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Lili Xene
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Lili Xene

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Born: 8/27/1968
Aliases: Eve Davis, Lili Marlene, Raven Black

Birthplace: Santa Monica California
Birthday: August 27th, 1968
Eve Davis, Lili Marlene, Raven Black
Eyes: Brown Hair: Black
Height: 5 ft 2 in or 157 cm
Weight: 108 lbs
Measurements: 36FF 26 36
Shoe size: 6 wide US
Tattoos: None Piercing: Ears

Lilli Xene (born August 27, 1968 in Santa Monica, California), is a nude model and porn star who was active during the 1990s and became known for her large augmented breasts.

Lili started out in 1990 in bondage, and some of you may remember her as Eve Davis. Since then she's appeared in over 200 adult films and at least 50 magazines, all the time making a steady climb towards her status today as a premier feature performer! I am always struck with Lili's professionalism and complete dedication. She is very serious minded. Concerned about the quality of her performances and saves every penny she earns which will some day make her a lot wealthier than most of us!

Originally billed as "Lili Marlene", Xene began her porn career in the early 1990s. By the mid-1990s, she had changed her name to "Lilli Xene", and the naturally busty performer had undergone several breast enlargement surgeries which increased her popularity in porn videos, big-bust magazines, and on the strip club circuit. An articulate speaker, she also represented the industry on a number of talk shows of the day, such as Jenny Jones.

In a 1995 interview with Score magazine, Xene revealed that she was a widow, and that she chose to be a part of the porn industry in spite of having very strong religious beliefs. In the late 1990s, she appeared in several installments of the Pussyman video series and demonstrated in a number of her later performances her ability to female ejaculate or "squirt".

Many fans note as to the attractiveness of her notably unshaven characteristics, most even commenting to the facts that while preference of a clean shaven look Lili Xene puts up quite a score for the bushy unshaven display, or even maybe changing their preference to the classic bush of naturalism. However she chose to display her female goodies the fans showed no obvious complaints, and beg for more yet to this day.

Fan club mail shows quite a fond following and has guided this star well to legendary status in the industry. Most notable was reference to her over the top breast enhancements of her later works, and adding that the rest of her assets compliment fully to lay out the perfect porn star. Her voice and acting style get matching over the top raves. Lili Xene is more often compared to the 50s era pinup or poster girls flaunting that timeless beauty however she sets forth.

A photogenic likeness to Erin Grey from the popular series at the time on network TV of Buck Rogers, some wonder if her intergalactic chest globes sizing of the time may have helped the show last a bit longer. Lee Majors would have had 2 more small planets to occupy or at least explore. What a thought huh like a casting of Lili the extreme Xene as maybe a alter ego character for the already stunning cast of space adventurers.

Xene retired from full-time performing in the early 2000s and her present activities are unknown. Some sources have reported that she still performs in Los Angeles-area strip clubs, while others, such as the user-edited Internet Movie Database claim she has left the adult entertainment industry and now works as a landlord.

Many variations exist in the spelling of the performer's name, including Lili Xene, Lilli Exene.

































































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Hustler Erotic Video Guide (USA) May 1993, Vol. 8, Iss. 4, pg. 7-11, by: Lilli Xene, "Fast Forward: Lustfully Yours, Lilli Xene--A true erotic crusader reveals why porn is the career for her."

Score (USA) May 2000, Vol. 9, Iss. 5, pg. 78-81, "Lilli Xene: After Several Augmentations, Lilli Xene Was On Top of the Big-Tit World, and Then, Without Warning, She Was Gone."
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Score Presents Busty Covergirls (Score Special) (USA) 1996, Iss. 7, pg. 34-41, "Lilli Xene: A porn star and dancer, Lilli Xene has done it all in her career, and she tells all in this exclusive Score interview!"
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Hustler Erotic Video Guide (USA) May 1993, Vol. 8, Iss. 4, pg. 7-11, by: Scott St. James, "Fast Forward: Lustfully Yours, Lilli Xene..."

Magazine cover photo
Girls/Girls (Wet & Pink) (USA) 1996, Vol. 12, Iss. 4

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A Girl's Affair 1

A Girl's Affair 1

A Girl's Affair 1

Description: The passion is all feminine in this torridly lustful, all-girl feature. From finger probing to wet oral to volcanic climax, it's everything you've wanted to see women do to other women, and more!

Starring: Holly Ryder, Lili Xene, Angela Faith, Honey Jarre, Lacy Rose, Mona Lisa, Sharon Mitchell, Teri Diver, Victoria Secret

Studio: Fat Dog



Fetish Finishing School

Fetish Finishing School

Fetish Finishing School

Description: A tale of bondage and dicipline set in a very strict bondage school. The school Mistress just can't seem to keep her students in line, no matter how much she spanks, whips, and tantalizes them. The Mistress wonders if these girls will ever learn!

Starring: Lili Xene, Bobbi Brandt, Desi DeAngelo

Studio: Sunshine



Hot Tight Asses - Kinky Camera 10

Hot Tight Asses - Kinky Camera 10

Hot Tight Asses - Kinky Camera 10

Description: When big busted Patricia talks her little anal slave, Alexis, into using the kinky camera, all lust breaks loose! Alexis takes aim at her sexy girl friends and low-and-behold! They expose their first (and hottest) anal sexual experience! Through the lens of T.K.C. (The Kinky Camera), we get to see the most torrid display of pure anal butt-fucking ever filmed! Here is heated anal, the likes of which only the master-eroticizer Michael Carpenter can produce! If you thought the earlier H.T.A.s were hot you ain't seen nothin' yet! Runtime (Stream, Download): 101 minutes

Stars: Tera Heart, Peter North, Lili Xene, Amber Woods, Jordan Lee, Luc Wylder, Nick East, Rowan Fairmont, Sally Layd, T.T. Boy

Studio: TCKS



Hotel Sodom 8

Hotel Sodom 8

Hotel Sodom 8

Description: From David Christopher, famed for his Pussyman series, comes this nasty hardcore anal series! How can world famous director David Christopher possibly top his first seven entries in the shocking Hotel Sodom series? Why, By rounding up even nicer, firmer, sexier behinds. Convincing them to stoop to acts of anal plunging never-before-dreamed-of- in western civilization, and by lining up a row of well-endowed studs to plug those willing behinds over and over again... That's how!

Stars: Debi Diamond, Rebecca Bardoux, Tom Byron, Lili Xene, Barbara Doll, Jamie Karson, Marilyn Martin, Nick East, Steve Drake

Studio: Pussyman



Mellon Man 5

Mellon Man 5

Mellon Man 5

Description: Once again the Mellon Man has found mounds of mammary action! The hottest hooters on this side of the Mississippi bounce their way into your bedroom with loads of lusty ladies giving plenty of juicy head, enjoying girl-girl nipple nibbling, and taking it hot and wet in every orifice!

Stars: Rachel Love, Lili Xene, Bridgette Monroe, Dave Hardman, Heather Lee, Warren Scott

Studio: Avica



Queen Dominatrix

Queen Dominatrix

Queen Dominatrix

Description: Catch Mistress Artemis battles Mistress Lili Xene in a no-holds-barred nude cat-fight. Don't miss this hardcore action!

Starring: Lili Xene

Studio: Napali Video



World's Biggest Tits 4 - Big Tit Lesbo's

World's Biggest Tits 4 - Big Tit Lesbo's

World's Biggest Tits 4 - Big Tit Lesbo's

Description: Just when you thought you had enough, here comes number four in the ever-so-popular World's Biggest Tits series. Classic chicks from the eighties and nineties in hot lesbian action! The scenes will get you so hot you'll be praying for mercy!

Starring: Lili Xene, Angel Bust, Busty Brittany, Erica Everest, Lynden Johnson, Sana Fey, Sasha Savage

Studio: Big Top Video



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Action in Black
Adventures of Buck Naked
American Dream Girls 32 - World Class Ass
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Comic Relief
Crazy With the Heat 2
Cuckold Encounters 2
Cum Shocks 2
Cum Shocks 7
Cum Shocks 8
D.P. Dykes 1 - Sex-O-Vision 9
Dark-X-Tremes 7 - Mixed Muff Divers
Dirty Doc's Sticky Faces 4
Double D Dykes 7
Dripping with Desire
Dyke-A-Thon 1 - Sex-O-Vision 5
Extreme Pictures Feature 6 - Raunch
Fetish Finishing School
Filthy Fuckers 120
Firm Hand Will Spank
Foot Sluts
Foot Worship 6
Forget Me Not
Full Service
Girlie Man in Training
Greek Week
Heatwave 2
Hits and Misses
Hot Fucking Sluts 10 - Kinky Blondes in Heat
Hot Tight Asses 10
Hotel Sodom 8
Humongous Hooters - Sex-O-Vision 4
Ice Woman 1
Ice Woman 2
Jennifer 69
Junkyard Dykes 3
Kinky Catfighting 1
Knockers 18
Legends of Porn 4
Let It Ride
Love Doctor
Mellon Man 1 Quest for Breasts
Mellon Man 5
Milfs and Their Toys 3
Nasty Girls 5
Nasty Nancy 30 - Shaved and Smooth
Neighborhood Watch 35
Nookie Cookies
Park Ranger
Park Ranger
Pussyman 11 - Prime Cuts
Pussyman 16 - Girls Who Gush
Pussyman 2 - The Prize
Pussyman 3 - The Search 2
Pussyman 4 - A Celebration
Pussyman 8 - The Squirt Queens
Pussyman Says Give Me Cock!
Rainwoman 7 - In The Rain Forest
Rainwoman 8 - Wet Between The Cheeks
Read My Lips No More Bush
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Sextasy 27 - Big Tits Wet Slits
Shear Ecstasy
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Sodomania 1 - Tales of Perversity
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