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Roberta Pedon
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Roberta Pedon

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Born: 5/2/1954
Aliases: Melody O'Hare, Roberta Weaver, Robin, Robbie, Sam, Ms. Pedon, Mellissa Olivia Martin, Mooschi

Birth Name: Rosma Grantoviskis
Country of Origin: United States United States
Province / State: OH - Ohio
Date Deceased: July 30, 1982 (deceased at age 28)
Aliases: Melody O'Hare, Roberta Weaver, Ms. Pedon
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 170 cm - 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight: 61 Kg.
Measurements: 36DD-26-36

Roberta Pedon (born Rosma Grantoviskis in Ohio in 1954) was a big-bust American glamour model who gained popularity in the 1970s.

While it has been popularly believed that she was either of Italian or Argentinian heritage, according to the Internet Movie Database, Roberta's parents were Latvian refugees[1]. The ‘Italian/Argentinean’ rumors originate from the fact that she plays a foreign character in the film Delinquent Schoolgirls, and misinformation deliberately put out by two photographers who wished to dissociate themselves from her. Roberta is said to have based the voice of her Delinquent Schoolgirls character on her mother, with whom she did not get along. Roberta’s mother regarded her early developing daughter as a “freak” due to her large breasts, and thought she should be ashamed of her body. Parodying her mother’s voice in Delinquent Schoolgirls was Roberta’s revenge. According to people who met her, Roberta spoke with a normal American accent, in addition she was also fluent in Portuguese. Roberta's birth name was Rosma Grantoviskis. However, she went by the stage names of Roberta Pedon, Melody O'Hare and Roberta Weaver. The nom-de-plume Melody O'Hare supposedly came from the name of one of her best friends in Junior High.

Roberta’s appearance in Delinquent Schoolgirls was due to several people who were involved in the production also being behind a Los Angeles company that specialized in cheesecake magazine shoots and loops, giving the filmmakers the opportunity to use bust models like Roberta and Nika Movenka as actresses. After appearing in Delinquent Schoolgirls, Roberta caught the acting bug and auditioned for a part in a Jan-Michael Vincent film, personal problems and poor management however meant she would only ever be a one film wonder.

Roberta’s relationships with men were of a brief and turbulent nature, following repeat patterns of Roberta seeking deep emotional attachment with men who merely used and discarded her. She claimed to have had affairs with an actor from the film Planet of the Apes, and a faded television star who was to later die in mysterious circumstances in 1978. While few of her relationships lasted more than a couple of months, she did enjoy a longer one with the writer Gustav Hasford, author of “The Short Timers” later to be the inspiration for the film Full Metal Jacket.

Although Roberta was "discovered" in the USA, she appeared for the first time in a Danish pornographic magazine.

She invariably dressed (and then undressed) as a hippie during most of her photo shoots. Her popularity was, however, rather short-lived; a few years after her debut she completely disappeared from the spotlight and retired in 1975.

Two books about Roberta are currently being written, one a traditional biography, the other a fictional narrative in which one of the main characters is heavily based on Roberta.





























Born in Ohio to Latvian-Jewish parents, Pedon relocated first to San Francisco and then to Venice, California to start a modeling career.[1] Bob Ellison and John Kirk, both well-known glamour photographers in Los Angeles have been credited with discovering her. She was known by many pseudonyms (Roberta Pedon, Melody O’Hare, Roberta Baird and Roberta Weaver). “Roberta Pedon” was the name she had fully adopted by 1973. The “Melody O’Hare” moniker supposedly came from the name of one of her best friends in junior high. Pedon’s nickname was “Mooschi”.[2]

Because of her large breasts, Pedon’s photographs frequently appeared in men’s magazines catering to breast fetishists. The earliest verifiable publication of her photos was in the February 1974 edition of “The Swinger”, a men’s magazine. The issue would have gone to press the prior November. In Nymphet, February 1975, she appeared under her actual name with text referring to her Jewish background. Pedon dressed (and then undressed) as a hippie in most of her photo shoots.

Pedon appeared in the sexploitation film Carnal Madness aka Delinquent Schoolgirls.[3] Her casting was the result of her contacts at American Art Enterprises (AAE), a Los Angeles company that specialized in pornographic shoots and loops. AAE’s modeling roster provided the producer of Delinquent Schoolgirls with busty female talent like Pedon and Nika Movenka for the film. After appearing in Delinquent Schoolgirls, Pedon auditioned for the lead female role in the Jan-Michael Vincent film Buster and Billie.

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Thanks to Wikipedia for some of our information!

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Big Bust Babes 1 and 2

Big Bust Babes 1 and 2

Big Bust Babes 1 and 2

Description: Sixteen of the 70's hottest models drop their panties and pull down their bras to let you look at their swollen, natural mounds. Excellent solo and girl-to-girl loops with nothing less than a 40DD cups! Includes gorgeous Roberta Pedon, Angel Cash squirting warm, milky lactation delights, and much more! Still Gallery Filled with Rare Photos Running Time: 120 Minutes

Starring: Angel Cash, Anna Ventura, Candy Samples, Carol Miller, Darlene "Yum Yum" English, Doreen Cormier, Keli Stewart, Marla Monroe, Mindy Marlow, Pepper Bond, Rhonda Jo Petty, Roberta Pedon, Roxanne Brewer, Sza Sza, Uschi Digart

Studio: Alpha



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Classic Big Tit Legend Collection 1

Classic Big Tit Legend Collection 1

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Starring: Candy Samples, Darlene English, Doreen Cormier, Marla Monroe, Rhonda Jo Petty, Roberta Pedon, Roxanne Brewer, Sza Sza

Studio: GVC



Mouthwatering Naturals

Mouthwatering Naturals

Mouthwatering Naturals

Description: The top secret underground tit films of the early 70's remain some of the purest tit action films made to this day. Jaw dropping stunners like Roberta Pedon needed a few extra bucks and would strip down and show off their huge hot tits and every square inch of skin to horny cameramen. The big titty loving die hards at Alpha Blue have sorted through piles of rare solo tit films to bring you this collection which includes Roberta in Play With Me, Marie in Splits and Tits, classic tit action from Playmate and more! Runtime: 112 minutes

Stars: Candy Kane, Roberta Pedon

Studio: Alpha



Reel Classics

Reel Classics

Reel Classics

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Starring: Cupcake Cassidy, Joan Brakeman, Nancy Brown, June Palmer, Margaret Middleton, Paula Page, Roberta Pedon, Virginia Bell

Studio: Big Top Video



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