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Taylor Wane
Taylor Wane

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Born: 8/27/1968
Aliases: Farran Hytes, Miss Faren Heights, Taylor Wave, Zoey Miles, Taylor Wayne, Joanna, Joanna G, Fayrin Heitz, Farran Heights

Country of Origin: United Kingdom England
Place of Birth: Newcastle
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 157 cm - 5 feet and 2 inches
Weight: 50 kg - 110 lbs
Measurements: 38DD-23-32
Fake Boobs: Yes
Status: Active
Shoe Size: 6
Fan Club Address: PO BOX 572229 TARZANA CA 91357-2229


There are many different types of porn stars. There are some living legends still walking before the camera; except now they act as if it is your pleasure to simply see them lying down being gently serviced by a respectful stud who has thoroughly read her "don't do" list. Then there are scads of young unknowns, wildly filling every orifice with abandon. Fifteen-year porn vet Taylor Wane is in a category all her own. Every beautiful inch the living legend, Taylor still hasn't forgotten why she got into the adult business in the first place. She loves sex.

Blessed with supermodel looks and royal charm, Taylor began modeling for men's magazines in 1989. She burst onto the adult-film landscape in 1990 with quick-yet-memorable scenes in titles like Street Walkers, Female Persuasion, and Eyewitness Nudes. More recently Ms. Wane launched her own production company, website [], and line of busty, sheet-soaking DVDs like Voluptuous Vixens, Toxxxic Dreams, and DD Pizza Girls. We caught up with Taylor recently and she dished about everything from Ron Jeremy to anal intercourse. Not necessarily in that order.

Are you always on the run?
It's pretty much one long trip. If you go back to the beginning, I started modeling in Newcastle. At that time I would travel back and forth to London for job interviews. We're talking about 350-mile train rides back and forth just for modeling auditions. So eventually I moved to London. But then I moved to L.A. and the traveling just kept going.

And the adult business must have sped that up, no?
Once I moved to L.A. and I did get into the adult business, I became a club headliner. And I began dancing two weeks out of every month ... for over ten years.

It must be a good way to chart your success, though, by how in-demand you are.
You can gauge it, because you start off and only get one price. Ten years pass and hopefully if you're good, you've built some sort of brand as your name [through] dancing. Then your rate gets way up there. And thankfully mine got way up there.

Do you feel there's a window for making that kind of money, that a girl can only dance for so long?
Oh, God, no, I feel I could still be dancing. I retired two years ago, and I remember when I first told my agent I wouldn't be doing it anymore. He'd still call me every week just to see if he could coax me into just one more gig, then one more gig, and it went on for quite some time like that until he finally got it: "You know, she's not taking this gig." And it was really hard for me to turn down that money.

You must have seen a lot of changes in "gentlemen's clubs" throughout those years, no?
The dance circuit changed a lot. It went from where they did everything for you except lay out a red carpet--and even then if you demanded it, they would have--to fast forward ten years and you were lucky if they even remembered to pick you up at the airport. So it was just time for me to stop that.

You spoke of the business changing, and it seems to me at some point gonzo took over and now there's a huge "disrespecting women" school of porn. Films used to have names like Passion Island and now the titles are like Fuck My Black Ass 12.
Yeah! And when they say twelve, they mean twelve cocks at the same time! [Laughs]

Is that why you started producing and directing, to take control of the films you do?
Well, I do have my own company. I could let people call me up asking if I want to do a gonzo, but for me, it's really not who I am. It's not my style. I mean, I'm very passionate and I love what I do. If you watch my movies, you know I'm not a lame fuck. But at the same time, I'm also a very strong woman. I love men. And I love men who love women. I don't like men who disrespect or degrade women. I can't condone that. Lots of the things I see now, I don't see how it can be considered sex.

Yeah, it goes beyond role playing.
Right now, the stuff that I've been talking about is "piss-in-your-eye porn."

And a new phrase is born!
It's not even "piss on you," it's got to be in the eyeball. I mean, huh? You lost me.

Right! At some point Internet porn got so specific. It's like "Real Certified Public Accountants taking on black studs!" "Real mothers of eight! Every woman has at least eight children!"
[Laughs] Yeah! All of a sudden, everything got put into categories. Just like your website. They want to be able to go to sections of your website. We need to know exactly what you're into so you don't get lost. But the whole thing I'm doing with my movies is I have to do what I want to do, what I believe in. Obviously there's a market for piss-in-your-eye porn. People are making a lot of money from that stuff. That doesn't mean that I have to change who I am or my values and what I'm all about.

Maybe that's why there's so much disrespect of women going on in porn these days, because so many of these former work-for-hire studs went behind the camera. So then they're like, "I'm in charge now, bitch." And they go to the Czech Republic and beat up some women.
It is funny it got very abusive. It wasn't enough that the guys like the sex. One: what self-respecting woman is going to want piss in her eye? Two: how many dicks do you really need in your ass at one time? [Laughs]

On a Sunday? One!
[Laughs] Yeah, maybe on a Tuesday, two.

Is it important to you that the guy be a big, muscle-bound pretty boy? Or can a regular guy who knows what he's doing--and appreciates working with you--really turn you on?
You really cornered me on that question, because I do tend to work with those kinds of people onscreen--because I'm making a picture. But I'm not saying I date people that look like that in my normal life off camera. I don't. I look for someone who's interesting, funny, and intelligent. I look for chemistry. You know, I want to look at you and see a quality in you and feel that you're a great human being.

Well, if I'm watching one of your movies, I'm supposed to identify with the guy having sex with you. I might as well be a well-built guy for those few magical minutes.
That's an interesting point. Because in the past, people always felt that the people watching the movie could only identify with Ron Jeremy or someone ...

Why would I pretend to be Ron Jeremy? I already have a gut.
That's what I'm saying. If I pick a Hollywood woman that I want to be, I'm picking a woman that I find intelligent or attractive. Sure, I don't look like Ashley Judd, but when I see Ashley Judd, I see a person that I want to be like. Her features are so fragile. I look at her and I say, I'd love to look like Ashley Judd. No disrespect to Ronnie, because he's a friend of mine, but I'm just saying not everybody identifies with Ronnie. There are some hot young guys watching adult films with their girlfriends. It's a very popular form of entertainment now with all kinds of different-looking people. I personally like to couple up and make a beautiful picture. And then when I'm two hundred pounds and my ass is sagging ...

You can do specialty tapes?
No, I'll call up and say, "Ronnie, are you available today?" [Laughs] I don't want to say anything bad. Oh, hell, Ronnie didn't call me for that TV show he did, so [into tape recorder] "Ronnie, screw you!" [Laughs]

The Surreal Life?
Yeah, The Surreal Life--he had a pool party on an episode and he didn't call me. I've known Ronnie fifteen years. He called Tabitha Stevens--who I'm also good friends with--but he didn't call me.

What are some of your favorite movies?
One of my utmost favorites is one I did about three years ago called Bedeviled, which is a remake of Bedazzled. I did a really overly camp kind of Elizabeth Hurley. And I did my very first anal penetration in my life--not on screen--in my life! It happened on camera.

Just a spur of the moment thing?
[Laughs] No, it was planned. But I was terrified. I couldn't believe I was nervous about doing anything. I mean why would I be? I was doing movies for over ten years. It ended up coming out so great. The whole movie was so much fun.

What else?
The Secret Diaries is one of my favorites. And people really love it. I mean, to this day, I still get emails about The Secret Diaries. And I should mention some of my own, because I don't own those two, which breaks my heart.

Taylor Wane Complete Filmography:

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College Guide to MILFs Shane's World 2009
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