia Rio, Wild & Wicked 6, Rainwoman 6 and most recently with Misty Rain in Misty Cam 4 with Metro Pictures.

2005 Lifetime Achievement Award - Free Speech coalition
Hall OF Fame 2004 - AVN Adult Video News
Legends Of Erotica 2004
Entertainer Of The Year 2001





















An Interview:
Alicia Rio is one of the hottest X-rated stars to come along in the adult video business in quite some time. She's appeared in well over 100 films, and been nominated for Best New Starlet of the Year. And she even has her own Fan Club. Alicia has also performed in dance clubs all over the United States and Canada, and is a much sought after magazine model.

We talked with Alicia Rio about her career to date.

Q. Alicia, how long have you been dancing"?
A. I've been on the road dancing for about a year and a half.

Q. How did you make the jump from acting to dancing?
A. Well basically, any girl that does enough box cover work, and gets enough publicity in magazine work is able to feature in clubs. That doesn't mean every girl is going to be successful. Every girl has the opportunity to do that. So, you just have to stick your neck out, be brave, and go for it. (Laughs.) So, I did that. I danced for the first time in the club Ruby Tuesdays in Bridgeport, Connecticut. You just make the jump, because at that time I made over 70 films and I was getting a little burnt out, and I needed a change of pace, and so I started to dance.

Q. Is there a huge demand for adult film stars to be seen in - person dancing?
A. Yes there is, because it's always a fantasy for the guys, to actually see the girls on videotape. You never know what a girl is like personality-wise. Then, when they get to meet them and have their signature, and get to say "I saw you in such and such movie," and by the way I watch all my scenes, so I remember which movie in particular they're talking about, 'cause I care. I do a lot of movies, but I've really cut back my work, because dancing has taken off.

Q. You're obviously what is called a Feature Dancer?
A. Right. What I call myself is Latin Queen of Erotica.

Q. That means you make a lot of costume changes and have a lot of props on stage?
A. Not so many props, but costumes, yeah.

Q. When you're on the road do you workout to keep in shape?
A. Sometimes that's difficult, because of the hours of the club, and I need my beauty sleep. So I take dancing as my exercise. Once in a while I'll workout, but it's kind of difficult because of the hours that I'm there at the club.

Q. How did you get involved in adult films? Did someone approach you? Did you approach them?
A. No. As a matter of fact, prior to this business, after graduating from Cal State with a degree in Finance, I started working for a city in San Gabriel Valley as Deputy City Treasurer. I did that for many years. If I say how many, I'll give away my age. I got cheated out of a promotion that should've been mine. So I pretty much said, Take this job and shove it!! I did it the conventional way, the way we're brought up to be, and it didn't work for me. So, I filed a suit against the city for racial discrimination. And, it was in that time of the suit, that I said win or lose, I'm not going to be happy here. I need to find another way of making money. So, I got a magazine called L.A. Express, which ironically I was on the cover, a couple months later. I responded to an ad, and just went from there.

Q. Was it an ad for videos?
A. No. It was an ad for nude modeling. But, I never did do nude modeling. When I went in for my interview I worked my first scene. One girl didn't show up, and I was there, and they said, 'Well, do you want to start?' And I went, 'Sure.' I wasn't scared. I wasn't nervous. I just did it.

Q. Why weren't you scared?
A. Because I take risks. In this life, if you want to get ahead, you're gonna have to take big risks. I didn't quit my job, that's the whole thing. So, I went for it. I did adult movies for about three months, still working for the city. So, I was conservative, and wore glasses in the day, and then Alicia Rio wild and crazy at night, for about three months. Then I decided to really make the big jump and quit my job. But, it was normal. I'm literally made for this business.

Q. How many films have you appeared in?
A. I've appeared in about 150, and the list goes on.

Q. How long does it take to make one of those Films?
A. Well, it depends on who you're working for. (Laughs.) No. If the director is organized, the people are there on time, a good day is from 8 a.m. till 11 p.m. But, I've had days from 8 a.m. to 4 a.m.

Q. Can you then make 2 or 3 films a week?
A. That's what I did when I first got in the business. When you first get in the business you're considered 'fresh meat.' So, you work a lot. You're new. Then after that, you kind of mellow out your work. So, I dance 2 or 3 weeks out of the month. When I come back, I only do one or two projects. So, now I only do one or two movies a month.

Q. You're considered one of the hottest x-rated stars around today. Why do people say that about you?
A. It's the ability to enjoy one's self with a partner, an ability to have fun, and be oblivious to the cameras, yet still pay attention to them, from the corner of your eye, and the ability to use your ears as your eyes, meaning, when you're in a scene, you don't turn around and go, 'What? What did you say?' It ruins the whole scene. It's weird. You see with your ears is what I'm trying to say. (Laughs.)

Q. You read your scripts ahead of time?
A. No. They give 'em to you, the day of the set. Half the time I get the script the day of.

Q. The adult film industry brings in receipts of something like $10 billion a year. Is there an actor or actress who receives $1 million dollars a picture or more? Who's making all the money?
A. O.K. It's a pyramid, just like everything else is a pyramid. The government is a structural pyramid, the family structure. So, in this business, there's a structure also. The ones that make the money are the distributors, the producers, and the directors. Now, there's potential for any actress, to have an infinite income, if they produce their own movies, and their own life. But, just being talent, you're not going to do it. See, the whole thing is not just about films, it's about marketing. It's about having your own line of t-shirts, posters, and magazines. This business gives you an opportunity to expand, and to even go behind the scenes and start your own line, like a toy line. Domenique Simone has her own doll. There's just so many things. So, all in all, I don't think they make the money off of one movie. If an actress is to make that much, it's out of a wide range of marketing.

Alicia Rio Complete Filmography:

Object Of My Desire (new) Leisure Time Entertainment 1990
All in the Panties Unknown 1992
Anals Of History 2 Midnight Video 1992
Ass Capades Heatwave 1992
Babe Executive Video 1992
Batwoman and Catgirl Heatwave 1992
Beauties and the Tyrant Heatwave 1992
Bedrooms And Boardrooms Dreamland Entertainment 1992
Behind The Blue Door Unknown 1992
Betrayal Xcitement Video 1992
Bubble Butts 2 L.B.O. Entertainment 1992
Bubble Butts 8 L.B.O. Entertainment 1992
Burning Desire CDI Home Video 1992
Buttsizer 2 Erotic Video Network 1992
Checkmate CDI Home Video 1992
Close Quarters Moonlight Entertainment 1992
Coming Clean Moonlight Entertainment 1992
D.P. Man 2 Paul Norman Productions 1992
Dear Bridgette Zane Entertainment Group 1992
Dirty Thoughts (II) Night Time Video 1992
Do The White Thing Zane Entertainment Group 1992
Dorm Girls VCA 1992
Double D Dykes 5 Gourmet Video Collection 1992
Enema 9 Student Fetish 1992
Erotica Coast To Coast 1992
Fast Track Lipstik Video 1992
Gang Bang Fury 1 Rosebud 1992
Gerein' Up VCA 1992
Girlz 'n Da Hood 2 Heatwave 1992
Heel's Angels Unknown 1992
Hills Have Thighs Midnight Video 1992
Hits And Misess Prestige Video 1992
Hot Tight Asses T.C.K.S. Entertainment 1992
In Loving Color 1 Video Team 1992
In Loving Color 2 Video Team 1992
In Loving Color 3 Video Team 1992
In Your Face 1 Pleasure Productions 1992
Inside Job Zane Entertainment Group 1992
Just A Gigolo Sin City 1992
Latin Lust Heatwave 1992
League Of Their Moans Erotic Video Network 1992
Lez Go Crazy Heatwave 1992
Loads of Fun 3 Filmco Releasing 1992
Love Hurts Vidco Entertainment 1992
Memories Legend Video 1992
Midnight Confessions Xcitement Video 1992
More Dirty Debutantes 12 4-Play Video 1992
Mr. Peepers' Amateur Home Videos 50: All That Clitters L.B.O. Entertainment 1992
Naked Edge Legend Video 1992
Neighborhood Watch 21 L.B.O. Entertainment 1992
Never Never Land Video Team 1992
Night Creatures Pleasure Productions 1992
Oreo A Go-go Factory Home Video 1992
Patriot Dames Zane Entertainment Group 1992
Poor Little Rich Girl Xcitement Video 1992
Private Dancer Caballero Home Video 1992
Pussy Called Wanda Dreamland Entertainment 1992
Pussy To Die For Caballero Home Video 1992
Raunchy Ron Presents America's Dirtiest Home Videos 7 Leisure Time Entertainment 1992
Raunchy Ron Presents America's Dirtiest Home Videos 8 Leisure Time Entertainment 1992
Romantic Exchanges Unknown 1992
Satisfaction Night Time Video 1992
See Thru Legend Video 1992
Sex Bandits Zane Entertainment Group 1992
Sex Trek 3 Moonlight Entertainment 1992
Sexual Olympics 2 Video Team 1992
Seymore Butts In the Love Shack Factory Home Video 1992
Shaver Among Us Zane Entertainment Group 1992
Shipwrecked CDI Home Video 1992
Sorority Sex Kittens 2 VCA 1992
Spanish Fly Legend Video 1992
Summer Games Heatwave 1992
Supermarket Babes In Heat Bedtime Theatre 1992
Surfer Girl Plum Productions 1992
Sweet Alicia Rio Factory Home Video 1992
Tails To Remember Heatwave 1992
Thinking Of You Las Vegas Video 1992
Tiffany Mynx Affair Forbidden Films 1992
Toppers 2 Prestige Video 1992
Tori Welles Goes Behind the Scenes Fat Dog 1992
Twin Freaks Zane Entertainment Group 1992
Unfaithful Entry Dreamland Entertainment 1992
Voyeur Video Zane Entertainment Group 1992
Wanderlust Legend Video 1992
Waterbabies 2 Coast To Coast 1992
Weekend With Alicia Rio And Sheila Stone KBBS Video 1992
White Men Can Hump Erotic Video Network 1992
Women Of Influence Las Vegas Video 1992
X-TV Vidco Entertainment 1992
Adult Video Nudes VCA 1993
Almost Home Alone Silver Foxx Productions 1993
Anal Diary of Misty Rain Elegant Angel 1993
Anal European Vacation Las Vegas Video 1993
Anal Romance Las Vegas Video 1993
Anal Virgin Top Coat 1993
Anal Vision 11 L.B.O. Entertainment 1993
Bazooka County 5 Coast To Coast 1993
Bikini Beach Coast To Coast 1993
Bikini Beach 2 Coast To Coast 1993
Bimbonese 101 HIP Video 1993
Bitches Lipstik Video 1993
Black Men Can Hump Factory Home Video 1993
Bruise Control Prestige Video 1993
Buttslammers 3 Exquisite 1993
Caught And Bound B & D Pleasures 1993
Chug-a-lug Girls Video Team 1993
Deep Inside Kelly O'Dell VCA 1993
Dial N For Nikki Pepper Productions 1993
Dick And Jane Go To Hollywood 1 Avica Entertainment 1993
Dickin' Around Leisure Time Entertainment 1993
Dragon Lady 4 Western Visuals 1993
Everybody's Playmate Caballero Home Video 1993
Foreign Affairs Video Team 1993
Full Throttle Girls 1 Visual Images 1993
Girls' Club Vidco Entertainment 1993
Guttman's Hollywood Vacation Lovebone Video 1993
Hangin' Out Infinity Film And Video 1993
Hollywood Scandal In-X-Cess Productions 1993
Hungry Sin City 1993
Hungry 2: Night Feast Sin City 1993
Inferno 2 Sin City 1993
Kittens 4 Coast To Coast 1993
La Princesa Anal Rosebud 1993
Lacy's Hot Anal Summer Las Vegas Video 1993
Last Good Sex Fat Dog 1993
Leg Ends 8 Prestige Video 1993
Love Doctor Electric 1993
Love Potion Western Visuals 1993
Lovebone Invasion Lovebone Video 1993
M Series 13 L.B.O. Entertainment 1993
M Series 8 L.B.O. Entertainment 1993
Maliboobies Pepper Productions 1993
Maneaters 105 Silver Foxx Productions 1993
Marked 2 Fat Dog 1993
Mindshadows 1 Fat Dog 1993
Mindshadows 2 Fat Dog 1993
Murphie's Brown Las Vegas Video 1993
My Cousin Ginny Metro 1993
My Favorite Rear Pepper Productions 1993
My Secret Lover Wicked Pictures 1993
Naked Pen VCA 1993
Naked Truth 1 Factory Home Video 1993
Naked Truth 2 Factory Home Video 1993
Nasty Cracks Prestige Video 1993
Night And Day 1 Video Team 1993
Night of the Coyote Jourdan Alexander Video 1993
No Fly Zone Legend Video 1993
Nookie Cookies Pepper Productions 1993
Nookie of the Year Heatwave 1993
Nympho Zombie Coeds Visual Images 1993
Oreo A Go-go 2 Factory Home Video 1993
Paul Norman's Nastiest: Orgies Video Team 1993
Poor Little Rich Girl 2 Wicked Pictures 1993
Power and the Passion Pepper Productions 1993
Pussy Galore Caballero Home Video 1993
Pussyman 3 Snatch Productions 1993
Pussyman 4 Snatch Productions 1993
Read My Lips No More Bush Heatwave 1993
Real In Windows Factory Home Video 1993
Reflections Of Rio Wicked Pictures 1993
Sean Michaels' On The Road 1 Video Team 1993
Seduced Vidco Entertainment 1993
Serpent's Dream VCA 1993
Sex Heist Western Visuals 1993
Sneak A Peek Flame Video 1993
Sodomania 3 Elegant Angel 1993
Spanking 8 Student Fetish 1993
Stand-in Studs (new) Unknown 1993
Steam Zane Entertainment Group 1993
Tickled Pink Legend Video 1993
Tickling 6 Student Fetish 1993
Trashy Ladies Lipstik Video 1993
Wad Gobblers 4 Glitz Video 1993
Whorelock Las Vegas Video 1993
Willing Women Vidco Entertainment 1993
Within And Without You Wicked Pictures 1993
Assy Sassy Rosebud 1994
Attack of the 50' Hooker Odyssey 1994
Barrio Babes Sin City 1994
Best Of Spanking 2 Prestige Video 1994
Big-titted Tarts Pleasure Productions 1994
Bikini Beach 3 Coast To Coast 1994
Blue Bayou VCA 1994
Bun Busters 12 L.B.O. Entertainment 1994
Bustin' Out My Best Factory Home Video 1994
Butt Naked 2 Bedtime Theatre 1994
Butt Sisters Do Las Vegas Midnight Video 1994
Club Anal 2 Rosebud 1994
Dirty Doc's Butt Bangers 1 Las Vegas Video 1994
Dirty Doc's Lesbi' Friends 11 Las Vegas Video 1994
Dirty Doc's Lesbi' Friends 14 Las Vegas Video 1994
Dirty Doc's Lesbi' Friends 8 Las Vegas Video 1994
Dirty Looks Vivid 1994
Erotique Optique Ultimate Video 1994
Frathouse Sexcapades Silver Foxx Productions 1994
Freak Club Vidmax 1994
Hispanic Hooter Ho-down Las Vegas Video 1994
Hookers Of Hollywood Legend Video 1994
Junkyard Dykes 2 Zane Entertainment Group 1994
Kym Wilde's On The Edge 12 Red Board Video 1994
Lesbian Bitches Rosebud 1994
Lesbian Castle Lipstik Video 1994
Let's Party VCA 1994
Live Sex Legend Video 1994
Love Me Love My Butt Rosebud 1994
Mindsex Adult Lovers 1994
My Analist Sister Xcitement Video 1994
Pajama Party X 1 VCA 1994
Pornomania 4 Caballero Home Video 1994
Public Places 1 Sin City 1994
Pussyman 5 Snatch Productions 1994
Pussyman 6 Snatch Productions 1994
Pussywoman 1 Coast To Coast 1994
Show Business Las Vegas Video 1994
Ski Bunnies 1 Heatwave 1994
Ski Bunnies 2 Heatwave 1994
Skid Row Sin City 1994
Slippery When Wet Leisure Time Entertainment 1994
So You Wanna Be In The Movies VCA 1994
Spa VCA 1994
Taxi Girls 3 Jourdan Alexander Video 1994
Taxi Girls 4 Caballero Home Video 1994
Under The Pink Rosebud 1994
Wad Gobblers 13 Glitz Video 1994
Wet In The Saddle Moonlight Entertainment 1994
Bachelorette Party 2 L.B.O. Entertainment 1995
Borderline Vivid 1995
Cum And Get Me Pleasure Productions 1995
Dream Team Video Team 1995
Erotic Artist VCA 1995
Fantasies Of Alicia Video Team 1995
No Man's Land 11 Video Team 1995
Overtime 4: Oral Hijinx Video Team 1995
Overtime: Dyke Overflow 3 Video Team 1995
Overtime: More Oral Hijinx Video Team 1995
Pajama Party X 2 VCA 1995
Party Girl Las Vegas Video 1995
Pussyman 11 Snatch Productions 1995
Risque Burlesque Metro 1995
Sodomania and Then Some: A Compendium Elegant Angel 1995
Takin' It To The Limit 4 Exquisite 1995
Wild and Wicked 6 Video Team 1995
Adult Video News Awards 1996 VCA 1996
Ass Openers 1 T.C.K.S. Entertainment 1996
Best Gang Bangs Devil's Film 1996
Bi Bitches in Heat Bizarre Video 1996
Cellar Dweller Elegant Angel 1996
Centerfolds Caballero Home Video 1996
Chronicles Of Pain 2 Bizarre Video 1996
Dirty Darlings 2 Leisure Time Entertainment 1996
Falling Stars Prestige Video 1996
Future Doms Unknown 1996
Girls Loving Girls Leisure Time Entertainment 1996
Lovin' Spoonfuls 8: More Best Of Dirty Debutantes 4-Play Video 1996
Nasty Behavior Leisure Time Entertainment 1996
Pristine Caballero Home Video 1996
Rainwoman 9 Coast To Coast 1996
Sensations Sin City 1996
Sole Search Prestige Video 1996
Strike 3 Prestige Video 1996
Submission Of Alicia Rio Bizarre Video 1996
Sweet Cheerleaders Spanked Bizarre Video 1996
Two's Company Three's An Orgy Forbidden Films 1996
Waterworld 2: The Enema Club Bizarre Video 1996
Best Of Male Domination 24: Masters Of Punishment Bizarre Video 1997
Bloopers 2 Video Team 1997
Club Lez Erotic Video Network 1997
Dangerous Delights Golden West Video 1997
Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 35 Flying Leap Productions 1997
Dreamers Ultimate Video 1997
Latin Video Magazine Channel 69 1997
Latin Video Magazine 2 Passion Productions 1997
Max World 7: Tube Steak Boogie Filmwest Productions 1997
Pure Romance Red Hot Video 1997
Sodomania: Slop Shots 1 Elegant Angel 1997
ViXXXen Rock 'n Roll Video 1997
Women Loving Women Leisure Time Entertainment 1997
American Dream Girls Leisure Time Entertainment 1998
Dreamers 2: Awakening Adam & Eve 1998
Lesbians Unleashed Bizarre Video 1998
Misty Cam's Houseboat Gonzo Video 1998
Sheer Delights Venus 99 1998
Star Steps 4 Prestige Video 1998
Tickled Ladies Prestige Video 1998
Sodomania: Director's Cut Classics 1 Elegant Angel 1999
Yo It's Sean Micheals Video Team 2000
Dawn of the Debutantes 1 Ed Powers 2003
Swedish Erotica 4Hr 16 Caballero Classics 2003
Dirty Debutantes: Best Scenes 4 Ed Powers 2004
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Guide to Eating Out Wicked Pictures 2005
Muy Caliente VCA 2005
Fuck Cuts - The 90's Fuck Cuts Productions 2009

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