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Tina Tyler

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Born: 7/16/1965
Aliases: Tina Tedeschi, Delilah Savage

Birthday: July 16, 1965
Birthplace: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Nationality/Heritage: Canadian
Hair Color: Brown
Measurements: 34C-25-35
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg)
Years Active: 1992-2009 (Started around 27 years old)

She created her stage name by combining the first name of actress Tina Louise and the last name of Aerosmith's lead singer Steven Tyler.

Tyler grew up with her mother's family in Germany for the first three years of her life. She has said she was "painfully shy" and a bookworm in her childhood. She worked as a shoe salesperson and a receptionist at a modelling agency before becoming a stripper at age 19. She graduated to working as a feature dancer for eight years before entering the adult film industry. She filmed her first scene in September 1992 with Sean Michaels and Jake Steed.

She was married to fellow porn star Tony Tedeschi from 1993 to 1994 and to another man from 1984 to 1985.She remarried in October 1999 to an unknown man.

Besides appearing in adult films, Tyler has also appeared on the TV shows 21 Jump Street, Booker and Wiseguy and was an extra in the movie Star 80.

Tyler was diagnosed with skin and breast cancer in the late 2000s, and she later reflected upon her experiences via a blog. In 2009, after a brief return to the porn industry, Tyler returned to her native Canada to undergo treatments for the cancer. "The prognosis is excellent," she said.





























Luke is Back Bio:
Performer Tina Tyler is the ex-wife of Tony Tedeschi. She grew up on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and stripped in clubs in Western Canada to pay for her college education. "But then I realized I was making good money stripping, and that I wasn't getting anything by attending college that I couldn't get from reading books, so I decided to improve my lifestyle by stripping full-time."

Tina studied ballet for 14 years as a child.

"I had a lot of different shows. I impersonated Marilyn Monroe for two years and went to Japan for three months with that show."

Tina snagged small parts in TV shows and movies.

"Bob Fosse is my all-time idol. He sent chills up my spine. He was an amazing director. Working with him on Star 80 convinced me that that was what I wanted to do: be a sex star."

Star 80 appeared in 1983 and was rated R. It tells the true story of Dorothy Stratten's mental seduction by small time hustler Paul Snider who promoted her career as a Playboy centerfold and movie star before murdering her in a rage of jealousy. It was Director Bob Fosse's final film before he died. Similar to the PBS Frontline documentary on the life and death of porn star Shauna Grant, Star 80, rather than frightening women away from porn, inspired girls such as Tina to get into the sex industry.

Tina Tyler moved to LA and posed for High Society and Easy Rider. Her first porn vid was The Blues in September of 1992.

Bill Margold chose her porn name. "Tina" comes from Tina Louise of Gilligan's Island, and "Tyler" from Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.

"I first left in September of 1993. Then I returned after Cannes in '94, then left in November of 94. I did one film in January 1995, part two of Dreams which is lauded by Adam and Eve in their catalogue."

Tina appears in Careless. "I play Holly, the lead character, who's insecure about herself. She's in a bad relationship. She meets Jon Dough and he brings out her sexuality."

In late 1994 she left the business.

"I'd worked in the sex business since age 19 and I needed to prove to myself that I could make it in the real world. So I took a job in the marketing department of a major Canadian performing arts company. I shouldn't say the name. It was cool. I put together their brochures. I ended up doing their publicity. I did not use the name "Tina Tyler."

"I started stripping in Vancouver at age 19. I entered porn at age 27. On July 16, 1998, I turn 33."

Tyler returned in 1998. In June, Tina posted to RAME:

"1. My first movie and my first scene were not one in the same. My first scene was a loop for German distribution only. It was a three-way between myself, Jake Steed and Sean Micheals and included a fisting scene. That was the one that got me hooked and wanting more.

"My first movie was directed by Sean Micheals. It was called "The Blues." I was billed as Dahlia Savage in the first printing, but I think it's since been changed to Tina Tyler.

"Acting; there's a scene in an upcumming Thomas Paine feature called Desire where I play Blanche Dubois five years later. It's the one I'm proudest of at the moment. No specific scene, the whole performance.

"My hottest scene to date would still have to be Gang Bang Girl 10. After seven facials I still wanted more. The only regrets about that scene is, the camera got in the way of the action too much and the guys could have been a little more there.

"No, I don't do girls in my personal life. I like having sex with them, but I relate better with men.

"Mercedes Laine was one of the plethora of stage names I had over the years."

I met Tina 7/6/98 at Rob Spallone's Star World Modeling. She had a scene that day with Herschel Savage in a video for director Greg Steel.

"I tell people that I came back for the money but the real reason is that I missed the business. I like what I do [sex on film]."

Tina's ex worked on the same film 7/6. "We're getting along. At least on the surface. We can have a civil conversation and not kill each other. I was also married to a man in Canada while I was stripping. That lasted 18 months. I have no children. I have one younger brother.

"I did not have a happy upbringing. During my time out of the business [porn], I was getting my mental house in order. I went through therapy and confronted the issues that I had to deal with from my childhood. I'm much better now.

"I don't think I could've done that and done what I do for a living [f--- on film] at the same time. Too difficult.

"If there wasn't stigma in what we do, I'd be able to say proudly the name of the Canadian arts organization I worked for. I would be able to use my real name. The only reason I don't use my real name is for safety reason. People being able to find out where you live. Stalkers. You're out there on videotape, naked and very vulnerable, showing a part of your personality that you wouldn't normally show. The types that get obsessive over porn stars become really obsessed. I've been stalked. And it was taken care of in a legal manner.

"I haven't danced for years. My body is telling me, 'I'm getting too old for this and it won't cooperate like it used to.' I'm thinking of doing one night dancing here and there. But I'm not in the physical shape to do it all week.

"At this point, I'm not paying marriage much attention. When you work with men on camera, the actress in me falls in love with the person at the time. If I don't have chemistry with an actor, I don't work with them. That chemistry makes me capable of having sex in character.

"I'm proud of my acting in certain movies. I want to stretch that muscle. After all, I'm a dialogue whore. I'd also like to offered things that would enable me to stretch my sexual muscle. I'd like to explore some avenues that haven't been explored yet.

"I've talked with Lasse Braun about doing a fisting scene. I've done that in my private life and on film once. That was my first scene and the fisting scene was only distributed in Germany. Sean Michaels provided the hand. He's got big hands.

"I'm like f---ing an open window on a warm humid day. I'm not one of the starlets who say, 'Oh, I'm so shallow. I can't handle the big boys.' I'm deep.

"I'm also thinking of doing a double pussy penetration."

Luke: Why won't you do anal?

Tina: Why won't you do anal?

Luke: It's revolting to me.

Tina: Thank you. I feel the same way. There's a perfectly good hole right next to it that feels so good.

"I like giving it too. With a strap-on. I especially like f---ing boys. I do bisexual videos."

Luke: "How do you feel about men who like to be f---ed up the ass?"

Tina: "They're fun. I love the role reversal. 'Get on your knees and suck my dick and call me daddy.' It's a fun game to play. I would not want a steady diet.

"I've dated men who like to take it up the ass. I don't lose respect for them. The problem is, if they really like it, they really like it… They want a steady diet and that becomes monotonous.

"I'm not a nymphomaniac. I'm just a woman who enjoys sex. I'm also in my early 30s. Hormonally, I started peaking two years ago. I feel a sexual intensity that I never felt before. It's like being an 18-year old guy who has a stiffy all the time. Sex is on the brain at all times.

"I try to orgasm on camera in most of my scenes. You can tell by my flushing chest…and an uncontrolled quivering in the hips."

Luke: "You don't shoot out spurts of white sticky cum?"

Tina: "I haven't been so lucky. It's happened to me uncontrollably (off camera).

"Director Bud Lee tells me that Dark Reflections is a really good movie. Desire for Thomas Payne where I play Blanche DuBois five years later, coming out of the mental hospital. It was the first time I'd allowed myself to look ugly. I did two Nic Cramer films recently for Pleasure Productions, including The Eros Instinct.

"He's come a long way since Love Bone Invasion with Alicia Rio in 1992, my first time working for him. When I heard he won film of the year, I called him up, 'hey Mr. Big Shot, AVN award winner…' It's great to see him expand…"

Luke: "Do many directors or agents require sexual favors from you?"

Tina laughs. "They can require all they like but I get enough work from people who don't want things from me that I don't need to resort to that. I don't have any problem with anyone who wants to do that. More power to you. Perhaps that is why I am not getting so many box covers."

Luke stares at Tina's mouth: "So if a director told you, 'if you blow me I'll put you on the box,'…"

Tina: "Then I'd wonder who in the cast will end up on the box."

Luke: What about Jim South? Has he ever asked you to blow him?"

Tina laughs. "Jim has been nothing but cordial and nice to me. I also think he knows my reputation is not that of the typical 18-year old bimbette who is naïve…"

Luke: "Have directors asked you to blow them?"

Tina: "It only happened to me once. I refused and still got the lead in the movie though I didn't get the box. That's fine. And I've worked for him since, and gotten box covers from him."

Luke: "Did you have to blow him?"

Tina laughs. "No. And you're staring at my lips like you're just imagining me blowing somebody right now."

Luke blushes. "Oh no, my mind is on a higher plane. I am but a disinterested observer. I never get off on these cassette tapes [of porn star interviews]. I don't watch people f--- for my own pleasure. This is just my job."

Tina: "Only because you have to…"

Luckily for Luke, his tape runs out.


Next I talked with the charming 33-year old Tina Tyler ( who's died her hair black and cut her bangs. "It allows me to do more with my hair. It was either change the hair color (formerly auburn) or cut if all off."

She's started her own production company Thirteen Productions (mainly with her own money) which releases the lines Tina Tyler's Favorites. The first one, a blowjob movie (Rebecca Lord on the cover), came out in January. Next one, an all-girl movie (starring seven girls), comes out March 9. In April, she shoots the second part of the blowjob movie.

"I now make back-end of my movies and I'm not just charging a day rate. My distribution deal is with all-condom Odyssey. I did a strap-on scene with Taylor Moore in a lesbian video, and as a joke she put a condom on the strap-on with her mouth.

"I've been condoms-only [for intercourse] since a week before Brooke Ashley came up positive. The whole [AIDS outbreak] thing left a bad taste in my mouth.

"I'll stay in front of the camera as long as the fans want to see me, and don't say 'oh yuck, her.' I look at people like Nina [Hartley], the Sharons [Kane and Mitchell] and Jeanna [Fine].

"I've been back in the biz a year and I am having a great time. I came back with a lot more clarity than I had when I left. I came back with my head screwed on straight and I am doing it right this time. I'm taking more control over it and making it work for me instead of me working for it. I've started my own production company... I'm more picky about the type of production I'll work in... I have a tendency to become a total workaholic."

Tina, a veteran of 160 videos, plays the devil in VCA's Devil in Miss Jones 6 (directed Antonio Passolini).

Tyler does have a rock n'roll boyfriend but he supports himself and does not slap her around. "The only person that you [Luke] would know that I've been with is Tony Tedeschi. And that was one time and I was gone. I don't put up with that kind of stuff. I'm stronger than that."

In her first porn scene (1992), Tina absorbed Sean Michaels fist for a German release. She talked with Lasse Braun about doing her second fisting scene but it did not come to fruition.

"Sean took me under his wing and gave me a list of people to avoid and a list of people to avoid. He's a class act. Along with Herschel Savage, Randy Spears, Peter North. The veterans tend to be class acts - Nina Hartley and the Sharons..."

Tyler's received only one bad check during her time in porn and only one director has asked her for a free blowjob. "I said, 'I'm not an 18-year old blonde bimbo. I'm not stupid. You can't manipulate me. I'm 27. I've been around the block a few times. If you really really want that, than hire me.' The guy said 'you wouldn't like the kind of scenes I do anyway,' and left it at that."

Tina Tyler Directs For Lexington Steele's Mercenary Pictures


From a press release from Mercenary's Wayne Hentai:

* What's your history in the adult industry?

Tina Tyler: I started as talent in 1992 and have enjoyed a more than a decade in front of the camera. My career has crossed genres from high end features to gonzo, to interracial, to fetish, to bisexual and transsexual.

* When did you decide to take up directing?

In 1998, I got the bug. At that time, it was a lot more difficult for a woman to get a directing deal, so I decided to create my own product and finance it myself. It was a huge risk, as I really could only afford to do one title and I had no distribution deal. The latter problem was solved with a meeting at OGV with Bob East, one of the most genuine and honorable men I've had the pleasure of knowing. He gave me a deal and I made my first movie, Tina Tyler's Favorites, Blow Jobs. I had my then husband and his best friend shoot it (on high 8, no less), a mainstream photographer did the lighting and the stills and I did the casting, locations, craft service, wardrobe, sitting behind the monitor, getting the press out to the set, performing (in the final scene) and check signing. Thankfully, it was well received and I went on to make two more titles in the series.

* Seeing as how there's not too many women directors, how do the female performers who work for you take to you?

Female directors are lucky. The women I've been fortunate enough to have shot all seem to want to bring their A game to the table when they know they're working for another woman. I'm not sure why that is, but my speculation is that female directors have a more non threatening way of comuincating to female talent.

* Do male performers treat you differently than how you'd seen them treat male directors?

Absolutely! I've never seen male talent ask to see Antonio Passolini's tits.

* What's your approach to shooting a blowjob that a guy wouldn't take, and what do you see in the scene that a guy wouldn't see?

For me the act of fellatio is power... female sexual power, control and seduction. For a guy the turn on is different. Whereas I'm looking to explore each woman's individual style and vibe, a male director may have one particular style he's looking for (the one that turns him on most). There's going to be more variety in my product.

* About how many blowjob scenes do you shoot in a week?

I shoot 10 to 15 a month, that breaks down to... ummm... errr... you said there'd be no math!

* How do you keep it so that it doesn't get repetitive for you?

Again each new woman infront of my lens is new experience waiting to happen. For me the joy is giving her an environment where she feels her sexiest and capturing it as it comes out of her.

* How's your experience been directing for Mercenary?

Hands down the best company I ever been associated with! I couldn't ask for a better situation. Lex has an incredible head for business and I'm learning so much from him. It wonderful to know that your ideas are welcomed with enthusiasm. It was certainly different for me shooting my own camera. That was probably the most daunting thing about it for me, but also one of the most exciting. I look forward to many more years with Mercenary.

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Tina Tyler Complete Filmography:

Buttman's Face Dance 1 Evil Angel 1992
Buttman's Face Dance 2 Evil Angel 1992
Ladykiller Sin City 1992
MH Home Video 223: Cunt of the Month November Mike Hott 1992
Biff Malibu's Totally Nasty Home Videos 37 Anabolic Video 1993
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Double D Dykes 12 Gourmet Video Collection 1993
Double Load Heatwave 1993
Dungeon DeSade Filmco Releasing 1993
Environmental Attorney Pepper Productions 1993
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Gangbang Girl 10 Anabolic Video 1993
Good The Bad And The Snuggly Zane Entertainment Group 1993
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Hollywood Temps Zane Entertainment Group 1993
Juranal Park Odyssey 1993
Just My Imagination Wicked Pictures 1993
Kiss Before Dying CDI Home Video 1993
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Euro-max 1: Frisky In France Sin City 1994
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In the Butt Plum Productions 1994
Learning The Ropes 8: Slaves In Training Ona Zee Presents 1994
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Mr. Peepers' Amateur Home Videos 82 L.B.O. Entertainment 1994
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Tina Tyler's Favorites 1: Blowjobs Odyssey 1998
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