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Rene Bond
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Rene Bond

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Born: 11/11/1950
Aliases: Karen Small, Paula Schnall, Mindy Brandt, Renee Bond, Lilly Lovetree, Annie Hall, Diane Lee, Lotta Rocks

Born: October 11, 1950 San Diego, California
Date of Death: Sunday, June 02, 1996 (She died in LA of liver problem, possibly cirrhosis.)
Height: 5 ft. 3 in.
Weight: 114 lbs.
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Breasts: 36C
Waist: 25"
Hips: 35"

Born in 1950, Rene Bond entered porn in 1969. "I had some friends who were working in porno, and I needed the money. So they said they'd introduce me to some people, and they did. I got used to the money." One of the first porn stars to get a breast job, Rene Bond dominated early '70s Los Angeles porn. "She was a sinfully sexy and youthful looking little strumpet whose well-rounded acting skills and vivacious approach to on-screen sexing made her an instant favorite," writes the Excalibur web site. "Rene had a beautiful, petulant face and a youthful and trim little body that made her the choice to play teenage roles or roles as debauched young daughters. And she had a nice touch with light comedy that added an extra something special to every role she took."

She appeared frequently in early '70s bondage loops. In It Takes A Thief, she shoves another girl around, ties her up, and gags her with a dollar bill.

Rene earned about $100 a day for her hardcore work and about $30 a day for softcore "one day wonders. When production values got better, they would take two or three days to shoot to make. Sometimes they'd shoot two films back to back and that would take a week. Nowadays [1977] they take about ten to fifteen days or longer, depending on how good they are. I get about $7,500 or more to do a film nowadays.

"I did have [breast enhancement] surgery, but that was because I was told there's a North American Breast Fetish, and that men only like women with big boobs, which is not the case anymore, but then it was. And so I had it done, and it changed a lot of things. I did get more work after that."

Bond took on five cocks in the 1973(?) classic Teenage Fantasies. She speaks directly to the viewer as she strokes a dick. "My fantasies are mostly oral. I enjoy giving head. I enjoy making men come."

Famed for her oral abilities, Rene went down on John Holmes in Teenage Fantasies 2. Her other leading performances came in Hot Teenage Lovers, Teenage Sex Kitten, and Do You Wanna Be Loved? where she plays the wife of Paul Thomas.
Little product came out of Hollywood in the early '70s that didn't feature her. Rene also appeared in Convict Women Bust Out and Please Don't Eat My Mother.

Before her breast job (which was supposedly funded by pornographer Harry Novak), Rene played an innocent art student debauched by her childhood friend turned hooker in Kim Comes Home. Perhaps the worst movie she appeared in was Rendezvous in Hell, where she portrays the gun-moll of a "gang that makes the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight look like SWAT team marksmen." (Don the Deviate)

Rene appeared in about 300 films. "I'm sure there must be some "underworld characters" around, but mostly, it's just small, independent moviemakers who go on to bigger budget films. I'm not sure where the money comes from, but I'm sure it comes from many different sources. I don't think that the underworld has any big hold on porn.
"When you make a picture, you hardly ever know the name of it or who the distributor is. Getting a print is out of the question.

"My boyfriend Ric Lutze is my favorite leading man. He's the easiest to work with and I have made the most films with him.
"I don't do anal sex, and I don't do scenes with animals or children."

As for keeping a guy hard, "mainly it's just having a rapport with the person. Try and give him something. It mostly has to do with the man. Some men can get it up immediately after climaxing, while others have to wait awhile."

Bond remembers shooting 1970's Country Cuzzins in a bathroom. "I and another girl were portraying two country girls discovering a bidet. And the crew had these lights all set up in the bathroom. Well, we started splashing each other with water from the bidet, and some water got splashed on the lights which, by now, were hot, and the lights started bursting. So there was this strange sight of two girls jumping and bouncing all over the bathroom, trying not to get sprayed with flying glass."

By 1977, the date of this interview with an underground paper that was reprinted in Something Weird Video's Blue Book, Rene had incorporated herself. She sold photos and slides of herself through her own mail order company. And at Lee Witten's Ivar Burlesque Theater in Hollywood, she sang, danced and stripped nightly. She often brought her father on stage and sang "My Heart Belongs to Daddy."

After her performance, Bond signed autographs in the lobby for a dollar each.

Rene retired in 1980 to concentrate on raising a family. Every year she sent her former softcore agent Hal Guthue a Christmas card.

Veteran photographer David Story hails from Kentucky. He entered porno in 1964, shooting for Milton Luros' Parliament News in Los Angeles.

"I came out and met Rene Bond (18yo?) in 1968. I met her on Hollywood Blvd at the Magic Shop. Followed her in there. She introduced me to Milt Luros. I started shooting for him. All we did was topless at that time, no pubic hair.
"She was one of the nicest persons I've ever met. She was always sweet, always on time. She didn't do drugs." Sadly this set favorite developed Cirrhosis of the Liver which over the course of about 4 years after detection claimed the young life of this girl next door on June 12th 1996.

























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Candy's Catfights

Candy's Catfights

Candy's Catfights

Description: See horny, bitchy, bra-busters fight it out on the mat and in the bedroom, tearing clothes and pulling hair while their tits flop and flail! Classic vintage loops showcase big name stars and gorgeous unkowns, with Candy in four legendary matches, including Battle of the Bosoms, with Candy vs. Uschi! Two busty amazons duke it out in Pinned Playthings! Also includes Battle of the Untamed Blondes , Double Danger, Rumbling Redheads, Brawling Bitches and many more handpicked loops! Running Time: 120 Minutes

Stars: Seka, Candy Samples, Lisa Dleeuw, Little Oral Annie, Rene Bond, Ushci Digard

Studio: Alpha



Rene Bond - Sex Kitten

Rene Bond - Sex Kitten

Rene Bond - Sex Kitten

Description: Prolific sex star Rene Bond is being rediscovered thanks to her growing cult status amongst die hard fans. Gorgeous by any standard, with her long eyelashes and cheeky smile she had a look and aura that was uniquely 70's. This hand picked collection represents the full scale of her work, including great raw hardcore loops like My Sister's Boobs and Patio Party. Over a dozen hard cocks get Rene's special oral treatments, Rene goes muff diving with hot blond bra buster Nina Fause, and even fits big John Holmes down her petite little pussy! Runtime: 119 minutes

Stars: John Holmes, Nina Fause, Rene Bond, Rick Lutz

Studio: Alpha



Rene Bond Collection 1

Rene Bond Collection 1

Rene Bond Collection 1

Description: With her sweet, angel face, full lips and plush body, Rene Bond is the quintessential sex kitten! Here, you'll find twelve of her hottest film scenes and two rare loops. The collection starts with a light bondage loop where Rene is rope-tide to a chair and stripped to her garters and heels. In another, she strips out of a crushed velvet top and sex romps with a guy! A few more soft-X scenes follow and then she gets XXXtra busy! She delivers one of the "top ten blowjobs of all time" in the opening scene from 1980's Teenage Fantasies #2, discussing her technique with the camera as she demonstrates why hers is one of the most talented mouths in the history of porno! Runtime: 120 minutes

Stars: John Holmes, Rene Bond, Victoria Winter

Studio: Alpha



Teenage Fantasies

Teenage Fantasies

Teenage Fantasies

Description: Rene Bond stars in this classic film about the fantasies of today's youth. She captures the art of seduction in every erotic detail and her manipulations with the male form earned her the title of "The Queen of Porn." The movie is one of the greatest collections of erotic scenes ever filmed, leaving virtually nothing for the imagination. After several teens are asked about their most explicit dreams and desires, they are allowed to experience them. Filled with many sweet and innocent lovelies, the adventures of the "now" generation is definitely for the young at heart. PRODUCERS OF THE TITLE ASSERT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18 Runtime: 55 minutes

Starring: Anne Silvers, Jeanette Nichols, Nancy Talmadge, Sandy Frankel, Sue Frankel, Suzanne Fields, Rene Bond, Rick Lutze, Art Dolores, Mike Henrisson

Studio: VCX



The Golden Age of Porn - Rene Bond

The Golden Age of Porn - Rene Bond

The Golden Age of Porn - Rene Bond

Description: Rene Bond is best described as the girl next door. Her innocent style and great smile makes you just want to fuck the shit out of her. She worked from the 70's through the late 80's and was a real fan favorite to the last. Runtime: 56 minutes

Starring: Rene Bond

Studio: Gentlemens Video



The Ultimate 70s Collection

The Ultimate 70s Collection

The Ultimate 70s Collection

Description: Historic Erotica presents The Ultimate 70s Collection. Chock full of wierdness, kinkiness and funniness. This movie features, live action, cartoons and even a little puppet play. DVD Features: 2-Disc Set Runtime: 130 minutes

Starring: Arcadia Lake, Cody Nicole, Crystal Dawn, Linda McDowell, Marlene Willoughby, Rene Bond, Robin Everett, Victoria Winter

Studio: Historic Erotica



Rene Bond Complete Filmography:

Adult Version Of Jekyll And Hide Something Weird Video 1971
Angel Above and the Devil Below Metro 1975
Bad Bad Gang Something Weird Video 1972
Beach Blanket Bango Eros Video 1975
Below the Belt Something Weird Video 1970
Between My Breasts 6 Big Top Video 1989
Blue Vanities 18 Blue Vanities 1992
Blue Vanities 252 Blue Vanities 1996
Blue Vanities 330 Blue Vanities 1999
Blue Vanities 44 Blue Vanities 1992
Blue Vanities 52 Blue Vanities 1993
Blue Vanities 63 Blue Vanities 1993
Blue Vanities S-559 Blue Vanities 1994
Blue Vanities S-562 Blue Vanities 1994
Blue Vanities S-591 Blue Vanities 1997
Brute Therapy Unknown 1975
City Woman Unknown 1974
Class Reunion Unknown 1972
Cocktail Hostesses Unknown 1972
Collection 3 Caballero Home Video 1983
Confessions of Linda Lovelace Arrow Productions 1973
Convict's Women Something Weird Video 1970
Country Cuzzins Something Weird Video 1970
Country Hooker Something Weird Video 1971
Cream Rinse VCX 1976
Danish Connection Something Weird Video 1970
Daring French Touch Unknown 1971
Devil's Little Acre Something Weird Video 1972
Diary of a Nymph Class X 1971
Dicktator Something Weird Video 1974
Do You Wanna Be Loved Arrow Productions 1975
Do You Wanna Be Loved (new) Arrow Productions 1994
Ensenada Pickup Something Weird Video 1971
Fantasm Synapse Films 1975
Fantasm Comes Again Synapse Films 1975
Five Loose Women Unknown 1975
Flesh Gordon Hen's Tooth 1974
Fugitive Girls Unknown 1974
Girl in a Basket Something Weird Video 1971
Guess Who's Coming This Weekend Class X 1973
Hard Riders Unknown 1973
Hawaiian Split Unknown 1971
Heads or Tails Unknown 1973
Heist After Hours Cinema 1972
High School Fantasies Alpha Blue Archives 1973
Hitchhiker's Hold Up Something Weird Video 1973
Honey Buns Blue Video Productions 1975
Hot Connections Something Weird Video 1972
Hot Pistols Class X 1972
I'm No Virgin Unknown 1971
Janet's Birthday Bash Something Weird Video 1972
Journal Of Love Something Weird Video 1971
Kim Comes Home Something Weird Video 1972
Legends Of Porn 1 Metro 1987
Les Chic Retro Seduction Cinema 1972
Mary! Mary! TVX 1976
My Little Sister Something Weird Video 1971
Naked Encounters Something Weird Video 1971
Necromania Something Weird Video 1971
Never Enough Unknown 1971
Panorama Blue Select-a-tape 1974
Panty Girls Something Weird Video 1972
Partnership Unknown 1973
Peek-a-boo Unknown 1973
Peeping Camera Something Weird Video 1972
Please Don't Eat My Mother Something Weird Video 1972
Pornorama Unknown 1973
Private Private Something Weird Video 1972
Private Thighs AVC 1987
Refinements in Love Hollywood International Pictures 1971
Rendezvous in Hell Something Weird Video 1973
Rene Bond: Sex Kitten Alpha Blue Archives 2004
Sex Asylum Something Weird Video 1973
Sex Clinic Girls Unknown 1971
Sex Pursuits Unknown 1972
Sexpert Unknown 1972
Shot On Location Something Weird Video
Snow Bunnies Alpha Blue Archives 1972
South of the Border VCA 1976
Souzy's House World Wide Video 1975
Strangers Unknown 1972
Swinger's Massacre Alpha Blue Archives 1975
Teaser Something Weird Video 1973
Teenage Fantasies 1 Arrow Productions 1972
Teenage Fantasies 2 Arrow Productions 1977
Teenage Lovers Metro 1973
Teenage Sex Kittens Unknown 1972
Tender Flesh Something Weird Video 1973
Three for One Something Weird Video 1971
Tom Peepers Something Weird Video 1973
Touch Me Select-a-tape 1971
Touch of Sex Arrow Productions 1974
Tough Guns Abacus 1968
Turbo Sex VCA 1983
War And Piece Something Weird Video
Woman of Vengeance After Hours Cinema 1971
Your Wife or Mine After Hours Cinema 1971

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