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Alexis Love
Alexis Love

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Born: 4/7/1987
Aliases: Alixus, Milena

Ethnicity: Latino
Country of Origin: United States CA - California
Place of Birth: Sacramento
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 160 cm - 5 feet and 3 inches
Weight: 43 kg - 95 lbs
Measurements: 32B-25-32
Shoe Size: 7.5
Years Active: 2006 (Started around 19 years old)

her slim body and sexy 32-25-32 figure, with its commensurately elfin set of B-cup tits, would be recognizable anywhere. Born in 1987, Alexis made more than a hundred movies as well as dozens of web scenes in her first two years in the business, specializing in teen and barely-legal style movies as well as taking facials. Alexis Love has been in the industry since August 2006. She made her first,shaky appearance with Ed Powers in Dirty Debutantes 360, looking extremely innocent. Because of her youthful looks and ultra petite body, she is also nicknamed as the "Little Latina Princess". Love has become an in-demand pornstar, whose popularity continues to grow.

Love has been named Penthouse Pet of the Month for May 2008.

In 2008, she appeared on The Howard Stern Show and The Maury Show.























Alexis Love Interview: A Exclusive by Roger Pipe
GameLink: This is Roger Pipe with The following is my interview with Latin porn superstar, Alexis Love. She's a very cute petite girl. We interviewed at the Anabolic booth this year, talked about some of the movies she's been in, and her new website and the things she likes the most, and of course how she got into porn.

GameLink: Here we are In the Anabolic booth. So we'll talk first about, maybe any Anabolic pictures of you back here? Are you behind us?

Alexis: I'm in the girl movie right...

GameLink: Girlgasmic, there you are.

Alexis: Yes.

GameLink: Not on the box, where? No.

Alexis: Yes, well in the open window right there.

GameLink: Very nice. What are some other Anabolic movies you've done?

Alexis: I've done Sweet and Petite, Bring Them Young, let's see... [laughs]

GameLink: Oh wait there we go, the calendar. What month are you?

Alexis: I'm in December.

GameLink: December, Bring Them Young #25.

Alexis: Yes.

GameLink: Girlgasmic, you should say these. It's much sexier coming from you.

Alexis: Oh, Girlgasmic, I Wanna Get Face Fucked #4, Latinos #6 and Sweet and Petite #3.

GameLink: OK, so from this weekend we can ascertain that you are petite. How big are you?

Alexis: I'm, I don't know my measurements but I'm very small. I weigh under 100 pounds, I'm 5'3", my boobies are 32B and I'm a size zero so...

GameLink: So you're definitely petite and those look like natural boobs.

Alexis: Natural boobies.

GameLink: We like that and also from this list of movies we can assume that you're a Latina.

Alexis: Yes.

GameLink: What is your ethnic background?

Alexis: I'm Mexican.

Alexis Love in red bikiniGameLink: Mexican, full blooded Mexican.

Alexis: Full blooded those things minus though.

GameLink: OK so you're American Mexican.

Alexis: Yes, American and Mexican.

GameLink: No Spanish? You don't speak any Spanish?

Alexis: No.

GameLink: You can't even talk dirty in Spanish?

Alexis: No, I try. [laughs]

GameLink: Oh alright. What else can we, well it looks like you're kind of a mess there.

Alexis: Yes, I kind of have, dirty right there.

GameLink: Either one guy with a lot of load or maybe more than one load.

Alexis: It was two guys.

GameLink: Two guys.

Alexis: Yes.

GameLink: So you've done two guys.

Alexis: Yes.

Alexis Love fingers herselfGameLink: Naughty girl.

Alexis: [laughs]

GameLink: Where you from?

Alexis: I'm from Sacramento, California.

GameLink: And you live in L.A. now?

Alexis: I'm living in L.A. now.

GameLink: Did you come down to do movies?

Alexis: Yes, I did.

GameLink: At what age?

Alexis: 18.

GameLink: Why?

Alexis: I just wanted to get out of my house, and I had a friend in the business before me and I was like, "I want to move out, I don't know where to go, I don't have money." She's like, "Well, hey you know I do porn and you make good money." And I'm like, "I don't know." And then she brought me down here for two weeks and then she asked the producers like, "Hey my friend wants to join. Can she sit back and watch the scene."

I watched the scene. You know everybody's respectful, you don't have to do nothing you don't want to do, you're not pressured to do anything and I'm the boss. So I was like, "I can do this" because I'm very bossy so I'm like totally I can do this. So I called up an agency and I was like, "OK, I'm ready." And then they're like, "Alright, come do your pictures." Ever since then, I've been working and I love it.

Alexis Love rides a cockGameLink: And how long ago was that?

Alexis: That was about a year and three months ago.

GameLink: And how many movies in that time?

Alexis: Right now I have 78 movies that are out. I have a lot more that are coming out, but I do a lot of Internet stuff too so I can't keep track but I know that I have 78 movies out.

GameLink: So you've been a busy girl.

Alexis: Yes.

GameLink: Is there anything you don't do?

Alexis: As in like scenes and stuff?

GameLink: Yes, well we know you do girls.

Alexis: I do girls. My do list is shorter, what I do. I do girls, I do solos, I do boy/girls, boy/girl/girls and boy/boy/girl, that's the max.

GameLink: Do you do anal?

Alexis: No.

GameLink: No, so no one gets into that cute little booty. I mean it's really cute.

Alexis: Nobody, not yet.

GameLink: Not yet. Oh I see.

Alexis: [laughs]

GameLink: Is that something in your private life or are you just not...

Alexis: I tried it in my private life before. Anal for a scene, I'm not ready for it yet that's why I...

GameLink: Then you shouldn't do it until you're ready.

Alexis: Yes.

Alexis Love naked from behindGameLink: Because it won't be a good scene right?

Alexis: Yes.

GameLink: What would you say are a couple of maybe your best scenes?

Alexis: My best scene I have to say is a boy/girl/girl scene. It's for Penthouse. It was oil wrestling, it's with me and Naomi and you know just doing a boy/girl/girl is awesome. I get the dick and then I get the pussy so that's just great.

GameLink: So you like girls off camera?

Alexis: I love girls off camera. I actually never went for a girl before I got into the business but once I, they're like, "Are you going to do girls?" and I'm like, "I don't know" and I was like, "I guess" you know?

Then ever since I've met some girls I'm like oh my God I love girls even more. I totally love girls.

GameLink: Now the friend who got you in the business, have you worked with her?

Alexis: No we didn't. We we're booked to work together and then she ended up getting sick, so it didn't work. Like she's not in the business no more, but we never were together. We kissed, but never worked together. She's a little bitch of mine.

GameLink: You want to say who it is?

Alexis: No, I mean I love her, but we never got to work together, because she kept on just leaving and you know.

GameLink: Maybe she was intimidated by you because you said you're bossy. Maybe that was it.

Alexis: Maybe.

GameLink: Does your family back home know what you are doing?

Alexis: Yes, my family back home knows what I do. They ended up finding out through MySpace. I didn't have a MySpace at the time. Somebody created one of me, probably a high school friend or whatever, and they went to my family members and said, "Oh, be my friend", and put up nude and all kinds of Internet stuff of me. My mom and my sisters found out, and they were like, "Oh". It was just way too fast.

Alexis Love in greyGameLink: So, someone who knew you from school put up a fake MySpace and then tried to add your family members as friends.

Alexis: Yes. So that happened, so everybody knew. So then I was on Entertainment Tonight, and now more people know. I was on the Maury show, Day in the Life of a Teen Porn Star, so everybody pretty much knows now.

GameLink: Are they OK with it?

Alexis: My mom, she loves me. She just said, "Be careful". I talk to my mom every day. She is always going to be there for me. My sisters, at first they were like "not too cool about it", but they know I'm going to do what I want to do. They'll support me no matter what.

GameLink: OK. Do you have any favorites to work with?

Alexis: I really don't have favorite male talent, to work with. Girls, I love working with Vega. We work, at least, two times a month with each other lately. Daisy Marie is awesome. I haven't had a chance to work with Renee Cruz. She's sitting right here, but we're always on set together.

GameLink: You like the Latin girls? She is very attractive.

Alexis: She is very hot. She is a Queen of Hearts.

GameLink: Queen of Hearts?

Alexis: Yeah.

GameLink: She looks bigger than you.

Alexis: Yeah.

GameLink: She's not very big, so that could be a lot of fun.

Alexis: [laughs]

GameLink: What else? Do you have a website?

Alexis: I have a website, I have been working on that. I'm going to put up some new content up, pretty soon.

GameLink: So, you are a Latin Princess who doesn't speak Spanish.

Alexis Love spreads her shaved pussyAlexis: Yes.

GameLink: Are you going to learn for your fans?

Alexis: I think I will; I'll try. I have been in a couple of Spanish movies, and they translate some words for me and I say them.

GameLink: Do you check the translations later to make sure they are...

Alexis: No, they are all good, I know. I've heard them before. It's like refreshing my mind. It's all good.

GameLink: OK. What else is on your website? What should people look for there?

Alexis: On my website you will get I do blow jobs, hand jobs, boy girl, girl girl, foot jobs. That's mainly it right now, but when I do start doing anal it will be for my site.

GameLink: Those are exclusive scenes that you do for your website?

Alexis: Yes.

GameLink: So, they can see you doing blow jobs on a lot of regular DVDs, and they can see you on your site.

Alexis: I used to do blow jobs on regular DVDs, but I stopped doing them, for about a year. So, you will only find me doing blow jobs on my website.

GameLink: Nice. So, people need to go to if they want to see more of you.

Alexis: Yes.

GameLink: Very nice. If somebody hasn't seen one of your movies and wanted to go buy one right now, what would you recommend?

Alexis: I would recommend "Bring Them Young" from Anabolic and I don't know what the number is, but all my friends love that one: No. 25.

Alexis Love on the cover of Bring Em Young #25GameLink: No. 25, OK. So, who did you work with in that? Is that what this picture is from?

Alexis: Yes.

GameLink: So, you worked with two guys in that one.

Alexis: Oh, wait, wait, wait. This picture, two guys, yes.

GameLink: Nice. You have a big smile on your face.

Alexis: Yes, I do.

GameLink: That's good. We like that.

Alexis: With Brian Sherwood and Tony Keith.

GameLink: Very nice. See, now normally this is where I would ask you to say something sexy in Spanish, but you can't. I need your help with something else for a little sound bite or a ring tone that we can use to make the fans happy. What should we say?

Alexis: I don't know.

GameLink: What is your favorite thing to do sexually?

Alexis: I love cowgirl. Oh, wait, no, no. My favorite thing is little vibrators on my clit, and I can just come and come and come.

GameLink: That's a good one. That's a good one. We'll have to use that as a ring tone. You know what else you should do? You should read that third title.

Alexis: I wanna get Face Fucked Number 4.

GameLink: Without the number 4.

Alexis: I wanna get face fucked.

GameLink: There it is. That's the ring tone of the year.

Alexis: All right.

GameLink: Go to Alexis Love at Look for her in movies. Sounds like you are streaming people toward the website, taking in the fans. So you have control over it. That's good. I am proud of you for that. Thank you and what did you think of your interview yesterday with Miss Savannah?

Alexis Love's dripping wet pussy is waiting for youAlexis: It was great. She was hot.

GameLink: Is she hotter than me?

Alexis: You're pretty hot.

GameLink: Well, thank you but I think she's hotter than me. She has nice boobs.

Alexis: Yes.

GameLink: So, are you guys going to hook up later?

Alexis: I don't know; we might. [laughs]

GameLink: Thank you very much.

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