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Born: 7/24/1980
Aliases: Gauge, Gage, Guage, Paige, Sally Gauge

Born: July 24, 1980 (1980-07-24) Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
Birth Name:Elizabeth R. Deans
Height: 4 ft 11 in (1.50 m)
Weight: 93 lb (42 kg; 6.6 st)
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brown
Skin color: White

Had been dating actor, Mojo, before her start in adult-films in 2000. She ended her relationship with Mojo in November 2001, even after he proposed to her. They still work together in adult-films, but on a professional level.

The truly color of her hair is brown, which she has showed in all her films in 2000 but during the summer of 2001, she began dying her hair blonde.

Stars in most films with her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend (Nov 2001), Mojo.

Measurements: 34B-25-31.

Was a guest on "Howard Stern" (1994) on July 24, 1998, her eighteenth birthday.

She almost died of alcohol poisoning in a Arkansas strip club in April 2005. Her blood alcohol level was reported at being .4 with the legal driving limit being .08.


Interview With Porn Star Gauge

By Rick Ryan

One of the unsung heroines of hardcore movies, Gauge never gives less than 100% in her sex scenes. We love watching her work and find her energy and commitment to her craft truly wonderful. Gauge is a complex person; so young, tiny and perfect on the outside, yet so strong, smart and funny on the inside. She tells it like it is!

Gauge was born in 1980 in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She loves family and friends and the wilderness. She also likes to keep her body toned, her mind free of all bullshit. And she tries to avoid assholes. Know what I mean? Gauge knows what she wants and goes after it. The time I spent with her was exhilarating.

RICK: I'm here at Bazooka Showgirls talking with Gauge. Gauge, when did you get into the adult film industry?
GAUGE: I originally got into the adult industry in Feb. of 1999.

RICK: How did that come about?

GAUGE: I screwed up and answered a magazine ad. No, I'm just kidding. I did answer a magazine ad and it said for figure modeling, so I responded to it and it was Joe South and he said that it was for men's magazines and videos and so I went down and got interviewed. So that is how I weaseled my way in.

RICK: Joe South and World Modeling Agency is in California in the San Fernando Valley. Were you living out there at the time?

GAUGE: Yeah, I actually danced across the country to California and ended up in LA and I ran into the ad.

RICK: You're originally from Arkansas?

GAUGE: Yup, Hot Springs Arkansas. I'm a southern girl.

RICK: You drove up to Kansas City today, how long did it take you to drive up from Hot Springs to Kansas City?

GAUGE: About 7 ½ hours.

RICK: So you were probably pretty dried out by the time you got up here.

GAUGE: Yeah, I took a little nap and everything but I'm feeling pretty good and everything. It is probably about the same length of time if flying after going to the airport and your layover or what have you. It was a good drive, it was nice weather.

RICK: Whom were you signed with as far as doing videos?

GAUGE: I was signed with Metro until they decided they weren't going to pay me my contract money, which apparently they did that to some other girls like Kelly Erickson and Ann Marie and stuff like that. That is the only people I was ever under contract with and I didn't want to have contracts with anybody else so I started doing my own thing.

RICK: You started your own thing now, what is it called?

GAUGE: Well, I've been doing my website, which is Been filming some videos. They are in the can right now because I am doing it all by myself. I call it Twelve-Gauge Entertainment.

RICK: You were dancing in clubs before you jumped into porn?

GAUGE: Yup! I danced across the country just as a house girl going from city to city just to have money to go out there with. To make it to the next town.

RICK: How did you get into dancing?

GAUGE: My friend actually, she bought a car and she couldn't drive so I drove her around. She wanted to dance in Memphis and so I would drive to Memphis to dance and I did this I don't know how many times, a lot. And then one time I was up there and she was buying me drinks so they talked me into getting up there on stage. So that is the classic stripper story. They got me drunk and got me up there.

RICK: Well, apparently you liked it because you stayed with it.

GAUGE: Yes. A house girl. I wouldn't want to be a house girl. I like being a feature over porn because I'm a people person. I like to come out and hang with the fans and stuff like that. It is really fun. It is more entertaining because with porn just like any other job it can get boring. It can be like the same old pizza man I don't have the money kind of story. So it is always something new and exciting when you're a feature dancer. New town, new stage, new people, new fans you haven't met before and it is a much more loving atmosphere too. People are a lot nicer.

RICK: For the readers why don't we give them a description of yourself.

GAUGE: I'm 4'11", about 95-98lbs, brown hair, green eyes. Social security number, I'm just kidding!

RICK: Most people wouldn't realize you're a petite girl.

GAUGE: Yes, I am really smaller than a lot of people think. I guess I look taller in pictures and videos. I come out and they are like whoa. Hopefully not too whoa that I'm too short but most people like it and I really like being petite.

RICK: So apparently dynamite comes in small packages.

GAUGE: Definitely! Especially when they are southern women.

RICK: Do you enjoy making porn?

GAUGE: Yes. Well I do and I don't. I like it just like any other job. It has to be a good atmosphere. It has to be something new because I don't like doing the same old thing. I did enjoy it as long as it is exciting and a good atmosphere. I can't be on a set with a director yelling and screaming and pulling his hair out and the cussing, fussing and bitching going on. It is not cool, but when it is cool I like it.

RICK: Is there anything that is off limits as far as you doing porn wise?

GAUGE: Yeah, I never did any gang banging. I did one in a racial scene once but that was because I showed up on the set and they didn't tell me that and I felt bad. But if I were to go back I wouldn't have done it. Like I said, I'm a southern girl, and southern girls and that thing don't go together. You know we're hung people. I'm only kidding.

RICK: So you're more of a one on one kind of person?

GAUGE: Yeah, probably like me and another person or me and two other people. I don't really like it being too crowded because you are not really able to focus and there is too much stuff going on. I like for the viewers to believe that this could really happen. And some of the porn is just like shock porn.

RICK: What was the worst experience you ever had when you got stuck working with someone you didn't want to be making a movie with?

GAUGE: Well, I'll tell you what they did to make me not want to work with them. They were groping me in the make-up chair, and they wanted to continue the sex after the scene was shot. I was thinking to myself, "Oh God, you are fucking nuts!" He even wanted me to come back to his house for some freaky stuff. I'm afraid not!

RICK: When you're away from doing your work, you're at home chilling out, what do you enjoy doing?

GAUGE: I love to cook, fish, and shoot guns. I have a lot of guns. I do what anybody else would do, chill back, and watch TV. I play with my little niece, I hang out with family. My family and I are really, really close. I ride 4 wheelers because I have some land that I like to go ride on and play with my dogs and stuff. I'm a real home kind of person. I live out in the woods and that is how I like it. I don't like neighbors; I don't like to hear anything that has to do with the city. I like the nice quiet birds, chirping crickets, going frog hunting, you know, whatever. That is what I like. I like to be able to walk out on my front porch naked in the morning and smoke a cigarette if I want to.

RICK: Do you hunt a lot?

GAUGE: I'm not into blood sports. I can't even step on a spider. It hurts my feelings because they have feelings too. How would you like to get crushed? It would take a lot for me to kill an animal. They would have to be jeopardizing my life and stuff like that. I would probably avoid it at all costs. When I shoot guns it is target practice or if somebody is walking up on my property, which hasn't happened yet, but if they do they will hear a bullet go past their head.

RICK: Do you have a favorite TV show?

GAUGE: Well, right now I have been watching Ugly Betty. I do like Desperate Housewife's, that shit is funny. Other than that I really like scary stuff like there's something called a Haunting. I like it because the show is really scary.

RICK: Are into horror films and stuff.

GAUGE: I like CSI and Law and Order, I like those. I'm probably not into sci-fi, that is the least that I am into.

RICK: You do have a website and what is that website?

GAUGE: It is or you can go to It goes to the same place. It has some really cool stuff on there, pics of me shooting my guns, my dogs, and all kinds of cool stuff. I update by journals for free. Also my appearances are free and stuff like that.

RICK: Before ending this interview, what's the wildest thing you've ever done away from making porn movies?

GAUGE: Well, one time I had sex on the back of a boat at a lake. We were in a cove, of course!

RICK: Well I appreciate it Gauge. Thanks for taking the time to do the interview.

GAUGE: Thank you Rick. You were so kind to wait it out for me. I had a lot of fans to sign autographs for and do pictures with.

RICK: No problem Gauge. Business and fans come first.

Gauge has a huge fan following as I learned that night at Bazooka's Showgirls. She's the type of porn star that's like a regular girl to most of her fans. Something the fans adore about her!

Once again I'd like to thank Gauge, Botch, Jimmy, and the rest of the staff and dancers for a great time at Bazooka's. We'll see you next time with another revealing interview with girls in the porn business.

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