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Avy Scott
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Avy Scott

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Born: 11/2/1981
Aliases: April, Avey, Avey Scott, Avi Scott, Avril, Avy, Emily

Born November 2, 1981 (1981-11-02)
Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Weight: 135 lb (61 kg; 9.6 st)
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blondie
Skin color: White
Formerly a business and psychology major in college, Scott started out doing live masturbation shows online and subsequently dropped out of college, entering the adult entertainment industry in November 2001. Her first film was Four Finger Club #20, while her first boy-girl scene was in Real Sex Magazine #47. She has appeared in over 100 adult films and has directed four.

Her first name is pronounced as if saying the letters "A-V" (rhyming with "navy"), and is a shortened form of the French word "Avril", which she used in high school French class.

* 2003 AVN Award nominee Best New Starlet
* 2004 AVN Award nominee Best Oral Sex Scene, Film Compulsion (with Kurt Lockwood)
* 2004 AVN Award nominee Best Sex Scene Coupling, Film Heaven (with Steven St. Croix)
* 2010 XRCO Award nominee Best Cumback
* 2011 AVN Award nominee Best All-Girl Three-Way Sex Scene Pin-Up Girls 4


Avy Scott Interview - Avy's Bio & Movies

First things first, how do you pronounce your first name?
Avy, A-V.
That's pretty simple. You were just given the trophy for winning the Rog Reviews Critic's Choice award as the top newbie. You are also nominated for Starlet of they year at the AVN Awards. You have had quite a first year.
I was also recognized on the CAVR site.
How long have you been in the business?
Since November, 23rd of 2001.
About how many movies since then?
Around 80.
What was your first?
My first video was"4-Fignger Fuck 20" and my first boy/girl was "Real Sex Magazine 47" which sucked.
Who was the guy?
It was my friend Tony Pounds. It wasn't his fault though, it was the situation beforehand.
What happened?
The guy that was originally supposed to do it didn't work out so Tony had to fill in.
How was the first girl/girl scene?
It was OK, but it wasn't with the girl I wanted to work with.
Was that your first time with a girl?
Not at all.
How old are you?
Where did you grow up?
Tampa, Florida.
What were you like growing up?
Pretty much the same as I am now. I was boring, a nerd through high school. I was going to college, but decided to do this.
Because my brains will last, but my tits won't.
What were you doing when you got started in the business?
I was doing live masturbation shows on the internet.
How did you make the jump?
My former manager found me on the internet and brought me out here.
What are some of your favorite movies so far?
"Pussy Footin It" with Belladonna, "Nice Rack 9", "Young Ripe Mellons", "Someone's Daughter" and one that I just did for Joey Silvera, "Service Animals." I really like the harder gonzo stuff. I did a feature for Sin City called "The Wild Pair" that was pretty good.
Do you like doing features?
They are pretty fun as long as you're with someone who can act. I don't think that I get paid to act so I prefer gonzo because we get paid for what we do.
Who are you favorite guys to work with?
I like Justin Slayer, Dillon Day, Nacho Vidal, Bobby Vitale, Steven St. Croix and a few others.
What about girls?
Belladonna number one, Judy Starr number two. Lezley Zen is hot too.
Are there any guys or girls who you have not worked with, but really want to?
I really want to work with Jenna Jameson. I like scenes with new people. The excitement is always good.
Do you have a web site?
Not yet, but I have one coming soon.
Do you dance?
No. I've never danced in my life. It scares the shit out of me.
Would you say you that you like gonzo better than features?
I wouldn't say that I like it better. If I got compensated for the acting, I wouldn't mind it so much. It takes a lot of time to prepare because I don't want to look stupid.
So if someone came along with a contract, you might take it?
Those offers have come already. They don't pay enough. It's too big a pay cut and they take your web site rights. It's just not worth it.
How tall are you?
Five Six.
All natural?
Staying that way?
Yes. As long as I can anyway.
No tatooos?
Is that something you want?
I wanted one, I just never got it. I haven't found the right thing to get yet.
Is there anything you haven't done on camera yet?
I haven't done anal, no gang bangs, no more than one guy at a time.
Do you plan on doing anal?
I am working on contract for that now.
Have you been able to act out any of your fantasies on camera?
I liked the Sin City scene because I got to act out and be evil. That was fun.
Do you have any fetishes?
I have a foot thing. I can't do a scene with girls who have really dirty feet.
Anything else?
I like sucking dick.
Oh yeah, I love it.
How long have you been sucking dick?
Since I was eleven or twelve.
How do you start at that age?
I had an older brother who had a best friend. I started developing at nine so he would come over and teach me things. He wouldn't have sex with me, but he did teach me to suck dick.
You must have been really popular in school.
No, not at all. I was overweight, had glasses and dated older guys so no one knew I was sexually active.
Avy takes a break to prepare a hot dog that has been provided for her as a snack. Rog gets to watch her eat the lucky meat.
I will try not to stare as you eat that.
Why is it distracting?
Very. You said you were heavy and had glasses.
I still have glasses.
You weren't fat, I just don't believe it.
I was a hundred and eighty five pounds. I was a big girl. I still am a big girl.
What kind of guys do you like?
I like stupid guys.
Stupid funny guys, who can make an ass out of themselves in pubic.
Stupid like Jim Carey.
Goofy. The dork will win over out over the stud any day.
But if he's a studly dork?
Then he's perfect as long as he has a big cock.
Do you like big cocks?
Actually no. I prefer them between 6 and 8. Big ones are a nice change. You know how it is. Not every guy likes big tits, but they will look at them now and then.
Have you done magazine work?
I did the cover of High Society in November, I've been in Hustler and a lot of issues of Club.
Do you like modeling?
I like the outcome of still shoots because it's an image of you that you would never see. I prefer video work though I've only seen one of my scenes.
Did you like it?
Not that one. The camera angles just weren't that good. I'm a bigger girl and you have to be careful how you shoot a scene. Watching myself in motion is not the prettiest thing I've ever seen. It's hard for me to watch.
You are pretty critical of your work.
I am, but I want to watch more because I am getting compliments on my work. I don't want things to change so I should check it out.
Do you like watching other scenes?
I used to be a porno addict.
Is that where the Jenna thing came from?
No, Janine was my big porno crush. She is just amazing.
I'm going to snap some pictures of you eating just so I can enjoy them later.
Go right ahead.
What did you like when you watched porn?
I liked watching all kinds. My favorites were Janine and Belladonna since she started.
You said that you weren't popular in school. Do you think that if people could see you now they would be shocked?
They don't recognize me. I run into them at all when I go home. I was the fat girl with glasses that you ignored.
If they only knew what we know now.
They missed out.
There is a lesson in this. Not that there should be anyone in high school reading this, but if there is, the fat girl with glasses just might turn out to be Avy Scott.
My best friend stuck by me from the time I was fifteen always tells me that he always knew it. Behind those glasses and overalls I was hot. When I look in the mirror now I still don't see it.
Do you plan to go back to school?
I do. My worst nightmare is having to go back though. I want to go back, but it's nice to have options.
How are you going use porn to help you achieve that.
I've been investing my money and I'll be a millionaire at thirty-two.
That sounds like a great plan. Is there anything you would like to add?
To all of the fans who remember me from I miss you all. When I started doing this my email got cancelled and I've lost touch. I ran into two of them here who have been watching me since I was 170 pounds doing naked internet shows.
Congratulations on your awards and good luck to you.
Thank you

Avy Scott Complete Filmography:

100% Blowjobs 21 Jill Kelly 2004
18 and Nasty 29 Evasive Angles 2002
2 In the Chute Acid Rain 2005
4 Finger Club 20 Digital Sin 2002
5th Horseman Simon Wolf 2002
69 Club Adam and Eve 2005
A Beauty and A Geek Sweet Sinner 2009
Absolutely Adorable VCA 2003
All Natural Beauties Jill Kelly 2004
Anal Addicts 16 Northstar 2004
Anal University 11 Rain 2002
Ass For Days 8 Diabolic 2009
Avy Scott AKA Filthy Whore Xtraordinary Pictures
Babes Illustrated - Burning Desire Cal Vista 2011
Babes Illustrated 13 Cal Vista 2004
Back 2 Evil Evil Angel 2003
Band Camp Digital Playground 2004
Banging Bitches Adam and Eve 2009
Barely Legal 21 Hustler 2001
Barely Legal All Stars 1 Hustler 2003
Behind the Mask Adam and Eve 2003
Best of JKP Couples Jill Kelly 2003
Bet Your Ass 4 Evil Angel 2006
Big Black Beast Devil's Films 2004
Big Natural Titties Porn Fidelity 2005
Big Tit Brotha Lovers Exquisite 2003
Big Tits at School 9 Brazzers 2010
Big Wet Asses 9 Elegant Angel 2006
Big Wet Tits 8 Elegant Angel 2009
Blondes Eat More Cum Excessive Entertainment 2005
Blow Me Sandwich 14 Zero Tolerance 2009
Boob Bangers 2 Evil Angel 2005
Boobaholics Anonymous 5 Jules Jordan Video 2009
Boobs a Poppin' 2 Notorious 2003
Breast Meat 2 Jules Jordan Video 2009
Busty Beauties 3 Hustler 2002
Busty Housewives 3 Elegant Angel 2009
Butt Lick'in Sweethearts Platinum X 2004
Campus Confessions 1 Hustler 2002
Clean My Crack 2 Fifth Element 2006
Compulsion Elegant Angel 2003
Contessa's Chateau Of Pleasure Penthouse 2010
Cracked Wide Open Hustler 2007
Cum Buckets Elegant Angel
Cum Buckets 2 Elegant Angel
Cum Dumpsters 2 Red Light District 2003
Damn She's A Lesbian Zero Tolerance 2010
Danni's Football Parties Danni Ashe 2004
Deep Throat This 8 Northstar 2002
Defend Our Porn Evil Angel 2008
Dirty Pretty Lies Cal Vista 2005
Disturbed 4 Fusxion 2005
Divorcee Smash Pictures 2010
Double Decker Sandwich 3 Zero Tolerance 2004
Evil Pink Evil Angel 2003
Finger Licking Good 7 3rd Degree 2009
Football Fantasies Danni's Hard Cut 2004
For Love, Money or a Green Card Wicked 2006
Gag on This 3 Acid Rain 2005
Girl Crazy New Sensations 2003
Girls Kissing Girls 6 Sweetheart Video 2010
Glamour Girls 2 Elegant Angel 2009
Gym Nasties Jill Kelly 2004
Heaven Sin City 2002
Hellcats Evil Angel 2003
Heroin Wicked 2001
High Desert Pirates VCA 2003
Hook-Ups 11 Wicked 2006
Hook-Ups 5 Wicked 2003
Hot Rods Adam and Eve 2003
Hot Showers 4 Hustler 2002
Hustler's Greatest Tits Hustler 2003
Immoral Hotel Penthouse 2010
Imperfect Angels 10 Girlfriends Films 2011
Inside Story Bluebird Films 2010
Iron Head Mercenary Pictures 2004
Jiggly Juggs 2 Bad Seed 2006
Joey Silvera's Service Animals 13 Evil Angel 2003
Just Tease Elegant Angel 2009
Kick Ass Chicks 28 - Big Titties Kick Ass 2006
Killer Pussy 14 New Sensations
Kink Club 2 Adam and Eve 2004
Lady Humps Adam and Eve 2007
Lesbian Adventures - Wet Panties Sweetheart Video 2009
Lesbian Deception Sweetheart Video 2010
Lesbian Hospital 2 - Her First Exam Girlfriends Films 2009
Lesbian Legal Girlfriends Films 2009
Lesbian Legal 2 Girlfriends Films 2009
Lesbian Legal 3 Girlfriends Films 2009
Lesbian Legal 4 Girlfriends Films 2009
Lesbian Triangles 15 Girlfriends Films 2009
Lesbian Truth Or Dare 4 Sweetheart Video 2010
Lesbian Tutors 9 Triangle Films 2009
Lex Steele XXX 2 Mercenary Pictures 2003
Lex Steele XXX 7 Mercenary Pictures 2007
Lexington Loves Huge White Tits Mercenary Pictures 2009
Lip Service Seymore Butts 2004
Little Lace Panties 4 Digital Sin
Load Sharing 2 Evil Angel 2009
Load Warriors Evil Angel 2008
Love Letters Sin City 2002
Merger Adam and Eve
Mike John's Jerk Off Material 3 Jules Jordan Video 2009
Mind Reader Digital Playground 2004
More Than A Handful 12 Cal Vista
Natural Knockers 2 Northstar 2005
Nature's Breast Zero Tolerance 2009
New Girls in Town 3 Wicked 2002
Nice Rack 9 Anabolic 2002
No Man's Land 39 Video Team 2004
No Swallowing Allowed 16 Diabolic 2009
North Pole 35 Northstar 2002
Obsessions of Avy Scott Hustler 2005
Off the Rack 5 DVSX 2006
Opera Elegant Angel 2003
Peep Show 3 Jules Jordan Video 2009
Phat Ass White Booty 5 Jules Jordan Video 2009
Photographic Mammaries Platinum X 2003
Pin-Up Girls 3 2010
Pin-Up Girls 4 2010
Pornstar Workout Elegant Angel 2009
Pornstars In The Making Vince Voyeur Prod. 2002
POV Jugg Fuckers 2 Evil Angel 2009
POV Pervert 11 Jules Jordan Video 2009
Private Gold 66 - Cadillac Highway Private 2003
Pure Pleasure Puba 2010
Pure Pleasure 2 Puba 2010
Pussy Cats 4 Zero Tolerance 2009
Pussy Foot'n 10 Zaye Entertainment
Pussy Foot'n 16 Zaye Entertainment 2005
Pussy Foot'n 2 Zaye Entertainment 2002
Racially Motivated 2 Jules Jordan Video 2010
Rack It Up 4 Diabolic 2009
Raw 2 Evil Angel 2009
Real Fucking Tits 1 Maximum Xposure 2005
Rush Digital Playground 2002
Second Chance Wicked 2002
Sexxxing Danni's Hard Cut 2006
She Sucks! Adam and Eve 2005
Someone's Daughter 1 Red Light District 2002
Something So Right Wicked 2002
Specs Appeal 5 Kick Ass 2002
Spit In Your Face Purple Starfish 2009
Squirting 101 Digital Sin 2004
Super Whores Mercenary Pictures 2005
Superwhores Mercenary Pictures 2003
The Experiment in Sex Jill Kelly 2002
Tits Anabolic 2009
Tits Ahoy 9 3rd Degree 2009
Topsy Turvy Danni's Hard Cut 2005
Topsy Turvy and Other Sex Tales Danni's Hard Cut 2004
Total Babe DVSX 2003
Truly Nice Tits 3 DVSX
Where the Sun Don't Shine Seymore Butts 2003
White Panty Chronicles 19 Rain 2002
Whore Sin City 2002
Wild Pair Sin City 2002
XXX 6 - The Girl Next Door Sin City 2002
Young Ripe Mellons 1 Red Light District 2002

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