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Justine Romee
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Justine Romee

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Born: 8/8/1965
Aliases: Justine Romeo, Justine Rome

Birth Name:Consuelo Lopez
Ethnicity: Latino
Country of Origin: United States TX - Texas
Place of Birth: Galveston
Date of Birth: August 8, 1965
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 155 cm - 5 feet and 1 inch
Weight: 45 kg - 99 lbs
Measurements: 34C-22-33
Shoe Size: 6
Tattoos: Rose on right pubic area, left upper arm

This latin porn oldtimer has shown her talent in a lot of photos sets and several videos. First appearing was in Nasty Video Magazine 7 in 2000. Her most notable performances were featured in Spanish Harlem, Hot Mama's, and No Man's Land - Latina Edition 2. Justine Romee's most often performed activities consist of Blowjobs, Handjobs, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, and Hardcore. Greatest part of her scenes is placed in Latina, Masturbation, and Hardcore.

She is married and mother of 3 children.

Personal Quotes
"Actually I get asked to speak Spanish a lot. When I did the gang bang, I asked each of the twelve guys what turned them on. I wanted to do whatever got them hot. I went up to one guy and said "So, Mr. Marcus, what turns you on." He said "Just talk Spanish to me Baby." I get that request a lot." (August 2001)


Justine Romee Interview - Justine Romee's Bio & Movies
August 2001
For the final interview in the Anabolic booth, I am joined by Justine Romee. The clock on the wall says it's getting late in the day, so let's get right to it. Where are you from?

I'm originally from Texas.

And what's your ethnicity?

I'm Hispanic.

MMMM, and looking great I might add.

Well thank you.

Pure Hispanic?

Pure Hispanic, one hundred percent.

Did you grow up in Texas?

I sure did.

What were you like growing up?

I was very square. I don't know how else to describe it. I was shy, very shy.

Do you think the people who knew you then would be shocked to see what you're doing now?

Extremely shocked. No one would believe it.

So what happened to take shy little Texas Justine and turn her into the full blown sex bomb I see in front of me?

I guess I just started coming out of my shell.

That's an understatement.

I went into a strip club one night. One of the girls who was dancing asked why I wasn't up on stage. I had never even considered it before. On the way back from the bathroom, three separate tables stopped and asked me for a table dance. I went home that night, it was a Saturday, thought about it and the next Monday I went back and got hired.

That was fast.

Once I started dancing, I met Nina Hartley at the club.

Did you ask her about the business?

I did. I asked her about the business, she gave me a lot of great advice and a year later, here I am.

Do you still live in Texas?

No, I moved out to LA seven months ago.

But you came into town to do a couple of movies first?

I drove out to give it a try.

What was the first movie you did?

I shot for Dave Cummings first. He was my first victim.

How was that?

It was great. He always brags about that because we did it on a nature walk trail and nearly got caught.

So you should have been nervous anyway because it was your first scene, but it was also outdoors, almost in public?

It's funny, I wasn't nervous. I was having so much fun I didn't have time to be anything but excited.

When you were done with that first scene, did you know you wanted to do more, or did you go home to think about it for a while?

I was hooked on that first one.

About how many movies have you done?

That's hard to say, if I had to guess I would say around fifty.

Any that stand out in your mind as your best work?

The Gang Bang I did for Anabolic is hot.

How many guys were in your scene?

Twelve guys.

Were you the only woman?

Yep, just little me and twelve guys.

Was that the first time you had done something like that?

Very first time.

What was the most guys you had had at once before that?


You went from two to twelve in one leap?

I just went for it.

Had you been with two guys at once before you got into the business?

Yes I had. I was a little slow to come out of my shell, but when I did, I got a little wild.

Do you have any favorite guys to work with?

Where do I start? They are all fabulous.

You just like guys.

I love guys. I love girls too.

Who are your favorite girls to work with?

Let me put it this way, I watched porn before I got into the business. When I started doing movies, I said I was going to hit all of the people I had wanted to fuck from watching them. Nina was one of them and I've had two scenes with her. Shanna McCullough, I really wanted to do Janine and Tori Welles but they are out of the business. For the guys, I've done most of them, Randy West, Herschel Savage, Dave Cummings, but Peter North is next on my list. I need to get with him.

Do you have a web site?

Yes I do, it's and it's a free site.

Fans can contact you through that site?

Yes, they can email me, find out what's going on and see tons of free pictures and video clips.

Is this your first time signing at a big show like this?

I came to the show last year. I sat with Dave Cummings and they let me sign for a while. It wasn't really planned, so this year is different.

Are you getting good fan feedback?

Oh yeah, everyone has been really nice. I must be doing something right.

Do you get a lot of fans who mention that they appreciate your ethnicity?

Quite a few and it looks like you're appreciating it over there.

Never mind the man behind the curtain.

Don't put your notebook over it, you'll hurt it.

There aren't a lot of Hispanic women in the business today, do you think that is something you can help change?

I'm working on that. I want to start my own line focusing on Latinas.

When is that going to start?

Pretty soon. I want to get as many Latin girls as I can.

We love that.

We're going to talk Spanish and everything.

Say something sexy for us in Spanish.

Aye, si papasito. Quierro que me lambes todo mi cuerpo.
What does that mean?

I want you to lick all of my body.

I need some ice water now.

I'm not done yet. Aqui quierro que vegnas en mi boquita chiquita.

What does that mean?
It means, I want you to cum in my little mouth.
That's all I can take, someone pass me a towel. Do you have anything special you like to do on camera?
Actually I get asked to speak Spanish a lot. When I did the gang bang, I asked each of the twelve guys what turned them on. I wanted to do whatever got them hot. I went up to one guy and said "So, Mr. Marcus, what turns you on." He said "Just talk Spanish to me Baby." I get that request a lot.
Is there anything you don't do on camera?
Nothing I can think of. I think I've done it all.
How tall are you?
Five feet tall. Five three in these heels.
And your measurements?
You mentioned working with Marcus. He's a big guy and you're a pretty small woman.
I've worked with Lex and Sean Michaels as well.
Do you like a little extra size maybe?
I love all cocks, any I can get my hands on. Bring them on. I honestly don't have a preference, big, small, whatever. I can handle it.
What are you future plans?
I want to get the line started and other than, just make the most of whatever comes my way. This business is fun, I love the people, and I love the sex. What more can you ask for?
Ummm, I had a question and I totally lost it.
Because you were staring at my tits.
Sorry about that.
I don't care, stare, touch, whatever you want baby.
She does have incredible tits by the way. I wish you call could see this. Currently you work freelance, but are you looking for a contract at some point?
If one comes my way, I would look at it, but I'm fine as long as people still want to watch.
Do you work with condoms or without?
They are optional with me. I can work with them or without. It also depends on who I'm working with. I have a list of guys.
You have to put me on the list; no one ever calls me for work?
How about next gang bang?
I'm there.
But I want you one on one. I'm sure we can find a little hole somewhere to sneak off to.
In that case, that's all I've got, do you want to add anything?
Just thank you to everyone for watching and visit my web site,
All right, let's go.
Lead the way Rog.

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