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Kayla Kleevage
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Kayla Kleevage

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Born: 4/20/1965
Aliases: Kayla Kleavage

Birthplace: Racine, Wisconsin
Nationality/Heritage: American
Hair Color: Blond
Measurements: 50II-26-36
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight: 129 lbs (59 kg)

Born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, Kayla Kleevage has been around the club business most of her life. "My Mom had owned a couple of small bars in and around Milwaukee and Racine so I've kind of grew up thinking everyone went to bed at 4:00 a.m. Once I was old enough to tend bar, I soon found out how valuable my assets were and I enjoyed the attention and tips a lot too. The bartending skills helped me to land jobs at Bottoms Up and Fantasys which were lingerie bars in Racine. When I was about 20, my family moved to Houston, Texas and that's when I discovered the topless dancing scene. I danced at Sugars on Broadway, Caligula XXI and The Ritz. One night when I was at the Ritz partying and dancing, a guy walked up to me and said he was a scout for Universal Entertainment and wanted to know if I had any interest in being a Feature Dancer. I thought it was just another come on but sure enough-the next day I got a call from Elanore Bucci from Universal and the rest, as they say, is history! "

"I've tried to do it all most of my career-magazines, videos, television, pay-per-view, radio, dancing and the internet."

"To be in this business and do it right you must have a love for travel, a lust for sex and the enjoyment of being a professional exhibitionist!" Kayla now resides in Las Vegas.
Birthdate: April 20th
Height: 5'7"
Bust Size: 95 II
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Sexual Position: Doggie-style
Favorite Restaurants:
Hillside in Kingston, NY
Scoma's in San Francisco
Sorrentino's in Palm Springs
Personal Travel Vehicle: 2002 Suburban Z
Favorite Video: The Boobcage
Website Address:
Favorite Clubs On the Circuit:
Flashdancers, New York City
Market Street Cinema, San Francisco
On the Border, MilwaukeeFavorite Costume Maker: Vicky Renee
Favorite Perfume: Chanel #5
Favorite Food:
Godiva Chocolates
Nascar and anything that burns Nitro
Riding my lowrider
Pets: Two cats named Sony and Koda
Relaxation: Suntanning and riding my scooter



SCORE: Well, Kayla, here you are, sitting and relaxing in the upstairs bedroom of our beach house in South Florida, and you've had a busy week. You and your friend Minka were just doing something to Plenty UpTopp, weren't you?
KAYLA KLEEVAGE: Yeah, we had a good time. We did a three-girl, and we had big strap-ons dildos. Minka's was bigger than mine, though, but mine was covered with lipstick because Plenty was sucking on it. She gave me a nice, wet, blowjob!
SCORE: How big was your dildo?
KAYLA KLEEVAGE: Nice and big, but it wasn't just long, it was thick! I like big dicks, but this one was huge!
SCORE: So what did you do and what did Minka do?
KAYLA KLEEVAGE: Well, first I made Plenty suck my dick, and then I got to hold onto one of her pussy lips with my teeth, then I got to stick it in her cookie, she likes to call it her cookie, and stuff like that. We basically molested her. Fucked her in the pussy and all that good stuff!
SCORE: You've had a pretty sexual week, because the other day, we had you at the SCORE studio with Minka and a guy.
KAYLA KLEEVAGE: (laughs) Yeah, I remember that well! We did like 15 different sex positions. I didn't know that many existed, but I found out. I can't even remember most of them, but, of course, my mind was more on getting fucked and giving blowjobs.
SCORE: He must have been quite a guy to handle both of you.
KAYLA KLEEVAGE: Well, he did his best. We're a handful, you know. We took turns sucking him off, then he stuck it in my pussy, then he stuck it in Minka's pussy. We even licked his sweaty balls! Minka and I are best friends, so we know how to share, especially when it comes to sex. I think he was surprised by how much dick we could handle. And Minka's pussy tastes really good! I loved sucking on his dick after it came out of her pussy.
SCORE: You've had a week of threesomes, haven't you?
KAYLA KLEEVAGE: That's true! I don't think I've done many threesomes lately. Not for print. In real life, I've had a few.
SCORE: Now, that's a pretty impressive white bra you have on right now. Is it a custom-made bra or a store-bought bra?
KAYLA KLEEVAGE: This is a store-bought bra that's been altered. I got it at Sheer Fantasy in Houston, Texas.
SCORE: A famous place for big-breasted women to buy bras.
KAYLA KLEEVAGE: That's right. They have my size on file. I just give them a call once a year and order a whole slew of bras, then I'm set for a while.
SCORE: What is your bra size?
KAYLA KLEEVAGE: My measurement is about 50 inches, my cup size is a double-I.
SCORE: Which is about 10 inches from your ribcage, right?
KAYLA KLEEVAGE: Yeah, there's a whole formula, a certain amount of inches from your ribcage, and that's what size you are. An A-cup is one-inch. I haven't worn one of those since I was barely a teenager. A D-cup is four inches, an E-cup is five inches and so on. The bra I'm wearing now is the biggest one I could find.

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