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Lexi Belle
Lexi Belle

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Born: 8/5/1987
Aliases: Lexi Williams , Nollie

Birth Name: Jessica Macomber
Country of Origin: United States LA - Louisiana Independence
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 160 cm - 5 feet and 3 inches
Weight: 48 kg - 106 lbs
Measurements: 32C-24-33
Career Start: 2006
Shoe Size: 7.5
Tattoos: Orange flower between her shoulder blades

Extremely cute, bubbly, and sexy 5'3" blonde bombshell Lexi Belle was born on August 5, 1987 in Independence, Louisiana. Belle also lived in McComb, Mississippi and was a self-described "band geek" in high school (she played the trombone). She moved with her parents to Los Angeles, California. Lexi lost her virginity at age 17. Belle was working in a video store when she was approached by someone who had seen her MySpace profile and wanted to recruit her into the adult film industry. Lexi visited her first porn movie set three months later. Belle did her first on-screen sex scene at age 18 in December, 2005; this was also the first time she ever performed fellatio on a man. She initially used the name Nollie and first worked for Oz Entertainment. Lexi was nominated for an AVN Award for Best New Starlet in 2009. Belle won the Adam Film World Guide Award for Teen Dream of the Year in 2008 and the AVN Award for Best New Web Starlet in 2010. She's an avid fan of both "Star Wars" and punk music and goes to Six Flags amusement parks on a regular basis. Lexi was named one of the 12 most popular girls in porn by CNBC in 2011.


Lexi Belle Interview
by Ray | May 29th, 2006

RAY: You look bored.

LEXI: Just tiredÖ

RAY: Did you shoot today?

LEXI: Yes. I did a college ďfrat partyĒ thing. It was fun.

RAY: How long have you been doing porn?

LEXI: Since December of 2005.

RAY: So youíre relatively new. Didnít you go by another name?

LEXI: Yeah, I used to be Nollie. Then I changed my name, agent, and appearance all on the same day. I wanted to start fresh.

RAY: Who did you start with?

LEXI: OZ Entertainment. Someone just came up to me and said ďhey do you wanna do porn?Ē And I was like ďokayĒ.

RAY: That actually worked?

LEXI: Well, sort of. It took me three weeks to say yes.

RAY: Where are you from originally?

LEXI: Independence, Louisiana. I lived in McComb Mississippi, too. Thatís like 10 miles north of Louisiana.

RAY: How did you end-up in L.A?

LEXI: I came out here with my parents around three years ago.

RAY: Are they still out here?

LEXI: Yeah, they live inÖ The L.A. area.

RAY: You donít want to say where?

LEXI: Burbank.

RAY: You donít like Burbank?


RAY: Did you go to school in Burbank?

LEXI: Yeah. I just graduated last year.

RAY: What do your parents think about your new career?

LEXI: WellÖ They know Iím in the industry, but they donít think Iím in front of the camera. They think Iím behind it. ButÖ Yeah, I canít wait ítil they find out!

RAY: How do you think that will happen?

LEXI: My dad. [Laughs]

RAY: Were you a wild girl growing up?

LEXI: No! I was the prudest thing ever. I was a band geek in high school. All four years.

RAY: What did you play?

LEXI: Trombone.

RAY: Did they have to build a special little one to fit you?

LEXI: [Laughs] No. I played in marching bandÖ Concert bandÖ All my friends from high school say ďyou were the biggest geek and now youíre doing porn?!Ē They all know about it.

Tee-Reel slides up to Lexi.

RAY: You know Tee, of course.

LEXI: Yeah.

RAY: Did you go to that old-timey 50′s-looking school over by the mall?

LEXI: Yeah! It was hell. It was too preppy! Everyone was too good.

RAY: I have a lecherous friend who used to hang around there and leer at young girlsÖ Maybe you were one of them?

LEXI: MaybeÖ But I did have a mohawk in high school. [Laughs].

TEE-REEL: Donít do that again.

RAY: Youíre into punk?

LEXI: I was. Now Iím into everything.

TEE-REEL: Letís see your tits!

RAY: Tee never wastes time.

[Lexi complies]

TEE-REEL: NiceÖ How big are your tits?

LEXI: 32C.

TEE-REEL: What do you think youíre the best at when it comes to sex? Head? Doggie?

LEXI: Probably cowgirl. I love it. I like to take control. I hate being on the bottom. You canít do anything.

RAY: You donít seem the controlling type.

TEE-REEL: But you do have soft handsÖ Nice grip. Have we fucked yet?

LEXI: Not yet.

RAY: The night is youngÖ So whatís the hottest scene youíve done so far?

LEXI: I would say today. I got really agressive with the girl. I started choking her. She had really long hair and I took it and wrapped it around my wrists and I was making her eat me out. It was fun! [Laughs]

RAY: Had you ever done anything like that before?

LEXI: No. I basically came into this industry as a virgin. I didnít know any positions. I had never given head. I had never been with a girl, or two guys. Iíd never done any of that!

RAY: So how were you approached by this person who recruited you?

LEXI: On MySpace! It was my old manager.

TEE-REEL: How many scenes have you shot?

LEXI: A lot. Over fifty, Iíd say. I always seem to get stuck working with old guys. I always get the old, fat disgusting ones.

RAY: [Laughs] Like who?

LEXI: No names!

TEE-REEL: We know whoÖ

RAY: Indeed.

TEE-REEL: What type of guys are you into?

LEXI: Surfer boys! I like that look.

RAY: Thatís not good for us, Tee.

LEXI: [Laughs] I mean, I like most boysÖ But I really like the surfer look.

RAY: What do you have coming up?

LEXI: I donít know.

RAY: How often do you work?

LEXI: Every day pretty much.

RAY: Who would you like to work with?

LEXI: I donít know. I donít know anybodyÖ Or any names.

RAY: So you just show up and fuck random old dudes?

LEXI: YupÖ And Iím like ďUghÖ Here we go againÖĒ

[Lexi is bum-rushed from the party. We continue the conversation a few weeks later by phone...]


LEXI: *Gasp!* Ray Ray?

RAY: I have the worst timing with you.

LEXI: Yeah. You do, but Iím cool. You know how I roll.

RAY: I guess. You sound like youíre sleeping.

LEXI: I was.

RAY: Do you sleep a lot?

LEXI: Yeah, I do. Like 16-18 hours a day. Iím at my friendís house right now. Hey! Iím thinking about changing my name again. Itís still Lexi Belle, but I want to change it.

RAY: To what?

LEXI: If I tell you, you seriously canít tell anyone. Okay? Somebody might take it.

[She tells me]

RAY: Interesting.

LEXI: Do you like it? Youíre seriously the first person Iíve told. Itís classy. Itís not so stupid. My first name was Nollie. I like that name too. Itís a skateboarding term. I was gonna change it back to thatÖ But thatís just too confusing, ya know?

RAY: Right. So you went away for a while?

LEXI: Yeah, I just had to get away for a little bit. Nothing too crazy. Iíve been in and out ever since I first started. Changed my name twice. And back and forth to managers. I just wanted to change my name and change my image and start fresh and get big!

RAY: I canít tell when youíre being sarcastic.

LEXI: [Laughs] Cuz you canít see my face?

RAY: That must be itÖ And I know youíre a bit of a smart ass.

LEXI: [Laughs] Me?

RAY: Uh-huh. So whatís with all the Ďmooseí stuff?

LEXI: I have a huge infatuation with them.

RAY: Is Ďmooseí a band?

LEXI: [Laughs] NoÖ Like, moose as in ó the animal. Iím obsessed! I love mooses.

RAY: Right on. So howís the porno biz?

LEXI: Good. Every time I do a scene I get better and better. It gets easier. I shot a scene for John Strong back when I was Nollie. Steve Holmes and Stefano. That was a great scene. It was really comfortable and easy. We didnít cut once. We went straight through. Everything was just smooth sailing. Which is good.

RAY: Especially for a total virgin coming into this business.

LEXI: WellÖ Not a total virgin.

RAY: Not after band camp, right?

LEXI: [Laughs] Yeah. I dunnoÖ Porn is fun. Itís wild & crazy. If I could think of anything wild in crazy, it would be this. Itís the last thing that my parents and friends would think I would do.

RAY: Have your parents found out yet?

LEXI: Oh yeahÖ They know. Everybody knows. At first, they knew I was in the business but thought I was just doing stuff behind the scenes. But when they found out the restÖ They were like, oh my god. Now my dad gets all nervous around me and my momís just like ĎI canít believe ití. She gets sarcastic with me sometimes. Sheíll always ask if I need any Ďteeny bopperí clothes. Or sheíll ask why I look so young. Sheíll say Ďdo they want you to stay looking like a little girl?í Blah blah blah. Shit like that. My sisters are kind of jealous in a way. They never thought I would do anything like this.

RAY: And you love that.

LEXI: Yeah, kinda. Everyone was kind of shocked and surprised. They donít ask too many questions because theyíre my family. They donít want to know too much. My friends were shocked at first, too. But whatever. I pretty much do my own thing.

RAY: Did you grow up on the Ďpoorí side of town?

LEXI: Nope. Big house. Up on the hill. My parents did really well for themselves.

RAY: Anything you refuse to do in porn?

LEXI: I hate foot-fetish films. I have a foot phobia! Every since I was a baby, Iíve hated feet. Thereís a long story behind it. Iíll tell you some other time. But I canít have my feet touched or even looked at. It freaks me out. Even talking about this makes me uncomfortable!

RAY: Really? You donít like it when somebody rubs their fingers between your toes?

LEXI: Ewwwww! No way!

RAY: What are some movies people can find you in?

LEXI: Iím in Just Over 18 #14, Swallow My Pride #9, and White Chicks Gettiní Black Balled #15. Iím on the boxcover for Teens with Tits #6. Iím also in No Swallowing Allowed #8, Spring Chickens #15, The Gauntlet, Penetration #10, and Freshly Fucked #2.

RAY: Are there any performers or companies you want to work for?

LEXI: Iíd love to do features. I really want to work with bigger companies, but I want to get a little better at my scenes before that. I want to be more comfortable and more established.

RAY: Can you act?

LEXI: Yeah. Features are definitely a goal. Iíve just been shooting little things here and there.

RAY: What do you do for fun?

LEXI: Iím really much into music. My favorite band

this week is this band called Comeback Kid. Have you heard of them?

RAY: I have. Yay for meÖ Iím hip.

LEXI: Theyíre crazy, drunken, dirty boys. Hardcore.

RAY: Ever had an off-screen relationship with any of your co-stars?

LEXI: Oh, noÖ Like I said, normally theyíre all older guys.

RAY: And you hate older guys.

LEXI: I donít hate themÖ But címon, every time? If Iím doing teeny-bopper stuff I should get to fuck teeny bopper boys.

RAY: Yeah, it doesnít really work that way.

LEXI: How come?

RAY: Because most of the people who buy teeny bopper stuff are dirty old men. But who knowsÖ Maybe they wouldnít mind watching you fuck an emo kid with bangs.

LEXI: Yeah! Emo kids! Oh my god, theyíre so cuteÖ Like the really white boys with the really black hair and slit wrists and stuff? [Laughs] Iím just kidding.

RAY: Do you still have any sexual fantasies left?

LEXI: Yeah. [Laughs] Kinda. I want a mailman. An emo mailman.

RAY: Youíre a strange one, LB.

LEXI: [Laughs] I know!

RAY: So you wish for an emo mailman, but instead you have to fuck creepy old dudes.

LEXI: AwwwÖ Damn. I mean, old dudes are cool and stuff. But címonÖ

RAY: You canít really get into it.

LEXI: Exactly! Ya know?

RAY: So when youíre booked for a shoot, donít you know what youíre walking into?

LEXI: Well, my agent will give me all the details. Then Iíll go and do my thing.

RAY: Whatís the oldest guy youíve worked with?

LEXI: I donít know the ageÖ But he was probably like, in his late 50′s, early 60′s.

RAY: Wow.

LEXI: I know! And my dadís 63. It was weird.

RAY: Who was it?

LEXI: I canít remember. It was when I first started. It was just a BJ scene. The youngest Iíve worked with is Jack Venice. Heís a friend of mine. Heís got the whole young-surfer-boy look. I did a college party scene with he and Phoebe. That was an awesome scene. Phoebe and I are both straight but that day we were a horny lesbian couple. I was so drunk! [Laughs] It was so much fun. Hey, have you heard of a girl named Piper Parker?

RAY: Yeah.

LEXI: Sheís my new porn buddy. Sheís the only porn girl that Iíve ever met thatís actually normal. Weíre gonna get an apartment together. Something nice, like a 2 bedroom in the valley. Cuz thatís where we work and stuff.

RAY: That should be fun.

LEXI: Yeah, but I have no credit. I have 40 points or whatever, and thatís just for my cell phone.

RAY: You donít own a car?

LEXI: Not lately.

RAY: What about all the money youíre making?

LEXI: I know, right? Iím about to go to Florida to shoot a bunch of things.

RAY: Like what? First Time Auditions? Street Blowjobs? Cum Girls? Captain Stabbin?

LEXI: No! [Laughs] None of thoseÖ Actually, Iím kinda scared. I just found out today what it was. Itís for Bang Bros.

RAY: InterestingÖ

LEXI: Oh no! Why do you say that? Cuz thereís something called Monster Cocks, I guess. And Iím really scared! I canít handle those big ones, ya know? Big guys scare me. Iím tiny as hell.

RAY: WellÖ The Bang Bros arenít exactly small.

LEXI: Oh my god. I donít want to talk about it. Like once I had to work with this guy Shane Diesel. And heís fucking huge. Still, Iíll at least try it. Iím not gonna say I wonít do it. But if I canít, sucks for them I guess. So Iím preparing for this one.

RAY: Preparing? By doing what ó Shoving Pepsi cans up your ass?

LEXI: [Laughs] Oh. My. God. Ray! Youíre horrible! Thatís funny. I mean, I can semi-handle the intercourse part, as long as itís not too crazy. But the BJ part, dude, I canít. For some reason I canít dislocate my jaw like every other girl in the industry. It doesnít work. And everybody bitches at me. Theyíre like Ďyou suck at thisí and Iím just like dude Iím sorry youíre so big and my mouth doesnít fit around it. My jaw is so fricken tiny. Itís like an inch down and people will say Ďdeep throat ití and Iím just like I canít! [Laughs] Thatís as far as it will go! So thatís why Iím not looking forward to Florida. But Iíll try. Iím not gonna give up. Canít say no unless you try it.

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1 on 1 3 Diabolic Video 2009 5 JM Productions 2009
19th Birthday 2 Girlfriends Films 2009
2 Chicks Same Time 3 Pure Play Media 2008
2 Chicks Same Time 7 Pure Play Media 2010
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