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Tawny Pearl
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Tawny Pearl

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Born: 3/5/1959
Aliases: Loni Henderson, Susan Sue Pearlman, Loni Henderson, Susan

Born: March 5th, 1959
Hometown: Houston, TX
Height: 5' 5" Weight: 114
Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Waist: 24 Hips: 32 Breasts: 34 B
Loni Henderson, Susan "Sue" Pearlman

Tawny Pearl born Susan Pearlman on March 5th, 1959 in Houston Texas. Growing up a rather fortunate child belonging to wealthy parents in the bustling southern oil rich Texas landscape. Tawny was a fast learner in her school days and studying a high art lifestyle into her late teens. Mindful of a saying her grandmother often would tell her as to not take life lightly but rather go forth and make yourself known to the world.

Porn Star Tawny Pearl is a luscious young lady with a killer smile, a seriously hard body and a set of the nicest breasts that you'll ever lay eyes on. Her long blond hair perfectly set off Tawny Pearl's long and lean figure, making hers one of the hottest looks in early 80's porno.

Tawny Pearl was known in the biz as a dependable, always red-hot performer who was willing to engage in any sort of wild sexual activity. She was an enthusiastic participant in lots of the standard early 80's end-the-film-with-a-wild-orgy sequences, always standing out as the most energetic woman out there.

Tawny Pearl started her XXX career early, but even in her 20s this cute blonde was being cast as a teenager, and she built up quite a reputation as a nubile slut.

Tawny Pearl first hit hardcore screens way back in 1979 with an arousing turn as a curvaceous coed in 'Frat House.' Her pocket pool session with Turk Lyon is the film's highlight, and of course she's right there for the climactic orgy. Another erotic high point of Tawny Pearl's career can be found in 'Tinseltown', where she plays a UCLA student trying to break into the movies. Tawny Pearl plays her steamy and believable turn towards porn stardom to the sexy hilt.

Tawny Pearl was most often relegated to small supporting roles, such as her tiny-but-unforgettable turns in 'Ball Game' and 'Taboo 1.' She retired from the porn business in 1983 after appearing in under twenty sex films. Tawny Pearl was definitely one of the sexiest women of her era in hardcore.

























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Frat House

Frat House

Frat House

Description: Year: 1979. "The guys back at the house want to live out all their fantasies before they graduate", says one of the brothers in the frat house, thereby stating in a nutshell the theme of this hard-core laugh riot, wittingly written and directed by Sven Conrad. The ‘I Phelta Thi’ fraternity certainly holds the record when it comes to goofing off. This particular group of guys never study, seldom go to class and downright refuse to behave themselves. College is no place to further your education ass far they’re concerned; this fraternity attends one class from morning till night-SEX EDUCATION. There is constant battle among the I Phelta Thi guys to see how many girls they can pick up, how many times a day, and in how many different places. This comical epic comes to a head when the guys decide to throw a part at the Dean’s house - and what a party this one is! Will the I Phelta Thi fraternity ever graduate? College is so much fun - do they want to graduate? For a rousing look at college life on the campus at Faulk University, see FRAT HOUSE. Good ole Faulk U will ever be the same… and neither will you!

Stars:Lisa DeLeeuw,Hillary Summers,Connie Petersen,Tawny Pearl,Aimee Leigh,Turk Lyon




Show Girl Superstars

Show Girl Superstars

Show Girl Superstars

Description: We present for your enjoyment some of the most famous and beautiful women on the X-rated screen. Filmed in more erotic and outrageously sexual acts than you have seen them perform before. Fine direction, techniques and equipment were used to bring you this high quality movie of these super stars of sex. Runtime: 59 minutes

Stars: Mike Horner, Aaron Stuart, Billy Dee, Blair Harris, Brooke West, Michael Morrison, Serena, Tawny Pearl

Studio: LBO



Ultra Flesh

Ultra Flesh

Ultra Flesh

Year: 1980. * * * * Sizzling Scenes. Porn legend Seka stars in this sci-fi romp, one of the best outings of her stellar sexvid career. The flick is set in a bleak future world in which the earths male population has been rendered impotent by the intake of too much sugar. Or so it would seem. In fact, the impotence is due to a nefarious plot by space aliens bent on conquering the world. Things begin to look up for the earthlings when an intergalactic council dispatches sultry vixen Ultra Flesh (Seka) to earth to foil the plan and reenergize the world’s male populace. If Seka can somehow get in the clinch with the head alien (Jamie Gillis), he will disappear in a lusty flash. And really now, who could resist the sultry Scandinavian charms of the endlessly enticing Seka? Among the highlights is a ravenous threesome between Seka, Laurie Smith and another delectable space damsel. Candida Royalle turns in one of her most memorable scenes, romping on a trapeze with lucky stiff Mike Ranger. Kelly Nichols shares her supple curves with Ron Jeremy in another searing session. But it’s Seka who is the center of attention here. In scene after scintillating scene, she shows why she’s considered on of the sexiest and most alluring porn starlets ever.

Stars:Seka,Ron Jeremy,Candida Royalle,Lisa DeLeeuw,Kelly Nichols,Jamie Gillis,Angel Cash,Serena,John Leslie,Mike Ranger,Kandi Barbour,Tawny Pearl,Laurie Smith,John Seeman,Jesse Adams,Tyler Reynolds,Ken Yontz,Luis De Jesus




Weekend Fantasy

Weekend Fantasy

Weekend Fantasy

Year: 1980. Weekend Fantasy explores the erotic inner recesses of the minds of four men and four women. Because it is fantasy, there are no boundaries, no rules, no limitations. Anything goes. Here is a truly incredible experience, only possible in the imagination, and presented in a way that will make you feel that it might have been born out of your own hidden consciousness. With enough symbolism to fully satisfy any Fellini fan, and enough far out eroticism to boggle anyone's mind, Weekend Fantasy is a film that will delight, mystify, arouse, and stay with you long after its stunning finale.

Stars:Jennifer West,Maria Tortuga,Tawny Pearl,Bill Margold,Christine DeShaffer,David Morris




Tawny Pearl Complete Filmography:

Lusty Ladies Caballero Home Video 1978
Service Entrance Regal Home Video 1978
Sex Pageant Visual Sensations 1978
Burning Wild Unknown 1979
Goodbye Girls CDI Home Video 1979
Nanci Blue Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1979
Natural Lamporn's Frat House VCX 1979
Party 1 Unknown 1979
Party 2 Unknown 1979
Pink Champagne Metro 1979
Ballgame Caballero Home Video 1980
Budding Blondes TGA Video 1980
Coed Fever Caballero Home Video 1980
Erotic World of Serena VCR 1980
Joys of Erotica 2 VCR 1980
Joys of Erotica Loop 228 VCR 1980
Limited Edition 12 AVC 1980
Limited Edition 14 AVC 1980
Limited Edition 6 AVC 1980
Master and Ms. Johnson Select-a-tape 1980
Plato's The Movie Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1980
Pleasure Productions 2 VCR 1980
Rolls Royce 4 Unknown 1980
Sexual Heights Alpha Blue Archives 1980
Taboo 1 Standard Video 1980
Tinseltown VCA 1980
Ultra Flesh Collector's Video 1980
Weekend Fantasy VCX 1980
Extremes Caballero Home Video 1981
Menage-a-trois TGA Video 1981
Sex Ed With Lil' Red TGA Video 1981
Trouble Down Below Fantasy Video 1981
Kitty Shayne's Fantasies VCR 1982
Endless Lust VCA 1983
Taylor Evans' Fantasies VCR 1983
Three For Love 4-Play Video 1983
Wine Me, Dine Me, 69 Me VCA 1983
Joys Of Erotica 102 VCR 1984
Lusty Ladies 14 Film Collectors 1984
Untamed Desires 4-Play Video 1985
Women In Love 4-Play Video 1985
Blondes On Fire VCR 1987
National Pornographic 1 4-Play Video 1987
Blue Vanities 30 Blue Vanities 1988
Blue Vanities 45 Blue Vanities 1988
Blue Vanities 53 Blue Vanities 1988
Blue Vanities 61 Blue Vanities 1988
Blue Vanities 66 Blue Vanities 1988
Blue Vanities 95 Blue Vanities 1988
Only The Best Of Oral Metro 1988
Mrs. Rodgers Neighborhood Penguin Productions 1989
Toys Not Boys 1: Milkshake Makers Filmco Releasing 1991
Blue Vanities 253 Blue Vanities 1996
Blue Vanities 274 Blue Vanities 1996
Blue Vanities 275 Blue Vanities 1996
Blue Vanities S-612 Blue Vanities 1996
Blue Vanities 290 Blue Vanities 1998
Blue Vanities 306 Blue Vanities 1998
Blue Vanities 325 Blue Vanities 1999
Blue Vanities S-624 Blue Vanities 1999
Swedish Erotica 4Hr 11 Caballero Classics 2003
Prom Queen: Lysa Thatcher Collection Alpha Blue Archives 2004
Tawny Pearl Collection Alpha Blue Archives 2004
Lysa Thatcher: the Teenage Years Gourmet Video Collection 2007
Vintage Erotica 1 Blue Vanities 2010

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