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Candy Manson
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Candy Manson

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Born: 11/11/1983
Aliases: Candy Mason

Born: November 11, 1983 In Chicago, Illinois
Height: 5 ft. 4 in.
Weight: 122 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Breasts: 34DDD
Waist: 25"
Hips: 36"

Candy grew up in small mid-western Illinois, where she finished high school early and trained in theatre and dance. Early on before within her junior high days she aspired to be a dancer and entertainer in the exotic realm. Her first adventure in the play of another girl was at the age of 12 as claimed by herself adoring that experience as a defining moment in her young life, waiting another 4 years to experiment sexually with the opposite sex. With her parents being strict Polish born Catholics you can see where this move into the nightlife and adult scene was no dream or aspiration of by either. After she graduated she stepped into the nightclub scene as an exotic dancer.

Candy is an ever popular featured American lusty busty model for the growingly popular BDSM and fetish scenes.
There would be no part to which this Minx would turn down. Abound in determination Candy is set for stardom. The entitlements of uninhibited, torrid, adventurous, luscious, and lustfully wicked and unmatched bring to mind the acting styles we associate with this "Adult world porno Queen". Candy willingly and amorously set her talents to daze and amaze one and all. To no surprise her plump taut melons of magnificence are a sight to behold.

Candy opened a full body pass of access when she left nothing to our imaginations and bared her rightly curves. Bring it on roared this frolic ready relic for bawdy renditions of sexy fun, to male and female actors alike. Outright venues of eye-opening actions were known to be Candy's trademark for erotic production. Laid back or timid roles of seduction were not her calling, Candy would claim more of her scenes and fellow actors engaging them in rampant pursuits of sex filled fun.

From her first days in 2005 her pursuit to pleasure and adult film stardom, Candy takes on endless acts of varying forms of carnal amusement, no matter the role, no matter the aim for submission or exploit Candy performs vibrantly.

Supple form portraying a graceful yet forceful stature being pleasure obsessed T&A, to perfecting smiles of seduction and complimentary crowd gratifyingly ample booty and lady parts, no critic should ever complain of an average or sub par presence of body and spirit. A noticeably fast pace of feverous action exudes from her scenes as she takes command of the action at hand.

Not long after making the adult scene in entertaining the local nightclub gents, Candy began the search for the next step. She was a seemed natural fit where she was but as the local area slowed in growth in most all sectors, she knew it was time to move on. First striking a deal to tour as a Featured dancer on a circuit tour of gent clubs across America she felt more at ease as the money flowed more prevalently. As a late night gig wound down she would meet with a few select producers in adult movies. Easily seeing the possibility to structure a better outlook for financial promise, she took the offer and supplemented her tour features with promoting and acting in adult content for websites' and dvd productions.

In last years production for as Candy Girl Candy really looks like Candy, because her body is sweet as hell. This babe has it all, a beautiful face, gorgeous legs and ass, and above all a pair of D's. Thats right her knockers are so hot, I wanted to dive right in between her huge tits. The way she played with her tits made me wanna jump right on top of her. This girl had a pretty nice looking pussy too, she played with herself until Mr. Tony D came over. Then he got to titty fuck those huge tits while she sucked the tip of his dick. The sex was awesome too, these two had some great chemistry, he pounded the shit out of her pussy, until she came all over his cock. It was fucking great!

Recent school ground setting on plays Candy Manson teaching an after school seminar for students who have trouble controlling their sexual urges. This week she was surprised to see the Da Captain walk in to her classroom with this embarrassing problem. Immediatley Candy got to work with handeling the situation, she told him to drop his pants and began sucking him off. She told him to play with her tits and she took her turn tugging on his cock. She loved to tittie fuck all day and when he was about to cum she told him to fuck her doggie style on her desk. She liked to fuck hard and fast and did every best position. After they both came she recommended he start coming to more sessions to further understand and get to the root of his sexual problem.

Candy posed for some BDSM fun with Society SM saying Candy Manson is one of the self-proclaimed bad-girls of porn... a natural wild child on an endless search for adventure and debauchery... she likes her sex rough and she likes her BDSM to be tight and true... In this scene, Candy is laid out on a table with her chest and tummy exposed... extreme wax torment ensues as the Pope uses a blow torch to rain hot wax down on her helpless body... he doesn't stop until she is covered... then the vibrator is rigged to her pussy and he begins to whip the wax from her body as the vibrator pleasures her cunt... Candy cums and cums again and we leave her on the table, broken and tired...

Catching a new website or dvd release of this industry phenom is always a treat but, there is more. CTM offers you up front and personal access to Candy and her many finely tuned talents offered - , to play out many of your BDSM, BBG, GG, BG and solo depictions of softcore for your bachelor parties, featured dancing or boys night out party.

Candy claims no dislike for the work she does and it truly shows. She remarked after recently reviewing some of her recent scenes to being reminded of just how much she likes and enjoys her business. She was recently nominated for best new comer of the year at AVN in Las Vegas, Nevada. Candy glowed with passion as she reveled in the adoration of her fans and interacting with them in person at the Adult Expo at Vegas Convention center. It is like a recharging of your booty batteries to get such energizing feedback from friends and fans in the industry. Candy proclaims a new found "charge" of energy to get back into the mix of things and make the magic happen again and again.

































Candy Manson interview

Hell,yeaaaaaaaaah,we take you to the store and offer you some rock candy:

Candy Manson !!!

This is your chance to spread your news through the stratosphere with Pornstar Airlines.Since we fly to the East Pole,too, you can even make the eskimos have warm thoughts...
What are you currently up to ?
Why in hell have you retired from porn ???
What s your website?
New movies?

Not alot, i have been doing some shows here and there, also been having some home time be with friends and family. :)
I retired from porn because i felt like taking a break and to be honest i was just worn out. My website has been under construction for awhile i dont know when it will be back up
candymansonxxx .com
or check out
candymansononline .com :)x

I have no new movies out.
Is there a funny or bizarre story considering adult-biz you d like to tell our passengers?
i was doing a scene where i get fucked in the shower during the scene i was in the shower being sexy when i slipped and
busted my ass it hurt like hell :(

Did you have sex with a famous person?Who was it ?

Of course i have had sex with a famous person i will tell you about one kid rock me and my girl met him backstage at a show and lets just say we got it on ;)

Would you give some advice for newbies to the adult-industry?
What should they take care of?

Advice take care of your body!!! And never be afraid to try new things if you are no director will like you.

What s the story behind your name Candy Manson ?Is it a dedication to Marilyn Manson?

Haha my name is Candice Marie Manson no dedication to marilyn.

What kinda tattoos do you have and what are they symbolizing?

I have many different tattoos they all represent me and a part of me.

Here s a few people.What comes to your mind,if you read the names?

Tommy Lee

LOVE him great drummer great band Motley Crue is one of my all time faves.

Max Hardcore

cool guy very fun ;)

Jenna Jameson

she paved the path for a lot of pornstars i am a big fan but not crazy about her.

Bret Micheals

LOVE LOVE LOVE him what more can i say!?

Paris Hilton

not that smart a little trashy very rich ha :)

Gene Simmons

KISS haha love him he is real down to earth and hilarious.

Lady gaga

very unique good voice great tattoos :)

Ron Jeremy

big fan lots of respect towards him xxx ;)


amazing musician :)

Whose face would you like to slap ( and why ) or ,at least,look in her/his face and tell him/her that she/he is a prick/skank?

I want to slap Taylor Swift cause she cant sing!!! Ugh bitbh haha

Any unusual place where you had sex?

i have had sex on a washer machine that wasnt mine haha it was good to.

Please,would you give us the story when you gave a blow-job for your first time?What happened ?

First time i gave a blow job i was 16 and it was with this guy i thought was so fine we were parked by this lake we started making out and things got heated up i was in one of those situations where i acted like ive done it before to seem cool and the firrt time stick his cock in my mouth i try to take the whole thing and ended up choking and was stuck coughing for like 2 minutes it was embarrassing.

Do you have some words,some mottos, you live by?

my motto is float like a butterfly sting like a bee ;p

Either or:
long or short hair in guys

long hair

dom or sub during sex


Sushi or Mc Donald s.


shaved or pubes

shaved most the time

heels or sneakers

heels make me taller ;)

Motley Crue or Marilyn Manson

motley crue

sex for breakfast or late at night

late at night im to tired in the morning haha

Pornstar Airlines or Guns n Roses

pornstar airlines of course ;)

Oh my God,Candy...


animal wolf

food chicken

party drink anything free ;)

mag hmmm centerfold

car viper

position doggy

perfume have none

Do you like getting your feet spoiled and what is a man supposed to do ?

I don't like anybody to touch my feet I'm way to ticklish!

Nice balloons.Can I have one?

What do you think about producers like Max Hardcore who are pushing the limits of porn?
i think they are very interesting that's all i have to really say :/

Some thoughts on

rim jobs
hair pulling
ass spanking

love doggy, not big on 69, I love to be ramed good n hard love, my tits to be slapped, love anything rough, love to give oral, love to recieve anal etc.

Which person would you like to meet and what would you like to talk about?

i would like to meet Clint Eastwood for kicks and giggles.

What s your future plans,where do you wanna be in 10 years ?

i hope to do the best i can in all i do i hopefully will be living a happy healthy life in ten years maybe have a talk show ;)

So sweeeeeeeeeet:

What would you do if you won the lottery and get 10 million dollars?

if g won the lottery i would expload in my pants haha

Did you ever have sex in a flying airplane?

no sex in an airplane yet...

Which achievements are you proud of ?
im proud of everything i have done in my 26 years on this earth i hope to keep doing the best i can in all i do give 110% :)x

What s a turn-on in guys( lead-singers,cool car,flute-players... )?

turn on charming sexy funny and i do have a thing for band members.

What was the last concert you saw?


What do you do in your leisure time to feed your soul and to enjoy life?

I chill by the pool go to the bar with friends and live life to the fullest :)

Anything else for the readers and passengers?

If my lovely fans would like to stay up to date with me they can follow me on twitter @xxxcandymanson :) thats all my loves be sexy! xx

Thanxxx a lot to Candy manson for taking time !
Visit her on her sites incl myspace: ot

Click Here for Candy Manson All Movies Shop

Bra Busters 2

Bra Busters 2

Bra Busters 2

Description: 5 whopping big tit scenes! Enjoy the dirty exploits of these sluts with big tits! Five stars and five nasty scenes including some really filthy blowjobs and some deep ass fucks! Enjoy the action! Runtime: 74 minutes

Stars: Candy Manson, Nadia Hilton, Vicky Vette, Chloe Dior

Studio: Notorious



Bustin' Out Babes

Bustin' Out Babes

Bustin' Out Babes

Description: No bra can hold these tits! The perfect movie for the breast man in all of us. Runtime: 95 minutes

Stars: Anita Dark, Candy Manson, Havana Ginger, Samantha Ryan, Lacey Duvalle, Penny Flame, Emma Redd, Joey Ray, Marcus London

Studio: Cal Vista



Couples Bang The Babysitter 5

Couples Bang The Babysitter 5

Couples Bang The Babysitter 5

Description: When Candy and Talon caught Ayden in her panties watching porn, they couldn't resist corrupting this slut, so they went to town on her sweet pussy and perky titties! Darcy and Chris had to cancel at the last minute on their babysitter Amia, she was upset because she needed the money, so they decided to make her an offer she couldn’t refuse, "Suck his 12 inch cock and eat this good pussy and we will sock it to your pocket it like a rocket!" Natasha has to come up with a thousand dollars to pay her phone bill, so Chloe and Christian decided that the answer to her financial problems is in her vagina! Ashley’s cheerleading coach Caroline was steaming mad when she skipped practice, but things got even hotter when Coach Lee tried to get her kicked off the team! This little slut brings a new meaning to "team spirit!" PRODUCERS OF THE TITLE ASSERT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18 Runtime: 146 minutes

Stars: Amia Miley, Candy Manson, Caroline Pierce, Darcy Tyler, Ashley Abott, Chloe Reece Carter, Natasha Vega, Aiden Blue

Studio: Lethal Hardcore



Double D POV

Double D POV

Double D POV

Description: Got boob? You will once you open this exciting film! Featuring anal, ATMs, swallowing and lots of cleavage. Runtime: 156 minutes

Stars: Candy Manson,Cali Luv, Tiffany Digiuanni, Ana Nova, Davia Ardell

Studio: Platinum X Pictures



Enculeuses De Femmes

Enculeuses De Femmes

Enculeuses De Femmes

Description: These horny lesbians are busting out their rubber cocks and fucking their girlfriends silly! These are some ladies that really know how to wield a strap-on! Runtime: 114 minutes

Stars: Candy Manson, Julie Night, Lexi Lamour, Naomi Knight

Studio: Java Consulting



Hustler's Busty Beauties

Hustler's Busty Beauties

Hustler's Busty Beauties

Description: Watch these gorgeous titties bounce from here to there as hot harlots get properly pounded. If you love round and ripe melons, you will get off on all of the boobalicious action in this installment of Busty Beauties! Runtime: 111 minutes

Stars: Candy Manson, Hillary Scott,Nicki Hunter,Destiny Summers, Kayla Kupcakes,Rusty Nails,Scott Lyons,Christian XXX,Jason Horne

Studio: Hustler



Sperm Filled Sluts

Sperm Filled Sluts

Sperm Filled Sluts

Description: Six sluts get their holes stretched and filled with hot creamy loads. This spermfest is one hundred percent internal! Runtime: 179 minutes

Stars: Candy Manson, Hailey Young, Velicity Von, Mark Wood, Chelsie Rae, Shi Reeves, Alberto Rey, Claudio Meloni, John Strong, Steve Taylor, Marco Banderas, Richard Kline

Studio: Platinum X Pictures



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