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Angela Summers
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Angela Summers

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Born: 11/6/1964
Aliases: Angela Summer, Stella Blue

A personal Biography by Angela

It makes me feel good to get a chance to share with you...make yourself comfortable, and snuggle close. The particulars: I am five foot three, 115 pounds with no clothes on, (34-22-36 in a DD cup) with blond hair and brown eyes. Born kicking and wailing on November 6, (I guess that makes me a Scorpio) I was raised in (where else?) Southern California (Del Mar Area to be exact), but attended strict Catholic schools all my life.

So how did I get started in this business?? By accident of course (Laughs). No, really! After college, I was working as a secretary for a great little insurance company. While looking through a newspaper in L.A., I saw they were looking for actresses to work on a 900 line. I could work out of my home in the evening, and thought this would be a great way to earn a little extra money, pay some bills, you know the story.

So I go to the interview, and the interviewer asks me why I would want to be wasting my time hidden behind a phone, when I could share with the world my sexiness doing magazine layouts or advertising. I wasn't sure if that's what would happen, but decided to go for it! The rest, as they say, is history. ...what?... You want more details? OK...

From there, he introduced me to someone that did what he talked about. I did magazine layouts, some bikini ads, and even posters. It was about then that the people I had been working with introduced me to other people who did movies. Feeling a little excited, I went to an audition. It was like a talent call, with a lot of producers and directors there, checking out the talent.

There I met John Stagliano, and he put me in his movie (trumpet flourish please!) "Wild Goose Chase". Yes, that was my first one. Was I nervous or uncomfortable? I guess that's what surprised me...No!! Having sex on camera was a turn-on. (It was!!) It was even exciting having sex with someone I didn't know. Knowing that all the people that were watching, from the cameraman to the director, from the producer to the makeup artist, to the rest of the crew (about 25 people in all!) did nothing but make me wet. (Ooh...thinking about that first time again is making me excited ...would you mind if I let my fingers wander as I finish telling you this?)

I knew I had to make more movies, it was so exciting! So I did! Continuing with the magazine layouts, I also got to travel to various adult video stores, doing photos with the customers, and autographing their videos and magazines. The people were so nice; they made me feel great when they bought memorabilia of mine!

Eventually, I went on the road dancing, as a featured entertainer in the United States and Canada. And I danced, a lot. So, how do I feel? (Not counting where my fingertips are currently caressing...) I LOVE IT! I love everything about the adult business, and I'm very happy, and wish I had gotten into it when I was even younger. It has been very good to me. You all have been very good to me. (...just a moment...oh..oh. ohhh myyyy....)'re a very good listener!


Angela Summers made her porno debut in John Stagliano's 'Wild Goose Chase,' taking on Joey Silvera in a steamy workout that raised more than just eyebrows among fans and producers. She made several other fiery flicks with Stagliano, including 'Buttman's Inferno' and 'ButtFreak 1.' Angela Summers didn't crank out the reels upon reels of hardcore like some starlets, but preferred to carefully choose her roles while concentrating mainly on her lucrative exotic dancing career. When she did appear on-screen, she could always be counted on for quality, fun performances full of the squirming and moaning that is her trademark. Thanks to red-hot performances like her work in 'The Adventures Of Seymore Butts' and 'A Handful Of Summers,' Angela Summers was voted 1992 Starlet of the Year by the X-Rated Critics' Organization. She left the scene soon after, but returned for a few features in 1994. Angela Summers videos are still well-loved by fans of balls-to-the-wall blond bombshells.

Wild Goose Chase as a first of her career this one let us know it wouldn?t be her last? the swiftest two hours and 19 minutes of adult viewing one can imagine, with an incredible array of beautiful women and creative sexual situations that redefines the term erotic. Angela Summers becomes a star here and Stagliano provides the perfect blend of hot sex and creative plot. I can?t find fault at all. I hope the video retailers out there are taking note.

Stagliano satirizes the detective genre of adult films as Joey Silvera plays the private dick on the trail of a missing girl, played by the lovely Julianne James in a steamy comeback. Silvera slithers into the world of lady wrestling video and become an unwilling participant. The Wild Goose Chase refers to Silveras deception, and he finds that this netherworld of sexual intensity is far more interesting than his own realty.

Two of the hottest sex scenes ever shot on film open the story, with Julianne James entering a mysterious Hollywood shop, only to be ravaged by an unseen voyeur, and Silvera and Angela Summers getting it on in his office. Summers is so pretty in a girl-next-door vein that when she yells in orgasm, it?s beyond realistic.

A Handful of Summers provides a wonderful starring vehicle for the indefatigable Angela Summers, a living, breathing, slut who loves every inch that enters her. In this parody of the mainstream Shirley Valentine, she plays a bored housewife, whose fantasies far outweigh her reality.

As she flashes back her marriage, a hot bathtub scene with fiance Randy West provides good looks at Summer's lush posterior. She has a wild friend she'd like the emulate, but alas, hubby West is cheating with Brittania and April Rayne. Of course, Summers breaks out of her shell and becomes a nympho herself, so everyone, especially the viewer, stays happy.

Healthy, exciting sex, a smart script and okay production values make this a worthwhile addition to your adult section.

Girls Gone Bad III Back To The Slammer delivers the goods with Angela Summers, thrown in jail for speeding, gives the warden anything she wants in exchange for further soft treatment... but to no avail. Tianna and Raven, old adversaries from a previous confinement, take the plunge into each other's sexual depths. New girl Tawnee Lucci also demonstrates just how obliging she can be to get along with everyone! And you should see her get down with Tianna!!!

This all-girl tape has a domineering theme throughout, as the establishment literally has free reign over the prisoners. The only dicks are dildos, and there are quite a few of these artificial appendages available for everyone's use. There's certainly more here than the typical smut romp, as many video store owners will be happy to discover.

Personalities is a fan favorite of course. After a wild outdoor tryst with Tom Byron, Angela Summers tells her boss, the doc, she's convinced Byron is the perfect man to use as a scene ever shot ?a pool table threesome including Rayne, Byron and handsome newcomer Chris Stork. Actually, "wild" may be too soft a word because it requires Rayne to go through all these mood swings, contortions and body language ploys to bring the multiple personality idea home. It's really a marvel to watch and April is brilliant in executing this scene.

Buttman Back in Rio well the title says it all - Was it author Thomas Wolfe who wrote, "You Can Never Go Back To Rio" Well, if he didn't get a better rating than the last "Rio" tape, John Stagliano wouldn't have come back to the United States.

This time, though, the Buttman scores big and delivers a tape that's true to the climate of this partying kind of town. He also had the good sense of dragging Angela Summers along with him. When Summers unsheathes among the Brazilian male population, it's like a head-on collision of unquenched libidos with no survivors.

Stagliano and Summers do the Fred and ginger routine, when, in his character of the nincompoop Buttman, he tries to sell Bruce Seven on the idea of sending him down to Brazil to get all this wild footage for a video. Summers, who plays the office secretary, is sent along as a cautionary move to keep the eye on the investment. But who's going to keep an eye on Summers? She gets into more trouble than a nympho with a "screw me" sign stenciled on her ass at a Hell's Angels beer party.

As the 2008 AVN awards rolled out the big boy and girl awards our favorites were among the honored. Angela Summers along with 11 other great performers was inducted into the AVN Hall Of Fame.

Don't let appearances fool you when it comes to Porn Star Angela Summers. Although she may look like the typical addle-brained California bleach blond, Angela Summers actually quite an intelligent, savvy young woman who was always in complete control of her career and image. An absolutely mouth-watering slice of California cheesecake, Angela Summers firm, athletic body, luscious breasts, and wide-eyed come-hither pout make her one of the most beautiful starlets to ever sweat up a video set. And when you combine her cover-girl looks with her delightfully ribald, electric approach to sex, you can easily see why Angela Summers a fan favorite.

Angela Summers was one of the most popular porn stars of the 1990's, and is without a doubt one of the hottest porn queens ever to grace the blue screen.

Throughout her career she starred in dozens of top rated films. Nominated for many awards she was in fact voted Starlet of the Year by the X-Rated Critics' Organization in 1992. Her last hardcore film was done in 1997. Today she resides in Las Vegas, and occasionally produces girl-girl and private solo videos.

She has muscular shapely legs, complimented by a firm ass, and great tits! She brings a blend of natural beauty combined with scorching sensuality and an enormous sex drive.

Often this temptress of a beauty can be seen shopping in Las Vegas or the occasional Rodeo Drive boutiques, Summers stays with friends in Vegas while actually residing in Los Angeles, last year Angela sold her Vegas condo before the market fell out.


Angela Summers - Las Vegas Beauty
Angela Summers Private Shoot

I went to my first adult convention in 1992. It is hard to believe that was over 10 years ago since I remember it like it was yesterday. At the time I didn't know who most of these people were. Angela happened to be one of the women at the first party I went to and she was the one I remember being the friendliest to us. She went out of her way to say hello to everyone and to make us feel comfortable even though she was going to be the one taking her clothes off and dancing for us.

Angela is probably what most people would refer to as your typical California beach bunny. Even if she has lived in Las Vegas since 1994. She first came to my attention during her collaborations with John Stagliano in a few of his "Buttman" titles and if memory serves me correctly she was the first American woman to go down to Brazil with him and the star of the first real film he shot under the Evil Angel banner.

I finally caught up with this lovely lady during one of her dance engagements in Los Angeles:

What have you been up to for the last few years?

Angela Summers - Mostly touring/dancing. A few conventions and working on my web site.

At AEE you were interviewing people. What was that about?

Angela Summers - I work for a few different web site's and I was doing interviews for them.

When was the last movie you did?

Angela Summers - Well at the time I didn't plan on it being my last movie but the last boy/girl thing I did was in 1993 in a movie I can't remember. In 1997 I did a masturbation scene in "All of Me" and in 1998 I did a girl/girl scene in "Car Wash Angels".

Do you plan on making any more movies?

Angela Summers - No, it was fun when I did it but it is time to move on.

Movies have become a lot more graphic today then they were when you came in. Would you come in the industry today?

Angela Summers - No, I liked it the old fashion way. Fuck and suck in different positions and getting each other off. :)

What is going on with you web site?

Angela Summers - I now have it as a free site. I put photos up monthly. It is mostly so fans can e-mail me and see my tour dates.

How long do you plan of performing?

Angela Summers - I think it is time to hang up the g-string. But I am unsure how I will keep myself involved in the porn industry. I have loved it. :)

Interracial scenes are back in the news again. What do you think about people's choice to not do interracial scenes?

Angela Summers - Each person is allowed to chose if they want to have sex with any person or not. Or do anal, gang bangs, etc. It is an individuals choice and should be respected.

Do you think the adult industry has a responsibility to promote safe sex?

Angela Summers - Yes and they should be doing more to encourage it.

What do you have planned for 2003?

Angela Summers - I plan on taking some time off from touring. And am looking into either going back to school or working a regular job. Know anyone hiring in Las Vegas. :)

Angela Summers - Email me all jobs offers. :)

I would like to thank Angela for giving me the chance to sit down with her and Steph at Adult DVD Talk for putting up with all my questions.

Bernard Pivot Questionnaire

What is your favorite word?

Angela Summers - Nice

What is your least favorite word?

Angela Summers - Fuck

What turns you on?

Angela Summers - Nice people

What turns you off?

Angela Summers - Body odor

What sound do you love?

Angela Summers - waterfalls

What sound or noise do you hate?

Angela Summers - People complaining/bitching

What is your favorite curse word?

Angela Summers - Damn

What profession would you like to attempt other than your own?

Angela Summers - Party coordinator

What profession would you not like to participate in?

Angela Summers - Clean-up person in an Adult Stores peep/movie booths

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Angela Summers - You were a very nice person.

Angela Summers Complete Filmography:

1992 AVN Awards
1994 AVN Awards
Adventures of Seymore Butts
Amateur American Style 23
Amateur Lesbians 11 - Rusty
Anal Starlets
Angela Summers - All of Me
Bazooka County 4
Beached Blonde
Behind the Scenes 1
Bend Over Brazilian Babes 2
Best of Buttman
Best of Buttman 2
Big Dicks Reaming Tight Asses
Bizarre Sex 13
Blast from the Past
Blue Angel
Book of Love
Breast Collection 5
Bruce Seven's Favorite Endings
Butt Freak
Buttman - Before They Were Stars
Buttman Back in Rio
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 2
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 3
Buttman's Butt Freak 2
Buttman's Early Scenes With Rocco
Buttman's Inferno
Candy Factory
Car Wash Angels 2
Cat Lickers 1
Clean and Dirty
Collector's Choice 11
Collector's Choice 17
Dances with Foxes
Deep Inside Centerfold Girls
Dirty Business
Dirty Doc's Lesbian Friends 11
Dirty Tricks
Edward Penishands 2
Erotic Angel
Face Fuckers
Female Persuasion
Fetish Fanatics 13 - Girls Who Are Tiny Blonde Spinners
Filthy Fuckers 10 - Hot 'N' Horny Blondes
First Time Ever
Girls Gone Bad 3 - Back in the Slammer
Girls Gone Bad 5 - Mexican Justice
Handful of Summers
Heatwave 1
Her Obsession
In the Jeans Again
John Leslie's Angels
Ladies Lovin' Ladies 3
Laying the Ghost
Little Christmas Tail
Loads of Fun 3 - The Jumpin' Jizz of Ed Powers
Loving Alternatives Video Magazine
Lust for Love
Lusty Life 22 - Crank My Cunt
Lusty Life 26 - Cum Craving Sluts
Made in Heaven
Malibu Spice
Mark of Zara
Miss 21st Century
Nasty Nancy 41 - Fill 'Er Up
Night Cap - How to Make a Porn Star Fizz
Only Game in Town
Overtime 9 - Kinky Korner
Paul Norman's Nastiest 1 - Big Titted Tarts
Peepshows 18 - Oral Pleasures
Peepshows 9 - Girls Who Suck Pussy
Platinum Pussy
Puttin' Her Ass on the Line
Queen of Hearts 3 - Heartless
Radical Affairs Video Magazine 5
Radical Affairs Video Magazine 8
Rocket Girls
Safe Cracker
Screamin Reamers 14
Screamin Reamers 17 - Happy Fuckers
Screamin Reamers 20 - Female Clit Hounds
Screamin Reamers 24 - Stick It and Lick It
Screamin Reamers 26 - Golden Cocksuckers
Screamin Reamers 4 - Cunt Lappin' Babes
Screamin Reamers 5 - Fuckaton
Screamin Reamers 7 - Blonde Bimbo Bonanza
Sex Scenes
Sex Symbol
Sexual Olympics 1
Seymore Butts Swings
Sloppy Seconds
Snatched to the Future
Sorority Sex Kittens 1
Sorority Sex Kittens 2
Stripper Nurses
Summer's End
Take My Wife Please
Talk Dirty To Me 8
Tight Shots 2
Titty Slickers 1
Twice as Hard
Where the Girls Play
Wild Goose Chase
Will and Ed's Bogus Gang Bang
Wire Desire
X Rated Blondes
X-Rated Blondes

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